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Marvel Knights

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Summary: Spidey and Shadowcat join the Hogwarts fifth years after Aunt May and M.J die. Their mission is to help in the coming war.

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Chapter One

I do not own any of this stuff and am merely having some fun. All comic book characters belong to Marvel comics while Harry Potter for those of you who haven't been aware of this small fact belongs to J.K.R. Any questions?

I know I started yet another story how crazy am I? This story came up while I was expermenting and I found it seemed at least decent.

An old woman smiled to herself; as she knelt down to adjust the strap on her sandal. In the distance she could hear a television talking about how that dreadful Spiderman person was fighting two men. One was man that looked about her age. The dear man reminded her of that nice Mr. Toomes that she used to know. The other man wore a mask as well, he went by the name Scorpion. She did hope her nephew was careful when taking his pictures today, she sometimes believed that the dear boy got a lot closer than was really necessary when he took those pictures of his for the Daily Bugle. The old woman never noticed the car that was driving slowly by, or the hail of bullets that raked the street. The super heated pieces of lead struck her, and a dozen other people in the normally peaceful neighborhood instantly turning the place into a scene of disaster. The last image in the woman's eyes; was of a red headed green-eyed girl she knew very well falling down nearby her. How sad she thought idly, before her vision faded into nothingness.

In a house hidden to the rest of the world the repercussions of that death were felt. Alastor Mad-Eye-Moody, member of The Order of the Phoenix an organization dedicated to the destruction of dark wizards was busy listening to one of Dumbledore's pet death eater's report on what Voldemort was doing. The man was just getting into it when Mad-Eye felt something through his magic. The old Aurora had wild hair that was still growing back after several months of captivity in his own magically expanded trunk. His wooden claw of a leg was hidden beneath his robes. His electric blue eye, which he had been named after, was constantly going around in his head. He had noticed that the two Weasley twins and their little sister were trying to break through the wards without magic again he had to applaud their determination considering the fact that they weren't allowed to even use magic. Granger and the other Weasley boy were busy in one of their rooms they appeared to be talking about something that only seemed to make them more and more agitated as they went on. Probably ranting to themselves over not being allowed to know what was going on and the fact that Potter wasn't there. He turned back to the strange feeling, it was an odd tingling sensation, which he hadn't felt in many years, but knew what it meant, despite not having felt it in a long time. It was one of his families reporting charms activating. The spell only activated if a member of the family died. The entire family had them placed on them at one time. "Just in case." His grandfather had told him and his cousin Augusta. Moody had merely nodded, while his cousin had merely snorted at this, but had said nothing more about it. He, Mad-Eye-Moody was the last head of their family, as he and his cousin were the only members of the family left to their knowledge. Well there was her grandson, but the boy was still just a boy. He knew that some of his squib relatives had the charm placed on them, but he hadn't expected for the charm to ever go off again, since he thought that all of his relatives were dead, yet here was someone of the family that had obviously just died. He closed his eyes, as he felt the pain hit him whatever the death had been it had been far from painless. Shot down by muggles it seemed. He tried tracing the source, but it was so far away that he couldn't track it, other than to know that it was on the other side of the ocean. The only thought that this unknown relative sent him was the thought of a boy about the age of his cousin's grandson maybe older. Brown hair, brown eyes and wiry frame, he was holding a camera in one hand and a vial of some type in the other, on his shoulder was a red and blue spider. That was all that he could get before the memories faded into his subconscious. The former Aurora opened his remaining eye to see that all of the other people were looking at him curiously.
"Alastor is something wrong?" Albus Dumbledore the leader of the Order of The Phoenix, and Headmaster of Hogwarts asked his old friend seriously. Several people watched the old man hesitantly, as he became aware of the rest of the room after the vision that he had just had.

"I just lost a member of my family Dumbledore." The wizard answered gruffly. "It wasn't Voldemort." He added to the rest of the Order. "Lets finish this, I have to get to the States to take care of a few matters." The others nodded, turning back to their meeting on how best to defeat a Dark Lord. After the meeting was over the two old wizards got together. "I'll be out of touch for about a week I imagine Dumbledore. Once I get the official notice that is. Don't expect any kind of updates on anything till I get back."

"Of course Alasator, would you like anyone to come with you?"

"No Albus, I'll take care of this on my own. It's a family matter."

"As you wish." Dumbledore said nodding, though curious what kind of family Alastor had in the states.

"I'm going to tear you apart web head!" The Scorpion yelled, as he shot another of his energy blasts at the red and blue figure.
"Now that isn't very nice thing to say Scorp. Course, considering the fact that this is like the 1,000,000th time this year that you've said it doesn't really mean much either. Maybe you need to find a catch phrase like the Thing you know?" The figure asked, all of this before he cart wheeled out of the way of the shot with just inches to spare.

"Would you shut up? You stupid wall crawling Bast." The Scorpion was cut off as mailbox was thrown at him."

"Scorpy language!" The figure admonished him like an over concerned parent. "We're on public television you know." He gestured to the news crew that was nearby. "Next time you lose control like that I may just have to web your mouth shut. How would it look if they had to bleep you out because you couldn't keep your speech set to a pg level?"

"You think I care about television ratings?"

"Well you never know, some of you super villains have some really weird habits. Take vultey over there for instance." He said gesturing to the unconscious figure tied up in a web cocoon. "Man's got a thing about hiding out in either abandoned warehouses, or old folks homes." Spiderman did a back somersault in the air, which allowed Scorpion's lunging body to miss him. "And then there's folks like Ock, who likes crimes that involve him proving what a great person he is. And when he's not doing that he's always talking to those crazy arms of his." The figure continued rambling, as he shot a wad of webbing that struck the crook in the chest. "As much fun as this is, I really got other things to do today Gargan so can we get this over with already?"

"Bring it on web slinger!" The costumed man said, as he wiped some sweat out of his face.

"It's already been broughten!" Spiderman exclaimed, as he snapped a kick out hitting Scorpion in the face. While the man was blinded, Spiderman jumped over him, and grabbed him by the tail and began to spin him around in the air.

"Whoa! Cut it out you meddler!"

"Me a meddler?" Spiderman asked in a mocking singsong innocent voice, right before he released Scorpion. The man was to dizzy, and tired after fighting the wall crawling super hero all over the roof tops of NY to catch himself, and he slammed face first into the wall. As he got back up, he barely noticed the sewer lid that was flying toward him. By the time he noticed the flying disk it was to late, as it connected with the crook's head he fell unconscious. "And the crowd goes wild for yet another spectacular reenactment of Captain America." The hero said, as he bowed toward the news crew. Looking up he noticed the police copter that was coming in. Taking that as his cue, he jumped off the building. He screamed a shout of joy, as he felt the wind rush past him. After a thirty-story drop, he shot out a strand of his webbing and headed to see JJJ with his latest pics.

Peter Parker groaned, as he slumped to the ground in the alley near the Bugle. Scorpion and Vulture had really worked him over before he had finally managed to put the two of them down. He figured he had a couple of cracked ribs from Scorpion's tale, a couple of jerked muscles in his arm from catching himself on a flagpole while fighting Vulture, and a numb foot from where he had kicked King Pin. The red and blue clad hero dropped down into an alley and changed clothes trying not to wince too much, since all he wanted to do at the moment was sit in a tub and soak his sore muscles. After changing his clothes he headed for the doors of the newspaper building.
Peter nodded to a few people, as he made his way up. He ignored all of the whispering that sprang up behind him, as he walked. He was more than used to whispered conversations going on behind his back after being the official loser to his school for a few years. The undisputed king of the geeks, he had long ago learned how to ignore the whispering behind his back. Besides, this was a paper, there was always people talking about something or other, he was probably just up for a good chewing out from Jameson about something or other. The 16-year-old teen leaned against the wall of the elevator, as he waited for the door to open on his floor. He really didn't understand why Jameson had to be on the very top floor. Sure it made it easier as Spiderman to argue, er talk with him, but as Peter Parker he had to wait nearly ten minutes just to get up to the right floor, and that was if he was really lucky. The door finally opened, and Peter got out, he noticed that there was a suit that looked out of place in the place full of reporters, and such things he was waiting by the door to Jameson's office. Obviously waiting for a free moment for the publisher to talk with him. If Jameson was treating a guy that looked like that bad, he must be in a bad mood even for him. Changing directions he went Robbie's office instead. Knocking on the door, he entered and saw a grim faced Robby sitting there. "Is this a bad time?"

"Hmm? Oh Peter! Thank god your all right." The dark skinned man said, as he jumped up from his desk and gave him a hug.

"Is something wrong Mr. Robinson?"

"You mean you don't know?" Robby asked, as he released Peter, and looked at him in shock.

"Know about what?" He asked in confusion.

"Its your aunt Peter." A new voice said, answering the question. Turning, Peter saw a sad looking Ben Urich standing in the doorway, a cigarette dangling lifeless in his mouth.

