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Boy Wonder

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Summary: In one of the 52 exists an Earth where the timeline did not bump up every decade. Batman was active in the 30s. Nightwing took over for him in the 60s. And now it's the 90s and the newest Batman needs a Robin.

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DC Universe > Batman > Xander-CenteredIsaacADrakeFR1546,3192329,9331 Dec 106 Jan 12No

Welcome to the Family: Part 2

Author’s note: Okay so I posted the vague AU timeline on my profile so you guys can see it. Have fun with that. I tried to include as many major events from the DC: New Earth timeline, sometimes deferring to the Animated Universe because it’s not as warped. If you notice anything you think is off with it let me know, maybe I put something in the wrong year. I’m basically posting this so I can just get moving and stop editing the damn thing. Also I’d really like reviews on the fight-scenes, tell me what I can do better, what you liked, etc. Also if you guys want to question Bruce’s age when he retired (which was like 50) I’d like to refer you to Batman Beyond where he retired at 60something. If you’d like to help Beta, brainstorm, or just discuss my timeline alterations my AIM is sageoflogic so just IM me. Sorry for the time delay, I’ve been in college and lacking muse

Also I searched for the date of Xander’s birth for like an hour. One place said Jan 1st and that’s the only one that gave a date. I’ll buy it for now, because it fits my timeline best anyways.

Disclaimer: Superman and all affiliated characters are owned by DC, same for Justice League characters. In later installments I will include other crossovers, but not now.

o---------------------------------------Welcome to the Family: Part 2------------------------------------o

Alexander Wayne pulled off an acrobatic swing across the space between two Gotham buildings with his new grappling hook. He was excited to finally be patrolling with his father. A few months ago for his twelfth birthday his family had given him his Robin costume and gear after all the party guests had left.

The party had for the most part been a big meet and greet for heroes out of costume and their kids; the only close friends Xander had had over were Willow and Jesse. Of course the few pre-teens there had gone off on their own to play games such as Twister, Monopoly, and Captain America and the Avengers on his NES.

The new friends Xander and company made were: the silver-haired Mareena, daughter of Koryak the son of Aquaman, the spunky blond Kera, daughter of Power Woman, Ainia, a daughter of Apollo being raised by the Amazons, and the magically disguised son of Jon Stewart and Hawkwoman, Rex Stewart.

Xander had been immediately stricken by the beauty of Kera, who at thirteen going on fourteen was already very beautiful, and had spent the majority of the party trying to not look like a fool in front of her much to Willow’s chagrin and Jesse’s amusement.

The new boy wonder was shaken out of his reverie by the sound of breaking glass; using his grappling hook he swung down to a flagpole right over a jewelry store to perch. His dad landed on a window-sill right next to him.

They quickly took stock of the situation and Xander whispered into his headpiece, “Hey dad it just looks like some Joker wannabes. Can I take lead?”

Damien thought to himself for a few seconds before nodding, “It’s Batman in the field, but fine. I’ll jump in if you get overwhelmed, good luck…Robin.”

Hearing his masked named gave Xander a boost of confidence and he swung down into the middle of the teenage, make-up wearing hoodlums.

“What’s up boys? I hear the circus is over on 5th Street! Get lost?” The sudden appearance of a Robin made the five criminal teens jump backwards.

The leader, made obvious by his purple Joker suit and crown-like jester hat, walked forward with a swagger, “Well well well! It looks like we have a new boy wonder! Get him boys!”

“Hey!” A teenaged girl in a mini-skirt, jester shirt, and white clown make-up protested.

The Joker wannabe rolled his eyes, “And lady.”

Quickly two goons lashed out with punches at Robin and he swiftly ducked under the punches delivering a kick to one goon and using the force to push off and punch the other harder. Both went down fast giving the boy wonder enough time to do a back flip over the largest and last male goon, stepping on his head and landing on the ground nearby.

The Harley rip-off stumbled back in shock, “B-boss this one’s p-pretty good!”