"What do you mean?" He asked, feeling frantic as the words the Bugles star reporter said penetrated his mind. "Did she have another heart attack?"

"Drive by." The reporter said.

"No." Peter said, as he fell into one of the chairs. "No, this can't be happening." He begged his mentors and friends.

"I'm afraid so Peter." Betty Brant said, as she knelt down beside him. Jameson's secretary gripped his hand. Peter was so distraught he didn't even realize he had slid against the wall and was now sitting on the floor..

"How?" He asked in a raspy voice.

"Drive by at a drug dealers house took out five different people." Robbie swallowed nervously, he hated to be the one to tell the boy this, but Jameson was already hiding in his office over this whole thing. "One of the other people that was killed was Mary Jane Peter."

"Who did it?" Peter said in shock.

"We don't know yet Mr. Parker, but the law will get them don't worry." The suit that had been out in the hall said, he glared at the three people that were in the office. "Why don't you people leave for a moment while I discuss this with Mr. Parker. He needs to know what is going to happen to him now."

"They stay." Peter said as strongly as he could manage.

The man looked a bit miffed, but didn't say anything merely nodded, as he pulled the door shut. "Very well Mr. Parker." The man said. "My name is Mr. Burns, I am your social worker. Basically you've just lost your last immediate family. I'm sorry for being so unfeeling at the moment, but the fact of the matter is that the only other members of your family have been discovered in England. You'll have to be picked up or taken there. Till then you'll be placed in a group home till we can arrange for you to be moved."

"After I deal with those murdering scumbags." Peter returned. "Then I could care less."

"Young man, we are not going to allow you to do something so foolish." The man said, rolling his eyes at the teen. "The fact of the matter is, that even if you were to find them you would most likely be shot down the moment they saw you if you even got close enough to say anything to them. Of course, they could also do a lot worse to you if you found them. They might think you to be a great pretty boy to play with." Peter's growled something unintelligible. "I'm also afraid it may be a while before you see these people again." The man said, waving to the senior staff of the Daily Bugle. "Now come, we need to get to your aunts house and gather some of your things. After that, then I'll take you to where you'll be staying temporarily."

Peter nodded numbly, as he was led out. "Don't worry Peter, we'll take of everything from this point." Robbie promised the teen. And you'll also always be welcome here." He added.

The two soon were back in the elevator, the doors were halfway closed when a hand shot out and caught the door, and another person entered. "Parker." The man said.

"Mr. Jameson."

"I'm sorry about this Parker." Jameson said, as the elevator went down. "I'll try everything I can to get you back as soon as possible, even if it means having to put up with your guardianship myself. Here at the Bugle we take care of our own, don't you ever forget that Parker."

Peter nodded glumly. "Of course sir." He reached into his pocket, and pulled out his film disk. "Here are the latest shots I had sir. They're of Spiderman, Vulture and Scorpion."

"Gargan got out again?" Jameson asked worriedly.

"Not to worry sir, Spiderman left him and Toomes to be collected by the police."

"But he managed to escape didn't he?" Jameson said.

"Yes sir."

"I'll have your money for this and your book put into a trust fund for now Parker."


"Ah yes, it was going to be a surprise. It's coming out next week." The man said puffing his chest out a bit, as he handed a copy of a book with a picture of Spiderman swinging by the Daily Bugle sign. "Enjoy it my boy. Who knows, if it ends up being the hot seller we think it might be, we might just have to see what we can do about a book signing tour." He said proudly at the young man. "I know this isn't much right now Parker, but you have what it takes to pull yourself out of this mess, this is your proof." Peter nodded as he took the book.

"Come on Mr. Parker. Despite all of that, we still have some rather unpleasant business to do." Nodding, the teen followed after Burns, as he led him into a small car.

"Good luck my boy." Jameson whispered quietly, as he watched them dive off. He returned to his office in silence, merely puffing steadily on his cigar. He had work to do after all. He didn't have time to be sentimental about this sort of thing he had a paper to put out after all. It just wasn't practical to be distracted.' Once he had a free moment he would get in touch with his contacts, and see to it that Parker stayed in the city where he belonged. The entire office was subdued when he returned. "WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH THE LOT OF YOU?" He raged at his people. "WE HAVE A PAPER TO PUT OUT! NOW GET TO IT." He stormed pass Robbie before glaring at him as well. "I want May Parker's death on the front page Robinson."

"You got it Jonah." Robbie said with an understanding nod.

Peter looked at the door to the two-story house warily, as he pulled out his house key. Taking a calming breath, he opened the door and walked in. He trudged up to his room, and picked up a couple of duffel bags, he quickly crammed as much of his clothes as he could in to them. Once they were full, he packed his spider gear into a box with a few of his schoolbooks. He walked back downstairs to see Burns nodding at him in approval. Not bothering to acknowledge him, Peter grabbed the four photos off the bookshelf. One was of uncle Ben, the other was of him and Mary Jane, one of aunt may, and the last was of his parents. There was so much that he wanted to take with him, but Burns had told him only the essentials. When his English relatives, came they could come and get what ever else he needed. Grabbing his school bag, he loaded the things into the back of the man's car.
"Lets go my boy, we have to get you to where you'll be staying now."

Two Weeks Later

Mad-Eye-Moody, and Augustus Longbottom landed in the streets of New York city three days after the accident. It had taken Moody a while to get the Ministry of transportation to agree to him having a two-way portkey. The two of them marched down the lane a few minutes, till they stopped in front of a small building. New York Orphanage precinct (4) read. "So this is the place that the descendent of a squib is at?" Mrs. Longbottom said, as she eyed the building distastefully.

"Aye." Mad Eye said. Well let's get inside, I want to get this over with. Besides, we're to much in the open here." The woman nodded in agreement, as she followed after one of her few relatives. Normally she would have sent someone else after this boy with Moody, but something about the whole thing had intrigued her and it had been a while since she had done any kind of real family business. She was Augustus Moody Longbottom though, she followed up on these hunches. Who knows, perhaps this boy what was his name again? Ah yes Peter, could teach her son a thing or two. It was either that, or he would be just as useless as Neville. The witch and wizard entered the building, and all sound quieted, as people turned to face them. Mad-Eye was wearing his bowler hat, which hid his revolving eye, and Augustus had forsaken her usual hat with a vulture riding on top. The two walked up to the front desk, and Moody glowered at the girl behind the desk.

"Can I help you?" The middle-aged woman asked, her hand resting on some sort of alarm.

"Yes you can." Mrs. Longbottom said. "you can tell us where we can find Peter Parker."

"Ah yes the new arrival. We didn't expect you for at least another week."

"Where is he?" Moody said, not really wanting to get into the small talk.

"Lets see." The muggle woman said, as she checked her odd device. "Well, it appears that his lawyer came and picked him up so that he could go and attend the funeral."

"That's today?"

"Yes, it was such a shame to hear about the poor boy's aunt. The boy has just had one loss after another you know? Its really sad you know?"

"Really? Moody said suspiciously. "What do you mean?"

"Well, I check the records of all of our children that get into fights here. Now Peter may not look it, but he is really quiet a scrapper. Anyways, some boys tried to take something of Parker's, and the next thing you know he's actually fighting off the three of them. And he actually won. The boy may not look it, but he's dangerous."

"You don't say?" Mrs. Longbottom said.

"Yes." The woman said nodding.

"You mentioned one loss after another?" Moody pressed.

"Hmm? Oh yes, well he lost his parents in a plane crash when he was a baby, then his uncle died a year and a half ago. Apparently he was shot when he was carjacked, now there's Mrs. Parker who was killed like this. That doesn't even include the number of people that he's been close to that have died."


"Yes, he was a friend of the Stacey's, and they died just a few months apart. First the father, then the girl, they were killed during some super fights." The woman said shaking her head.

"This has been most informative." Moody said to the woman tipping his hat in thanks. He loved gossips like this, they could give him all sorts of information like this and all he had to do was let someone else do the talking for him.

"Where's the funeral being held? Perhaps we can get there in time." Mrs. Longbottom asked.

"Oh of course, silly me." The woman said, as she wrote something down on a piece of paper. "There you are, I'm sorry for your loss." The two rushed outside, and hid in a corner till they could apparate to the graveyard.

The two appeared out of sight beside a statue with small pops. The two quickly rounded the corner, and found a small crowd giving their condolences to the boy. Standing in support of the boy was a blond blind man. There were people from all walks of life at the funeral; the woman had obviously been well liked by all. Though a number of people were giving the man with the bowl haircut, sunglasses and trench coat a wide berth. The two old people moved closer, trying to decide how best to approach the boy. Mad Eye noticed that the boy just stood there, as he looked at the coffin that was being lowered to the ground.

"It'll be all right kid." A short man with sideburns said, squeezing him on the shoulder. As people gave their condolences, the man had waited till everyone else was gone before he approached him.

"You know that's not true Logan." Peter returned. "You of all people know better than that."

"Kid there was nothing that you could do. You weren't even there. You were busy elsewhere."

"Doesn't exactly make me feel better."

"It'll take time kid. And you know Xavier be more'n happy to take you in."

"Yeah thanks."

"My pleasure kid." The man said, patting him on the shoulder, as he walked off.

"Would the two of you like to introduce yourselves now?" Peter asked, as he turned in the direction of the witch and wizard.

Mad-Eye was surprised that they had been noticed so easy, but took it in stride. "We came as soon as we could lad. We're sorry for your loss."

"Thanks, who are you?"

Moody nodded in approval this boy wasn't a fool. Mrs. Longbottom stepped forward. "Possible guardians my boy." The woman said, as she eyed him up and down sternly, as if she was searching him for something.

"You looking for some sort of family resemblance?" Peter asked, as he started to ease himself into a defensive crouch.

"I'm looking for a family trait." The woman said, ignoring the fact that the boy was getting ready to fight if he had to. She pulled a small stick out of her pocket. "Hold this please." She said. Unsure, the boy cautiously took the stick. A number of sparks flew from the piece of wood. "Yes you have the potential." The woman said. A block of some sort must have been placed on you, and was then connected to the life force of your aunt somehow."

"And all that means?"

"Magic kid, she's saying that you're a magical person." Moody said, drawing his own wand. "And I'm sorry but I can't let your lawyer leave knowing this."

"You can trust Matt, we've been through a lot together, and he can keep a secret better than a whole lot of other people." Peter defended the man.

"That may be." Mad-Eye said as he glared at the lawyer. "But the fewer that know the better."

"Sir, it is in my clients best interest that I know all that is going on." The lawyer slammed his cane he carried into the wand holding arm. "It is also in the interest of one of his friends that I will personally hunt you down if you try to hurt Peter." He threatened; the old man nodded, despite the fact that he was unsure what it was that the blind man thought he could do to him, there was a certainty there that he believed.

"We had to make sure you were magical, to check to see if you could return with us." The woman said, answering the question Peter had asked, now that it was obvious Moody was going to behave for now.

"What, you got some magical community or something?" Peter asked jokingly.

"That we do." The woman said. "And you will be respectful." Peter bristled at this, but didn't say anything. "Now then, you are approximately 16 correct?" The woman said, as she circled the annoyed teen.

"Yeah." Peter replied grudgingly.

"Then you will be able to enter Hogwarts if we can get you caught up on theory this summer, and perhaps a test to see where you are at." The woman turned to the old man. "He will of course be your charge. I have enough to deal with, with Neville."

The man nodded. "Perhaps he can help out at the house, and the Granger girl will be good at helping him catch up."

"So I hear. Now then, I suppose you'll be wanting our names and all the other paperwork that we are who we say we are." The woman said turning to the blind man.

"That would be most helpful." Matt Murdock said, as he held his hand out. "I presume you are Mrs. Longbottom, and that this is the former cop Mister Moody?"

"Yes, he is. He's not exactly the most friendly of people though I'm afraid." She said extending her own hand

After a quick handshake they walked out of the graveyard. "I suppose that you'll be taking Peter out of the country then?"

"That is correct."

Peter shook his head. "I'm needed here."

"Nonsense! You need to learn, and you are not going to the Salem Academy." Mrs. Longbottom said sniffing.

"She's right in this Peter. If they are right about you having magical potential, then pretty soon your magic powers are going to start showing up all the time, you'll need the training to control that." Murdock said as he explained things to his friend.

"And what about the city?" Peter countered. Mad-Eye noted that the word city seemed to hold particular importance to the pair fpr some reason.

"What about it?" Murdock returned to the young man. "You're in no condition as it is to do anything. And to be honest, you need time away. The school year has ended, so you can learn what you need and be ready for next year."


"No. You've been put through one wringer after another, its time for you to take a break Peter. Its time for you to go and get some time for you. The time can be used to actually mourn for the people that you've lost. I know that you haven't ever really done that. And I'd rather you left now before whatever control you have slips, because you know that if I need to I will take you down." Matt said. The teen sagged his shoulders in defeat, but came back up as he looked into an alley. Murdock was also looking there as a group of muggers stepped out of the shadows. "Looks like they wanted to give you a bit of a sendoff." He said wryly.

"Joy." Peter said, as he darted forward towards a fight. The small brawl started, and Mad-Eye was pushed out of the way much to his annoyance. He then watched as the boy saved them all. He went to work with a speed that rivaled some of the best fighters that he had seen. In a matter of moments, six would be muggers were down for the count.

"Impressive." Mad-Eye said. "Come, we need to get out of here." The group left, reaching Murdocks office easily. The group then spent the next fifteen minutes going over paper work, that had the old man that was called Mad-Eye as his guardian. Peter shook his head. "Mr. Murdock, you seem to be a competent man in legal work in the muggle world for Peter. Can you continue doing so if he needs anything else?"

"The muggle world?" Murdock questioned.

"Sorry, non-magical people are called muggles." Longbottom explained.

"Oh, that I can Mrs. Longbottom. I also need paperwork to convince me you are who you are and I need your signature on a few things." He said passing a few papers to them. I need to talk to my partner so you'll excuse me?" Matt was already on his phone as they finished. "Yes, I want you to go and get all of Mr. Parker's things and meet us back at the office Foggy. All right, thanks. My partner." He explained at the curious wizards.

"Good, now then we need to talk to the goblins on this side of the world to transfer all of the Parker belongings, and have them move them to the England branch." The woman said as she started making a list of things to do.

"Goblins?" Peter repeated.

"The bankers of our world, they also deal with matters like this." Mrs. Longbottom explained to the boy.

Peter nodded at that. "Sorry I asked."

"Right." Mad-Eye looked at the Peter boy. "I'll deal with this, since I'm now the official owner till the boy comes of age. I'll have everything transferred, and you can go through it when you're ready."

"Thank you sir." Peter said, Mad-Eye just nodded, and disappeared with a quiet pop. Peter and Matt didn't even bother blinking, as he disappeared.

"You seem to take this rather easily." Mrs. Longbottom said as she watched Peter barely even blink as Alastor disapeared.

"This is New York, there's not a whole lot to surprise me any more." Peter said shrugging. He didn't bother mentioning that he had met people like Dr. Strange and Thor, from what he understood the magic was entirely different though.

The woman nodded, and sat down and began signing the various papers that she could. Moody reappeared a few minutes later telling them that everything had been taken care of and that the usual cover was in place on the movement of all of the things inside. Matt then gave him the papers he needed to sign to complete the transfer of guardianship.

They had nearly finished the signing, when Foggy came in with Mr. Burns.

"Murdock." The social worker said. "You were told to take him to a funeral, not get him placed in a home."

"That may be Mr. Burns, but they are his guardians. I will of course want my partner to check their identifications."

Nodding, Foggy took the paper work that Moody offered and did a check over it. "It all checks out Matt." The round man said, as he walked away from the computer station.

"Very well, then we will transfer all of the records to the social services in England then. Add a note that they would like to keep us on as his representatives for the time being" Murdock told them.


"Parker should stay in New York." Burns argued. "He's already well known here."

"You may think that Mr. Parker's life is in your hands Mr. Burns, but the facts are that you have no authority in this matter, and would be better off without damaging your career." Burns nodded, as he sat down in obnoxious annoyance. Matt couldn't help but smile at, this he knew that Burns worked for Fisk, so pushing the man's buttons was something that he enjoyed. Peter was probably wanted to stay in New York, so that they could track down Spiderman and the other various vigilantes he caught on film.

"Well, we have all of Parker's things waiting in the office outside. All the paper work is signed, and I can get these to a judge around lunchtime and you should be ready to go by tomorrow at the latest. Just tell Matt where you'll be hanging out till then." Foggy Nelson said.

"Thank you." Mrs. Longbottom said, taking the offered hand.

"Peter will have to stay here for tonight though, while this is going through the system." Matt said, "but I doubt there will be anything wrong with any of this. So you can go and do whatever it is that needs to be done to prepare to go back." Murdock explained.

"Thank you." The witch said, again while the wizard just grunted.

"I have a few people that I need to talk to anyways." Moody said, as he stumped out the door.

"Well if that's all, I will see the two of you tomorrow." Matt shook their hands again, and then Foggy showed them and a grumbling Burns out the door.

"Ready for a new life?" Matt asked Peter.

"Doesn't seem like a whole lot of choice now does it?" Peter asked as he jumped out of the chair and clung with the bottom of his feet to the wall.

"Just do your best. " Matt said unfazed by the activity of his friend.

"All right." Peter watched as Matt and Foggy worked, till he was officially under the guardianship of Alastor Moody, AKA Mad-Eye-Moody, as he was sometimes referred to.