The leader snorted and pushed her aside and lashed out with his cane as Robin twisted agilely out of the way. With a tap of his utility belt a short cylinder flew into Robin’s hand and with a click he was wielding a metal quarterstaff to deflect the criminal clown’s assault.

The jeering jester jabbed at Robin in a feint and a click of the cane sent sharpened shrapnel out from the bottom.

A backflip later Robin was taking stock of his opponent, the young man was much more than he seemed. “I suppose you thought that was smart, huh Chuckles?” the boy wonder quipped.

“CHUCKLES?! Is that the best you can come up with bird brains?” From the criminal’s suit jacket pocket a bomb with a smile on it was pulled and lobbed at Robin.

A spinning birdarang met it in midair and a smokescreen covered them both.

“SHIT!” The clown cursed having been caught in his own trap. Zeroing in on the voice Robin tossed a discus at the criminal before he could realize his mistake. The cryo-disc exploded enveloping the clown in a safe icy prison from which he could be later thawed.

With a faint rustle of a cape Batman swooped in, “Good job for a first shot Robin. I expect you to be quicker with apprehending them next time.”

Looking around at the groaning henchmen Xander sighed, “I’ll do better.”


A few weeks after his run in with the Jokez (as they were calling themselves) Xander was perusing the Armory, a room that had been added onto the Batcave during Dick’s run as the Batman due to there no longer being room on the main wall for all the suits the various Bat-family members had accumulated. He paused as he came across a batsuit labeled “Dick Grayson, first suit, circa 1969”. It seemed to be pretty similar to the one Bruce had used before him…except it was a lot tighter fit. And as he glanced over the breastplate he came to the horrifying realization that there was a place where it was so tight they’d had to make a mold for the nipples.

Xaander exited the Armory slightly traumatized and Bruce noticed this as he walked into their next tech lesson.

“You alright, kid?” It was said as affectionately as Bruce’s gruff tone allowed.

The current Robin bit his lip then decided to ask. “Grandpa…why did Uncle Dick’s first Batman suit have nipples?”

Bruce winced at the memories and after collecting himself responded, “That was the year Space Oddity came out and your Uncle became a very big David Bowie fan. Tight clothes were…unfortunately a big hit back in those days.”

After he finished Xander looked up at his grandfather, “Grandpa, I promise my Batsuit won’t look anything like that.”

Bruce let out a brief chuckle.

“Well enough of that. We’re working on your Chemistry some more today. I know that’s your second favorite subject.”


The revitalized Jokerz continued to be a consistent pest over the next two years. The thugs were predictably easy but the leader, JJ, seemed to improve in his technique and always gave Xander a short run for his money with new tricks. However Xander was always able to pull something new off his belt in retaliation.

His first big supercriminal case blew the Jokerz out of the water. After almost an entire year of being Robin a spate of disappearances and mutilated bodies were causing a decent amount of fear amongst the populace. Those of the Bat Clan in Gotham City were all working different angles: as Oracle Barbara was scanning and analyzing reports for patterns, Bruce was unnerved by the brutality of the murders and had decided to go back over old case files down in the Batcave.

Robin, Nightwing, and Batman were constantly patrolling the city. Tim had been able to get time away from the League to deal with the problem. As the leader of Young Justice however, Andy had not been able to reinforce them as Nightfire.

As Robin was patrolling one night his bracer began beeping indicating a man sized object accelerating at him at near 80 miles per hour. Robin dropped a flash pellet and disappeared from his location as a large creature thumped into the concrete roof of the building, scattering flakes of concrete.

The boy wonder got a good look at his ambusher and immediately activated his com-unit. “You guys aren’t going to believe this…but I think someone replicated the Man-bat formula.” That was all he got out before the eight foot tall humanoid bat lunged at him. Half-stepping before his jump, Robin gained the height necessary to clear over the target, flinging three discs towards the creature. The impacts did very little damage, however as the Man-bat was snarling in annoyance the sonic emitters on the discs let out a high pitch shriek, overloading the creature’s senses and knocking it out.

“Oh man we’re gonna need more of those!” Robin bemoaned as he quickly went about securing the creature in high tensile strength wire.

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Boy Wonder" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Jan 12.

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