"So, will you tell Johnny that I'm out of country?"

"Yeah, don't worry Peter, the city will still be here when you come back." Matt said, as he looked with sympathy at his fellow vigilante. He would miss Peter a lot. Sure he could be annoying at times, but he was also good at what he did. Hopefully when Peter did returne, it wouldn't be to a city that he didn't recognize.

Peter carried his things with him, as he followed after Mad Eye. The man had taken turn after turn, till he had nearly been lost, but he had been to London enough times that he could keep a rough idea of where he was. "All right lad, through here." The old man said, as they approached a run down looking pub. Sighing Peter entered the building, and saw that it looked like he had just stepped into a bar from the 15th century with the looks all of the people had. Not bothering to let that phase him, he followed after Moody, who seemed to have a number of people looking down in fear. "All right, here is the plan. We need to get you a trunk, three compartment one I think cause I think you might be bringing some of those muggle books of yours, whether I told you not to. We need to get you school books, cauldron, phial set, potions kit, robes, hat, cloak, telescope, scales, and of course a wand, Need to get you an owl to it might come in handy being able to communicate with someone from time to time."
Peter shook his head as he listened to this. "Excuse me Moody."


"After this shopping trip, I need to call a friend." Peter told his new gaurdian.

"A friend? And who might this friend be?" Moody asked suspicious.

"Lord Braddock, he's a non-magical person." Peter lied; Brain Braddock, or Captain Britain was a magical being, just not the same as these guys. Last he heard Brian, was working as part of a team that was a mixture of X-men and mystical Europeans. He wanted to check these folks with C.B, but to do that he would have to lose Moody so he could change.

"After I think that you've adjusted a bit." Moody replied.

"I'll wait a while, but if I get tired of this waiting stuff I will just go on my own." Peter said.

Moody chuckled at this. "I like your spunk boy." He said, as he accepted a paper and tossed some coins to a man. He skimmed the paper and grumbled a bit.

"Bad news?"

"Just the usual incompetence that I'm seeing more and more of." Moody grumbled toward the boy in annoyance.

"Great." Peter replied sarcastically.

"I'll be honest with you Lad, you're joining us at a bad time. We're on the verge of a war here." Moody told the boy.

"Really? You hardly look like a people at war." Peter said as his eyes wandered around examining the carefree looking people.

"Aye, that's because the Ministry refuses to believe what's going on." Moody replied, as he stepped into a white marble building. "Fortunately Dumbledore ain't blind to what's going on."

Peter nodded; he had seen people be oblivious to the obvious before. It usually cost someone their life or more when that happened. "So where are we?" He asked.

"Gringotts lad, this is the bank for wizards. Now remember, its run by goblins so be careful what you say, and how you say it." Peter nodded, glancing at the most interesting do not steal sign that he had ever seen. The two walked up to a counter, and after a showing of some key or other the goblin then passed over two more. Moody nodded his thanks, as another goblin came to see them. "Griphook will be our escort Parker. We'll get money from the vault, that's what this key is for." He said, as he handed a red lined key to him. "Then we'll stop and look at your stuff to see if there's anything that you'll be needing from that vault." He said, handing him a key lined with blue. Peter nodded, as he looked at the two keys. "The goblins are going to watch how much money you withdraw kid, there is a limit, and when you reach it for the month they will tell you and return any extra understand?"

"Seems fair." Peter said.

"Good, you seem to be intelligent, so I'm going to trust you. Lets go." The two of them followed the goblin down to what looked like a mine cart, after they got in they then went zooming down. Peter enjoyed the ride, since it reminded him of webslinging. Soon they were in front of a vault door. The three climbed out, and handed the goblin his key. The goblin unlocked the door, and they looked at the large pile of gold in there. Moody cocked an eyebrow. "Did the Longbottom's make a deposit?" He asked suspiciously.

"Yes, the Longbottom Matriarch was unsure if you could provide, so she sent some money to help." The man nodded, he had told his cousin he was perfectly able to provide with what he had, but she had decided to help out anyways. Perhaps he should have sent the boy over to the Longbottom estate, but he wanted to at least try before he gave up. Besides, the boy needed someone who wasn't always stuck in the past, and as much as he loved his cousin, she was stuck in the past of when her son and daughter in law had been alive, and had never truly moved on. Her grandson was proof of that. "Right now." Moody said, as he gathered a sack full of coins. He held up a gold coin to the torchlight. "All right, these are galleons, there the big ones, and the silver are sickles, seventeen of them makes a galleon, and the bronze knuts are twenty-nine to a sickle you got that?"

"Yeah, and I'm almost afraid to see what your mathmatics system is like." Peter said shuddering, at the uneven numbers that made up the whole of something else.

They then went to the next vault, where Peter handed his key over. He watched as the goblin opened the door, then stepped back. Moody waited outside as well. Peter walked inside, and examined the sight of all of Aunt May's and uncle Ben's things stacked on one side, his parent's pile that had been in the attic before was in another, and next to it was a pile of his own. He noticed that the wardrobe that belonged to his mother was sitting in his stack.

Griphook noticed his interest in the wardrobe. "We at Gringotts pride ourselves on keeping our clients secrets." The goblin explained. "Not even your uncle's eye can see through that."

"What did you put in there? Peter asked, though he already felt like he knew.

"Your ceremonial battle clothes were placed in there. When the director heard of this, he was both shocked and impressed. He hopes that if you ever have the chance before heading to Hogwarts, that you would consent to train with him, or do some escape and evade training with the guards."

Peter nodded, as he cracked the door open, and saw his old black suit, the sweat suit that had been his first costume, and another actual Spiderman costume. On a back shelf were a number of his photos. "I'll think about it. I'm still not sure what I've gotten myself into."

"Good, if I may see your key again?" Nodding, teen handed it over, and watched as Griphook coded the key to the cabinet. "No reason to take chances." The Goblin explained. "Only your key can open this now."

"Thanks, what is the knowledge of me in the wizard world?"

"Only a few people know of you, after all this is not only Britain, but the magical world as well." The goblin gave a satisfied smile.

"Thanks again." Peter said, he then looked at the various things around the room, and picked up some spare camera gear, his photographers vest, and a few of his chemistry tools. "Put the rest of these chemicals in there when you have a chance please. Some of them are what I make my webs out of."

"They are not natural?" The goblin said impressed. "Yet they are a weapon like few see, hard or soft as rope or a shield. Simply amazing."

"Thank you."

"Of course." The goblin said.

Peter looked at his parents pile, and saw their photo album. He picked that up, and walked out the door. Moody looked like he had been getting impatient, when he finally exited. "It's about time." Peter nodded, as he held the album. The group returned to the surface without any other disturbances, and then the two humans proceeded to shop. They had everything now except books, robes and a wand. "All right lad, I need to know something." Moody said, as he handed peter a list

"Yes sir?"

"What subjects do you want to study? There are a number of electives that you need to look at along with the primaries."

"What are they?" Moody then explained each of the electives to him. "Magical creatures sounds good, and I don't need or want divination." Besides, he had Madam Web in his corner if he needed that kind of help. "I'll take the Magical Creatures class, and I guess the Arithmacy one. I got to figure out how you guys figure out your numbers some how."

"That last one is a hard one, the auror warned, "you sure you can get those subject good enough to test for them?"

"Won't know till I try." Peter said shrugging.

"Good point. I'll get you your books along with a few others while you go and find your wand." Peter nodded, and headed for the lone shop that had been pointed out to him. He had seen a number of wands in his days like the wand of (watoomb?) There were other things he had seen that might as well have been wands, but then he had also seen people perform the incredible with only using their hands. He entered the small shop, and looked around. The place was full of all sorts of small boxes, he guessed that this was where the wands were kept. Was there a difference to them, or were they all the same?

"You done trying to sneak up on me?" Peter asked, not bothering to turn around as he continued looking at the boxes.

"Yes," the old man said. "Very impressive, but then all of the Moody line have a built in sixth sense by your age."

Peter smirked, as he finally turned to the old man that was talking. "You know, I find it interesting that you already know what my family is without even seeing me face to face. Which means you either have some kind of monitoring system, or you're in my head." He said the last part coldly. "And if you were in my head trying to find out more about me, I would have to hurt you." He said in one of his darker Spidey voices. "Now, you want to explain yourself, or do I hurt you?"

"I believe it's a little bit of both." The man said. "I have placed charms on the door, that give me the names of each person that enters my shop. It also gives me the names of current guardians and such things. My family is also known to be empathic, it helps in the construction of the wands at Ollivanders."

Peter nodded. "Just stay out of my head, and lets not go reporting to anyone about what my skills are."

"How did you?"

"I can see it in your eyes." The former hero said shrugging. "Now, shall we find a wand?" The man smiled happily at this. He then began getting measurements for his body, as he tried to figure the best wand combination. Peter merely shrugged, as he tried different combinations. He tried Phoenix tail feathers, dragon heartstrings, and unicorn tail. There was oak, holly, cherry, rosewood, willow, elm, yew wands. None of them seemed right. The man's eyes just got more and more excited, as he began pulling the more rarer mixes out. Moody finally came in to see what was going on, and stared in open mouthed shock at the pile of wands on the ground.

"Well this one is definitely one of the more unique ones." Ollivander said. "Really, just an experiment." He said, as he pulled out a box from a shelf from what he referred to as his power wands. This wand used to sit between two other powerful wands that shared a core. This is a combination of two dragon heartstrings they are braided together with a thick strand of Acromantula silk."

"And what exactly is that?"

"A giant spider." The man said, as he handed over the wand. "It also has several Runes on it to enhance its combative power. Gives it quiet a few surprises."

"Like what?"

"Unknown." The man said. "While you don't look like much of a fighter, it's the wand that chooses the wizard."

"What kind of wood?"

"Ah yes, that is another reason that it is a pride of mine. Only a dozen wands in this shop have been created with ironwood. Though all of the ones that do have it, all have the same ruins carved onto them." Ollivander explained.

Peter nodded, as he took the wand in his hand, this wand was also thicker than most of the other wands that he had tried. He grinned as he felt power in his hand come from the wand. Twirling it expertly, he shot a giant stream of red and blue fire works, that erupted into a spider web like design."

"Gotta admit, I'm impressed." Moody said, as he eyed Peter. "Not very many people can handle iron wood wands. It takes a certain kind of person to be able to do that sort of thing."

"Well let's go." Peter said, as he paid the man the required galleons. Moody didn't say anything, as he watched them. Peter noticed the cage his uncle had picked up, he really had mixed feelings about owning an animal, he usually referred to these animals by the people that dressed up like them, and now someone thought that he should own one?

The two walked into the last shop needed. Madame Malkins Robes for all Occasions. Peter glanced at the robes in disgust. "Tell me, why I have to wear these things? They restrict all of your movement. I couldn't get into a good fighters stance with those things on." He said, as he looked at the clothes. "If I had to move, the bottom part would get so tangled up, that I would be a sitting duck for any kind of attack."

"A Moody then." A woman with a few pins in her mouth said.

"Distantly." Peter said.

The woman nodded. "Well you have to wear the robes, there's not a whole lot I can do about that, it's a school policy."

"And it's probably going to get me killed." Peter said.

"You'll have to talk to the headmaster and whoever else about your complaints dear." The woman said. Peter nodded, as he got up on the stool, so that she could get his measurements.

After they had his robes, they left the alley, and soon disappeared into London, where they spent nearly three hours going up and down town. He noticed a few other ways that it could be done, but chose to ignore them. After it seemed like they had been walking forever Moody stopped in front of an empty lot. "Read this." Moody said, handing him a slip of paper.

The headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix may be found at number twelve, Grimmauld Place.

Peter nodded, as he handed the note back to Moody, who touched his wand to the paper and watched as it burned up. "Now then, think of what you just read." Peter nodded, he concentrated and watched as the house appeared. "Quick now inside."

Peter nodded, as he walked in. The old man stomped in quietly and gestured to the stairs. The teen followed him up, past the second floor, and wondered where they were going, when they reached the third floor. "My house is not safe at the moment I'm afraid." The man said. "All of my defenses were destroyed about a year ago. This is the safest place for you besides Hogwarts. At least you'll have the Granger girl around who can help you with your studies. Make use of your time here. Now the bad news." He said, as a small explosion was heard on the other side of a door. He pushed it open to reveal two red headed boys coughing over a smoking cauldron.

"Mad-Eye!" The two exclaimed in unison, and Peter almost groaned. They looked exactly alike, and with his luck they would have sort of mental rapport or other.

"You two are getting a roommate." Moody growled at them.

"Really? And who would be foolish enough-"

"-To be placed with us?" The other finished.

"The last surviving member of my house is who. You'll treat him with respect, is that understood?" The two nodded, as they welcomed Peter into the room. "These are the Weasley Boys Fred and George good luck figuring out which ones which. Be careful these two are pranksters galore." As soon as Moody was gone the questions began.

"So you're the last of Moody's family line." One of the two said.

"What's it like?" The other asked.

"Depends on what happened to make you aware of it." Peter said grimly, as he tossed his trunk at the foot of one of the beds

"Meaning?" The two chorused.

"Meaning that my entire family is dead now." Peter returned, as he began thumbing through the books that he had received. He had decided to start with the standard book of Spells year 1, and work his way up from there.

The two boys looked uncomfortable at this calm statement, and kept opening their mouths to say something, but stopped before they could say anything. The next couple hours was spent with Peter studying the theory in his books, while the two redheads spent their time adding things to their cauldron. The silence was only broken with a few small conversations. After a while, the door was pushed opened, and another redhead entered, this time followed by a bushy haired girl, with chocolate brown eyes. The two new arrivals stared at Peter for a moment before they sat on the end of one of the other beds. "So, who are you?" The new red head asked.

"Who am I? Not to sure at the moment. I thought I was a New York science geek, yet now they're telling me that I'm some sort of magical person."

"A whatamist?" The redhead asked in confusion.

"Scientist Ron." The brown-eyed girl said, rolling her eyes. "Someone who studies a lot, does experiments, and lots of other things. Consider it like the people who discovered the 12 different uses for dragon's blood through their experimenting those are a type of scientist."

"Um sure." The red head said.

The girl huffed at this. "Think of it as a type of Alchemist then Ron."

"Oh sure, why didn't you say that in the first place?"

The girl snorted in annoyance at this. "So, what kind of science interest you?"

"Genetic research is something I'm real interested in."


"Yeah, and the names Peter. Peter Parker."

"I'm Hermione Granger, and this is Ron Weasley, and I guess you've already met the twins." The girl said.

"It'd be kind of hard to share a room with them without having met them, don't you guys agree?" Peter asked the two.

The twins grinned at this. "Oh yes." Fred agreed.

"Be an extremely hard thing to do." George finished.

"Not to mention rude." Peter added.

The twins grinned even wider, while Ron paled at this. "The world is over Hermione, now there's three of them."

"Depending on your point of view I suppose so. George said.

"Of course, if you use another point of view it's the beginning to a new world." Fred added.

"Or if you go with the fact that we've always been on this world, then it really changes nothing." Peter finished with a smirk.

The two younger teens swallowed nervously. "So, they say that you're a good tutor." Peter said to Hermione, deciding that their torture had endured long enough. For a minute he had been able to pretend he was back in costume, talking to Johnny and Bobby. The two Weasley boys, were as big a goofs as Ice Man and the Human Torch anyways.

Hermione continued to stare at him for a moment before realizing he was speaking to her. "Wha? I mean yes I am. What subjects do you need help with?"

"All of them." Peter said, as he laid his book down. "I have to try and get as many years as possible crammed into the summer as I can. Mad thinks I should try and memorize all of the first four years, and then we can try and stick me in fifth year after that."

"Wait, let me get this straight. You've never studied magic, but they are going to stick you into the year you have to take your O.W.L 's?"

Peter nodded his head. "Yeah, so I'm going to need all of the help I can get. I also need to know where the telephone is, I need to call a friend of mine and set up a meeting with him someplace."

"Good luck on that one mate." One of the twins grumbled.

"What do you mean?"

"Simple, for the most part we aren't allowed out of the house, and on the occasions that we are we have at least one or two members of the Order tailing us."


"Yeah Order of the Phoenix, their all about stopping You-Know-Who, and other dark wizards." George returned.

"Sorry, but I'm the new guy here so you'll have to explain things to me."


"Fine." The girl said, settling into a lecture mode. "There was a dark wizard about 14 years ago that, was trying to take over the world. The best way to do this he thought was to start off by killing off all of the non-magical people. He had everybody scared, to death of him. He had followers called death eaters that acted as his soldiers. People were dying left and right during this little racist magic war magic of his. Anyways, a friend of ours named Harry Potter managed to deflect a particularly nasty curse that rebounded off of him somehow, when he was a baby. It managed to hit this wizard V-Voldermort was his name, and most people are still scared at saying his name so we say You-Know-Who instead."

"So basically you're scared of some super wizard Hitler wannabe that calls himself some idiotic name?" Peter asked.

"Sort of, and well you see somehow or other he came back to life last year due to a complex dark ritual." She told him.

"So why not send some people to take him down?" Peter asked them.

"The government refuses to admit that he has returned and have turned Harry into a running joke." Hermione said curtly.


"They're using the newspaper to tell lies and to make fun of Harry." She complained.

"Is Harry the only person who saw the guy come back to life?" Peter asked curiously.

"Yes." All of the others said.

"So they're trying to discredit him. All right then, we need to find a counter story, or something else along those lines. "

"Yes but so far they haven't done anything like that, and they've left Harry at his relatives house." Hermione said with a displeased look.

"I just know I'm going to regret this, but why don't you explain things to me." Peter asked of the group. Nodding, the four began explaining things. They started in the first year of the trio, as they were called and leading up to this year though Peter had a suspicion that they were leaving something big out of the their third year.

"So we got a crazy racist dark wizard Hitler wannabe on one hand, a Ministry that is a bunch of idiots on the other, and we'll be stuck in the middle then?" Peter said summing up what they were up against.

"That about sums it up." Ron agreed glad for someone breaking things down to basics.

"So, what are you doing about it?"

"They won't let us do anything." Hermione answered practically growling at him. "They're saying how we're to young and all of that."

"Yeah, the only thing that they've allowed us to do is help them with the cleaning because they're to busy, despite the fact that a few cleaning charms would go a long way to making this place look better." Ron grumbled not happy at all the work they had.

"I see." Peter said frowning at this bit of information. He got off his bed, and then gestured for them to come with him.

"What are you planning?" Hermione demanded.

"To cause a scene, or I can wait and do this when your buddy gets here, but your involved, and it just bad tactics not to tell a person what it is that is going on." Peter informed her.

"They'll tell us when we need to know." Hermione said reluctantly as they followed him down the stairs. "Besides, I think we should wait for Harry anyways, before we try anything." The newest member of the house looked at the others to see if they agreed, and they reluctantly nodded their heads in agreement.

"Fine, but I gotta tell you I don't like it when I'm expected to stay in a house full of secrets." Peter returned to them.

"Then there's me, who just doesn't like staying in this house at all." A new voice said, Peter turned to see a face that he was familiar with.

Acting on instinct, he grabbed the man spun him around and pinned him to the wall, holding his forearm against the killer's throat, while his other am grabbed at the man's hands. "Great safe house you guys got here. I oughta feel real safe knowing that a murder can waltz in whenever he wants to." He said sarcastically to the group. "Oh, and don't point that at me." He said, his foot lashing out to kick a hand that held a wand, knocking the wand into the air. "So is anyone going to call the police, or am I supposed to hold him against the wall all night? Some people simply have no manners." He added to the shocked blacked hair man, who despite his position chuckled weakly at this.

"Actually," George said, "he owns"

"This great old house." Fred finished for him.

"He what?" A confused Peter asked as he looked from his captive to the twins.

"That's right." Sirus Black wheezed. "So you think you can let me go, since I was framed for all of those deaths?"

"You were?" Peter asked.

"Yep." Sirus said nodding.

"Was he?" He asked, since several people had come out to see what all the noise was they all nodded. "Well sure then." Peter said. He stepped back, and everyone watched as Black crumpled to the ground. Peter knelt down and checked the man's throat. He looked at the other teens in annoyance. "You know, if you're going to tell me about the people here, telling me that there's a not actual criminal would be a big help, or were you expecting me to be scared of the then infamous Sirus Black?"

Ron blushed, as they were caught while the twins gave evil grins, and Hermione just looked at them in shock. "You did, didn't you?"

"Now come on Hermione." George said. "It was Sirus idea, he wanted to test the relative of Moody."

"Is this true Sirus?" The man nodded in embarrassment. "You know, for your idiocy I really ought to tell Professor Snape what happened here tonight."

Sirus paled at this. "You wouldn't."

"Then you start behaving." She said before she flounced past him.

"Remind you of anyone?" The man Peter had kicked in the hand asked, as he walked over to the accused murder.

"Why whoever could you mean Mooney? You wouldn't by chance be referring how the dear girl resembles our favorite Tiger Lily now would you?" Black asked sarcastically, as he was helped up.

"It is possible my dear Padfoot." The smirking gray haired man said.

"Sorry about that." Peter said.

"Well I should have known better than to try and spook a Moody." Sirus said waving the concern off.

"You did good lad." Moody complimented from where he had been watching them.

"I just responded." Peter said, shrugging the compliment off, as Sirus walked off being supported by the other guy, and some witch with pink dreadlocks. "Someone needs to see the fashion police about her." He said, There is no telling how many laws that she is breaking being like that."

Black snorted at this while the woman sent him a glare. "Actually, she is the police." The escapee explained.

"There's a difference in police, and fashion police." Peter shot back.

"A Moody that can kick my butt without a wand, and with a sense a humor that is the equal of mine? Is there anything that you cannot do my dear boy?" Sirus questioned him.

"If I figure something out I'll tell you." Peter said, as he followed after the others to eat and to be introduced to the rest of the people.

Peter sat in the room, and listened to the greasy haired guy make sarcastic remark after sarcastic remark to everyone he came across. Sure the others had warned him about the guy, but seriously this guy was talking out of spite it seemed more than anything else. The guy was really irritating with all of the muttered insults he said, the others didn't let a whole lot of them get to them. The only exception was Black, who was basically under house arrest with the law out looking for him. During the time that he had been here, everything had been explained from the adults point of view, and as much as he hated it. It seemed as if their idea was to simply gather information till he made a move, and their ideas of gathering information weren't to intelligent either. These guys depended way to much on their magic to do a lot of their work. He could probably slip in and out of some of the houses they talked about without too much trouble. The grease head was supposedly on his way out, but that didn't stop him from insulting anybody and anything that he came across. Peter had been sitting in one of the adjoining rooms reading a book on potions when greasy decided to make an appearance in the room. He was in there for no other reason it seemed than because he could.
"So," the man said sneering, "you're the nephew of Moody are you?"

"That's what they say." Peter returned. not even bothering to look at the man.

"You will look at me when I am talking to you." The man said, as he strode up to the teen sitting on the chair, he smirked coldly as he towered over the boy. "The descendent of a second-generation squib should know their place, or perhaps in your old life you were never taught to mind your betters."

"Gotta say, if that's your idea of intimidating then you need to get a refund from whoever it is you learned it from, cause I've seen more impressive displays from a guy who dresses up like an octopus." Peter shot back at the man, as he finally looked up. "Now then, could you move" You're in my light." There was a snort of laughter, as the twins entered the room carrying some books of their own.

"I see you have found the worst type of people to hang around." The man said sneering, ignoring the request for him to move. "These two will bring you nothing but trouble if you continue to socialize around them. They are lazy incompetents, and judging how you are reading their habits are either rubbing off on you, or you are just as big a dunderhead as they are."

"At least they don't smell of fumes." Peter shot back calmly. He had heard what the guy was like, and had promised Moody that he would not talk back unless he was pushed. Moody had seemed okay with that, though Molly Weasley had been a bit annoyed at his response, but had held her tongue. The fact that the first thing the man said had to do with losing Aunt May and M.J made him mad. "I mean seriously what are you on?" Peter asked, as he finally closed the book marking his place with his index finger. "If I didn't know better, I would say that all of those potions that you make have effected your brain in so many ways that you can't act beyond a teenager." The twins chuckled at this, as they continued listening, their homework was now forgotten as they watched the show. Ron, Hermione, Sirus, Remus, and Ginny were standing in the doorway listening to, as Snape was being met with a tongue just as insulting as his own.

"You dare to insult me?" Snape asked angrily.

"Wow, you are quick aren't you?" Peter mocked.

"I will not stand having you in my potions classes if you do not give me the respect I deserve."

"Well you could always sit down." Peter offered, gesturing to a nearby chair.

"You arrogant brat! You think that because you are related to Moody that you have all of the answers?" Snape growled.

"No, but I don't think you have them all either." Peter returned with a smirk.

"I am a Master of my art and you shall treat me so. You Yankee filth." Snape replied with a sneer.

"Act like the professional that you supposedly are, and I won't have a problem with that, otherwise I'll stick to the chemicals that I know and come up with some of my own rather ingenious creations during tests. Wouldn't it be embarrassing if you had to admit to not teaching me anything and I passed everything in that class?" Peter questioned him.

"That is highly unlikely. Since I doubt that you have a decent enough mind to appreciate the subtle art that is potion making." Snape said sneering at Parker, as he began trying to tear the boy's confidence apart. If he could deal with Potter, Weasley and Longbottom he could deal with this brat and show him how pathetic he really was. "With an upbringing like yours, I wouldn't be surprised to find that you were forced to do the more mongrel labors in our world."

"When you can come up with a chemical solution to contain a hydro based life form come talk to me, till then I think that you should just shut up. Oh, and that doesn't mean you can use an already existing formula to do that, you have to come up with your own."

"A hydro based life form? There is no such thing." Snape argued.

"Sure there are, so far since I've been reading I've come across several mentions to various hydro based entities, though the one I'm talking about is made of more H2O then most creatures. And let me tell you, between the two of us he has some serious anger management issues. In a way you kind of remind me of him."

"I do not have time to deal with you and your nonsense ramblings." Snape said, as he strode out of the house.

Everyone was silent for a moment after he was gone, then they all erupted into cheering and clapping, for the person who had met and beaten Snape at his own game. "Bravo!" Sirus said loudly. "That was beautiful. Poetry even!" He finished as he wiped off a fake tear.

Peter nodded, as he sat back down only to look at Moody. "Well done lad you put the death eater scum in his place."

"Don't suppose you'll let me call my friend now." Peter asked hopefully. I really need to talk to Brian about some things."

Moody looked regretfully at Peter. "Listen lad."

"No, you listen." Peter said, the playful mocking tone he had used with Snape was not there as he spoke to Moody. The teen didn't even flinch, as he looked at the battle scarred wizard. "I will not hesitate to go and find my friend. I have been to London before, so I'm not impressed by any of the tricks you have to pull. I've been here over a month now, and quiet frankly I'm sick of your games. You've seen me take on a crowd in an alley, yet you think you have the right to tell me what I can and can't do? Forget that crap Moody I don't follow orders very well. I'll be leaving in two days to talk to Brian, with or without your agreement."

"We can't spare anyone to go with you on that day though." Moody argued. "It's the day that we go and get the Potter boy." He was interrupted by the painting of Mrs. Black went off on another one of her racist speels.

Peter groaned at this. "Isn't there a silencing charm of some type that you can put on that thing?"

"It has a shield built into the frame that won't allow us to do that lad," Moody said, "now back to what we were discussing."

Peter crossed his arms as he looked at the man. "Let me clear something up for you pal, I was telling you, not asking you. Tell you what; I'll make it interesting for you. I won't leave this grim old place if you can stop me, otherwise I'll do as I said I would."

"Really Mr. Parker is that necessary?" A voice asked, as a man in purple robes and long white beard asked, as he strode into the room.

Peter rolled his eyes at the show this guy was giving. He was pulsing with power, but he was also trying to give the grandfatherly act a shot while he was at it. "I take it you are the high and mighty Dumbledore I've heard about?"

"That I am." The man said. "Lemon drop?" He offered a bag of sweets. Peter picked p the candy almost popped it into his mouth, but stopped he placed it into a shirt pocket. "I do apologize for not meeting with you earlier, but I have been extremely busy lately." The wizard said.

"Whatever." The former hero said shrugging him off.

"So have I missed anything?" Dumbledore asked the others in the room with interest.

"I gave my uncle the chance. He can either stop me tomorrow, or he can continue to go about his business and let me go about mine. Of course you already heard that along with the little conversation I had with Greasy." Replied Peter.

"It would be best for you to refer to him as Professor Snape." Dumbledore said his eyes twinkling.

"When he acts like one I will consider it." Peter said, rolling his eyes at this.

"He will be your teacher." Dumbledore warned him. "It might be best not to provoke him."

"Then I will address him correctly in the classroom but in personal areas I will address him as the poster child for immature idiots if I want to. And he provoked me when he insulted how I was raised." Peter returned.

"He what!" Moody said, his wand appeared in his hand as his eye gleamed with anger.

"I am sure that it was merely a slip of the tongue Alastor." Dumbledore soothed the dark wizard hunter. "Surely Serverus would not knowingly do that." Dumbledore shot an annoyed glance at Peter. "Perhaps you are unaware of the seriousness of the situation we are all in Mr. Parker." Dumbledore said changing the subject. "We are only trying to keep you all safe. Besides, you are already becoming known as the ward of Moody."

"I'm very well aware of how fast news travels Dumbledore, and for super cop to be traveling with an unknown teenager, who doesn't match the physical description of any known Hogwarts students. Of course people are naturally going to ask questions. I mean I counted five camera men, and six possible reporters." Peter told them.

"There was eight reporters actually." Moody interrupted, "Where were the other two cameramen? I saw the one at the Cauldron, the one near Gringotts, one at the ice cream shop, and one near the quality Quidditch supplies."

"Hanging out on the roof of the buildings." Peter explained to the paranoid old man. "Those types of photos are good for either long distances shots or confirmation that a person was there."

"Good point." Peter admitted

"Then you must understand why it is imperative that you stay where someone can keep an eye on you." Dumbledore said his eyes twinkling in triumph.

"I disagree, but that's my opinion. Besides you are cutting yourself off from a potential ally." Peter argued not ready to give into the headmaster just yet.

"How so?" Dumbledore questioned deciding to humor the boy before him.

"Brian Braddock can get into see the Prime Minister, if he was to agree to say wait right outside the door till you have your say about your problem. Heck, with a phone call I can call a guy who can get on a plane and probably set the wheels in motion to get Black over there free to walk around in the muggle world at least." Peter explained to the roomfull of wizards and witches.

"What!" Several people said.

Peter shrugged not seeming overly concerned. "Its what happens when you know the right sorts of people folks, and that was no promise but I can set the wheels in motion to give you a chance at a trial."

"Unfortunately now is not the time for that Sirus, and I must demand that Mr. Parker not do anything impulsive like he suggests." Dumbldore told them all.

"Please." Peter said a lopsided grin coming onto his face. "I've already figured out how to do it, and I don't need your permission to do this either. All I need are Harry and Sirus's permission, and I could have Black's name cleared.

Dmbledore frowned at the boy in front of him. He refused to meet his gaze, and every time he tried to slip around to make eye contact the boy would shift his stance so that he was talking to someone else. While a part of him thought that what the boy was offering sounded good, he didn't believe that a young man like this could really have the kind of contacts that he said he did. There was also the matter that if Sirus was ever seen as a free man, then he would have to change things because Harry needed those blood wards. "How do you think that you can get Sirus free?"

"Give me a go and I will set my friend to work at the very least, they will have to admit to wrongful imprisonment, and I can have my lawyer friend stand in for him in the regular world." Peter promised the man.

"Lawyer friend?" Dumbledore inquired with interest and a bit of worry.

"Yeah Moody's met him before, so it won't be a problem. And unless you have a school matter to discuss with me I'm gone." Peter explained to the older wizard.

"At least show the man who is providing you with a roof over your head a bit of gratitude." The man Peter knew as Shaklebolt complained.

"I do, if this was the headmasters house I might be a little more polite, but this is not his house. This is the most Honorable House of Black." He said sarcastically. "Now I need to go to bed if I'm going to contact Brian tomorrow. Do you want me to set up a meeting with the Prime Minister?"

"Since you won't be leaving, I think not." Dumbledore said confidently.

"Hope you don't mind getting embarrassed." Peter said as he walked out the door. He turned to McGonagall who had entered the next room. "Don't worry, I'll be here in a couple of weeks and we can test me to see exactly where I am when it comes to waving a piece of wood and muttering a bunch of latin."

"If not you will begin the testing in three days." Dumbleore informed him confident that the boy would still be there.

"Deal. You guys coming?" The teen asked of his two roommates, who quickly jumped up and followed after their roommate. "Controlling old man." Peter said as he changed into a pair of pajama bottoms.

"Easy there mate. He may be a bit controlling, but he usually has the right idea." George said.

"Sorry, I just don't like people trying to tell me how I can and can't do something." Peter explained to them.

"Perfectly understandable."

"And we understand completely."

"But not everyone."

"Will be."

"Like our mum." They finished.

"You do know that sometimes that is just weird right?" Peter asked, as he fell onto his bed.

"Yes we do."

"But it's a great party trick."

"All right all ready. Go plot, or do something, I need to rest." The two nodded, and began conferring in whispers when Peter had an idea. "Hey you think I could borrow Ron's owl? I'd like to tease the order later on when I disappear from their supposed safe house."

"Of course, we shall inform Ron of this."Fred said.

Peter nodded, as he drifted off to sleep. He woke up a few hours later, and saw Molly Weasley sticking her head in to check on them. She shook her in confusion as she looked at Peter, but there was also some sympathetic understanding there as well, as if she understood the hurt that Peter felt. Peter grunted to himself, a new mother figure was not something that he was interested in right now. Aunt May was gone, and he didn't want a replacement for her right now. He just wished that he could see her face one more time, even if it was to disapprove of Spiderman again.

Peter woke up again at a better time, and looked around cautiously. He was in bed with out any of the possible pranks that could be holding him that the twins made. Flipping up, he decided to have a quick breakfast before he started his mission. He got dressed, leaving his gear upstairs and trotted downstairs to see Dumbledore, Moody, Shackleboat, Black, Lupin, Mrs. Weasley and the Snape guy he had traded barbs with yesterday. "Still here I see." Snape said gruffly, as he looked up from the paper that he was reading.

"Don't worry, I'll be gone later." Peter replied jovially, and then turned to his breakfast.

"The way you spoke, the headmaster was half afraid that you would already be gone by day break. What's the matter afraid to actually do what you said." Snape taunted,

"Not really, but do you think that my friend would have been very understanding if I called him in the middle of the night just so I could ask him questions that would wait till morning? Brian's a great guy and all, but he's got a bit of a temper and really doesn't like to get up early unless he has to. And if I had interrupted him while he was with his girl I think her name is Meagan I do believe he would have told me to go and stick it." He replied cheerfully

"Seems like a reasonable bloke." Sirus said, as he glared at Peter. "Any reason why you didn't fill us in on any of that?"

"You didn't ask." Peter returned smirking, at the man who had obviously lost on his sleep waiting up on him to make a move while he was well rested. Sirus opened his mouth to retun before graoning and lying his head on the table.

"By the way Parker, you want to tell me where you got shot up?" Moody asked, Looking at a spot on Peter's ribs with his eyes.

Peter rolled his eyes at his guardian. "Has anyone told you it's not nice to look through people's clothes?" He asked sidestepping the question. "I mean it's down right rude. I'm surprised they've never fined you for being a peeping Tom. Or maybe that's where all of those scars really came from you looked at the wrong girl and this is what happens. How they let you anywhere near teenage girls is a mystery to me. Black, Lupin, and Shackleboat snorted into their drinks. Even Dumbledore chuckled a bit, though he did seem to be trying to catch Peter's eye though every time he almost did, Peter felt his spider sense tingle and he turned away.

"Well, I got to go and get some things see you later or maybe not." Peter said as he easily side stepped the beam of light that was sent at him from Snape, as he tried to keep him in the chair.

"Please, like that was so hard to anticipate?" Peter asked in a mocking tone, as he walked out of the room whistling the Star Spangled Banner.

"I will show you Parker!" Snape yelled after him. "You won't get past me!"

Peter ignored the laughter of the other adults, as he returned to his room and met with the twins who were just now getting up. "So, can you get me that owl or not?"

"Hmm, yeah sure we'll explain it to Ron when he finally wakes up." George said, as he did something with his wand and the small owl flew into the room. Peter snagged the owl out of the air and placed the owl in a pouch on his backpack that had everything he would need.

"So how do you plan on getting out of here without them noticing? Cause in case you hadn't noticed Moody's eye sees through everything." Fred asked of him.

"Yeah I know, which is why I gave him the business about looking through people's clothes." Peter said grinning at the twins, who snickered in understanding. "Besides, once I'm outside he won't be able to catch me," Peter said confidently. "After that, its just a bus ride and a phone call to get to my friend." He then whispered part of his plan to the twins who looked at him oddly, but decided to let him try what he was going to do; if it didn't work they would add their own addition.

"So how do you plan on getting past them?" Hermione asked, as she walked in. "They're obviously taking your threat serious, if they're all down there waiting for you."

"That's mainly because they don't know what I can do." Peter said shrugging. "I'm a wild card that they're not sure of yet. Moody probably told them how I took out that gang without needing a wand, and just doesn't want to take a chance."

Hermione nodded, as she sat down on the bed. "That still doesn't explain how you're going past them."

"That depends, will you talk if I make a move their not expecting?" The twins shook their heads negatively; they actually looked insulted he had to ask. The three looked questioningly at Hermione. "Come on, you're the best tutor I got. Please don't act like this." Peter begged of the witch.

"She's the only tutor you got." Fred pointed out.

"Shut it." Peter said.

"Come on, I'll let you look at the defense books Moody got me." Peter said hopefully, he knew their were a few extra books in there, he had yet to sort all the books he had and they were all piled together for the moment. "Heck you can even look at my other books." He added.

Hermione's eyes widened at this, as she finally broke under the combined power of the puppy dog eyes and the book bribes. "Fine, but be prepared to take care of your own butt if something bad happens." She said huffily, as she went to look over the books that were out.

Peter nodded his thanks, as he walked over to the window and slid it open, and smiling smugly crawled out. "I'll write my victory letter to Dumbledore later." He said before he began walking off. The twins gaped, as Peter then walked to the edge of the building and jumped from the roof of number twelve to the house next door. He turned around to bow at the three people who were standing there looking out the window at him. With a jaunty wave, he ran across the roof, and then jumped again and again till he was gone.

The twins took one more look at each other, before they fell into silent sniggers and even Hermione was chuckling at how easily he had outwitted the Order of Phoenix. Sure his way out had been dangerous, but the graceful way he had jumped made it look like nothing. Hermione finally talked. "So who wants to bet Moody will be more mad at himself than Peter for letting this happen?"

"It gets better." George said, as an image suddenly appeared on the bed. It looked just like Peter.

"How?" He's not allowed to do magic." Hermione said in shock and awe.

"Muggle device." Fred said shrugging, as if he could care less. "He said he had gotten it as a gift from a friend once. Says it'll create a image of him that should fool most people."

"So its holographic?" Hermione asked as she examined it with interest.

"Yeah that was the word he used. He said it will go through escape plans for the next hour before it needs to recharge." Fred replied.

"Incredible isn't it? Well come on, we should make an appearance for breakfast before Ron finishes it all up shouldn't we?" Gorge said in a mock serious tone.

"I quiet agree dear brother, and it would be better if Perfect Hermione was not seen here either." Fred said in the same tone. "Why people might talk." He offered his arm, which Hermione took uncertainly. The twins then apparated, with Hermione between them. Hermione found herself suddenly in the kitchen after the odd ride.

"Are you two crazy!" She asked the two, after she got her bearings "We could all have been splinched by that stunt! Neither one of you is experienced enough to be taking people with you whenever you feel like it! Side along is very dangerous, and should never be done by beginners. What if we had left something behind?" The bushy haired witch glared at the now nervous looking twins.

"Well it sounds like her mouth didn't get left behind." Ron Weasley said from the table. "A real pity that is."

"Are you saying there's something wrong with my voice?" Hermione asked, rounding on Ron. The twins smiled in thanks to their now scared brother, as they sat down to eat.

"Morning dears." Mrs. Weasley said, as she walked in.

"Where are the others mum?" George asked innocently.

"They are waiting by the doors around the house that lead out. I'm afraid that we simply don't have time to let Peter go out to meet his friends right now." Mrs. Weasley informed them.

"He seemed right determined to get out when we last saw him mum." Fred said, thinking of the way the other boy had been moving to get out of there.

"Aye, he's sitting on his bed trying to figure ways to get past the whole lot of them. Kind of reminds me of Harry he does." George said.

"Yes, well lets hope he doesn't push to hard Professor Snape already doesn't like him. The young man really needs to learn how to control that temper of his. Fortunately we have enough paper work and things to get done, that the Order can spend a little bit of time listening for him." The Weasley matron said as she puttered around the kitchen.

"Whatever you say mum. Is Dumbledore still here?" One of the twins questioned.

"Yes, he has to go by the Ministry later on, but he thought he would stay around long enough for Peter to try at least once before he heads there though." Mrs. Weasley informed them.

"Well all right, we thought we would ask him some more about Harry." Hermione said, knowing that the three of them really wanted to see the headmaster's expression when he realized that Peter was gone.

They all walked off and climbed the stairs to find Dumbledore Hermione had ended up dragging Ron and Ginny after her. They finally found their headmaster looking over several important looking papers.

"Ah do come in." Dumbledore said, the five nodded, as they entered. "I understand that you want Harry here? Not the least of all because it will mean that his owl will stop trying to attack you two." He said, nodding to Ron and Hermione's hands, which the snowy white owl had clawed up a bit before Dumbledore had managed to get it to stop. "Mr. Potter will be back amongst us tomorrow night. Who knows, maybe he and Mr. Parker will be able to help each other in their confusion." He said giving the teens his best grandfatherly smile.

After saying this, Pig came flying in and landed on Dumbledore's lap. "Curious." Dumbledore took the note that the small owl was carrying. He read the note, and suddenly sprang up. "Alastor check on him!" He hollered, there was silence then a bit of swearing, as Mad-Eye came thundering from where he had been hiding.

"How did he do it? Did one of you help him?"

"Nope." He just snuck right out the window."

"Rather ingénues."

"If you ask us. We'll definitely have to remember that one." They chorused together.

Sirus chuckled, as he came in as he heard the explanation the twins were giving. "This kid sounds like he's going to be a handful. Sounds like you got your hands full this year headmaster." The anamangi said, as he learned the boy was gone. "Wonder if he likes to pull pranks?" He mused aloud. "Went out the windows ,Moody why didn't you think of that?"

"Quiet Black. We have to find him. How long has he been gone?" Moody questioned as he gathered his things together.

"About 45 minutes." Hermione said from where she was reading one of Peter's muggle books. The cover showed a man swinging on a vine of some type.

"I never took you as the parental type Moody." Snape said, as he watched the dark wizard catcher rant to himself.

"There's a lot ye don't know about me Death Eater." Moody growled, as he stomped out of the room.

Dumbledore sighed, somehow he ad a feeling that this was just a beginning to the surprises that young Mr. Parker was going to be showering him with. And with the way things were right now, he was unsure how many of those kinds of surprises that he could actually stand.
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