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Boy Wonder

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Summary: In one of the 52 exists an Earth where the timeline did not bump up every decade. Batman was active in the 30s. Nightwing took over for him in the 60s. And now it's the 90s and the newest Batman needs a Robin.

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DC Universe > Batman > Xander-CenteredIsaacADrakeFR1546,3192329,9321 Dec 106 Jan 12No

Background information and the Prologue

Disclaimer and note: Guess what? I am not of the ownage of Batman (DC) or Buffy (Mutant Enemy and Whedon). Go figure, it's a fanfic site. Okay so real quick I'm going to detail the DCish aspect of this universe:

Batman became active in the late 30s and did not join the JSA until after WWII at which point Superman joined too.
In the late 60s Bruce Wayne turned the title of Batman over to his adopted son, heir, and all around prodigy Dick Grayson, Nightwing. Dick was in his late 20s at the time. This is also around the time the JSA disbanded and some members formed the Justice League in the Watchtower, which was about as high tech as the current ISS. Luckily they still had teleporters and good ships thanks to Shayera and the Martian. Just not a fun place to live, it was more of a communications and relay/watch station.
In the late 80s Dick turned the mantle over to the finally heroic biological son(by rape-ish circumstances) of Bruce, Damien Wayne. The current Nightwing is Tim Drake, who did not take up the Dark Knight mantle due to wishing to operate outside of Gotham with the current Justice League.
The current Justice League is made up of many former Titan and Young Justice members including Superboy who never died in this continuity.
Damien Wayne married Stephanie Brown when he was 22 and she 26. Stephanie had had a relationship with Tim when she first became Batgirl at 16 but she and the older man did not work out. Damien and Stephanie have yet to have children but Stephanie recently retired the title of Batwoman.
By the 90s-
Dick Grayson runs Wayne Enterprises, Damien is next in line to inherit. Dick did eventually marry Starfire and they have one half-breed boy who according to both of them is more than enough for their marriage and are not aiming for more.
Barbara Gordon still runs things as Oracle though she got a cybernetic outer spine attached to her back so she can now walk, just not assume full superhero duties. She is looking for a successor as being both Oracle and a police consultant is weighing upon her.
The Watchtower is in the super-hi-tech state you see in the Justice League cartoon.
There will be a few more 2nd and 3rd gen heroes running around but that would be telling now wouldn't it? Especially since this first part will be Gotham exclusive.
Ages: Bruce- 82
Dick- 59
Barbara- 58
Tim- 41
Damien- 32
Stephanie- 36
o--------------------------------Prologue: Discovering a Sidekick-----------------------------------o

"Look Steph, don't worry about it okay? Tim said he'll take over in Gotham while my leg heals." A pause, "No I'm not in over my head dear." Another pause and a sigh, "Yes dear. I'll think about it." A wince, "Okay okay! I'll look for one I promise! Now I have to go to the meeting." A slightly goofy smile, "I love you too." A snap signifies the phone hanging up.

Dick Grayson turned around to look at his younger 'brother'. "Well I'll assume that was Steph berating you over something mask related since you mentioned Tim?"

Damien Wayne, the current Batman let out a sigh. "Yeah Dick. She wants me to get a Robin or Batgirl to help me out after this latest injury." He was leaning lightly on a cane; he was obviously on the mend. "Even if I just recruit an existing teen hero from the Neo-Titans." He shook his head, "I know I formed the group fifteen years ago but do they have to be so bratty when it comes to sidekickery?"

The CEO of Wayne Enterprises blinked, "Side...kickery?" He shook his head, "No more hanging out with The Flash when you're at the Watchtower."

The younger man huffed, "Well if they'd just make a word for it we wouldn't have to butcher the English language!"

The two men were amicably walking down a street in Sunnydale, California. They were here to meet with an executive of Star Labs to arrange a joint effort to create more fuel efficient anti-gravity technology. The current anti-grav drained any sort of power source like there was no tomorrow. However due to alien civilizations such as the Kryptonians they knew it was possible.

Their discussion was cut off as a woman's voice shrieked out into the night in terror, a young boy's voice quickly followed with a shout of, "Mom!"

The two men barely spared each other a glance before they burst into action sprinting around the corner. Damien ignored the pain in his leg as they came upon the scene.

A man was lying on the ground in a pool of his own blood outside of a slightly run down house. A beer bottle was in his dead hand. Against the wall of the house a woman was being...bitten by a man-like creature whose eyes glowed yellow as a young boy, probably no older than ten, was slumped against the door to the house, obviously he'd been tossed there after trying to save his mom.

Damien and Dick cursed to themselves, "Vampire!" Dick glanced around for something to use as a stake and the almost sixty year old man pulled a fence post out of the ground.

Damien had a more direct route. With a "snhink" two blades shot out of his wrists, closer inspection would show thin metal bracers under his suit sleeves. He sprinted forwards, once again ignoring the pain in his leg, to attack the creature of the night.

Noticing the incoming attack the vamp tossed the woman into the street, even if she hadn't been dead from bloodloss the head trauma from hitting the pavement certainly did it. As it tossed out a punch at the thirty something year old attacker it was disarmed. Literally, Damien had no sympathy for soulless beings and had taken its arm off with one swipe and then proceeded to dust it by taking the head with another.

Dick dropped the sign post and went over to the kid. "Son? Are you alright?" The boy groaned in answer. "Damien! Call an ambulance!"

The younger man nodded and pulled out his cell phone.

Five minutes later an ambulance was taking them all to Sunnydale General.

An hour later at the hospital---

"Will he be alright doctor?" Damien questioned.

The elderly doctor nodded, "Physically at least. The poor boy only had a concussion and a few bruises. We'll keep him overnight for observation but...poor Alexander just lost his parents." A scowl crossed the man's face. "Not the best parents but...still."

The younger man turned a questioning gaze upon the doctor, "Was here often? Was it," He sighed, "Abuse?"

The doctor nodded in disgust, "Yes...his father was quite the alcoholic but we could never make anything stick. Young Alexander was in here a few times a month for little things and a few times a year for broken bones. Quite the sturdy young boy and he's all alone."

Damien frowned and shook his head, "No he's not. We Wayne's have a history of taking in young children in need that cross our paths. My brother Richard is a great example. If he has no other family I'll take him in." Damien felt this was the right thing to do in his heart.

The doctor's eyes flew wide open, "Would you really Mr. Wayne? The boy deserves a good turn, I'll call Child Services straight away!" The man hurried off.

A week later Damien walked in the front of Wayne Manor with the eleven year old Alexander Harris, his new foster son, at his side. "Don't be afraid Alex. I'm sure Stephie will love you. As will Bruce and you already know Dick so that's really everyone here!" The young boy looked up at his new foster dad with bright, but slightly cautious eyes, "Are you sure?"

Damien's answer was cut off by a beautiful blonde woman, "Well this is the adorable little boy you rescued Damien?" She smirked as both her husband and their new ward looked over at her, "I must say he'll probably turn out better than you did. I get to mold him early."

Damien rolled his eyes, "Yes dear."

She walked over and cooed at him, "Oh but you have learned something!" She bent down to eye level with Alexander. "Hi there Alex. I'm Stephanie Wayne, Damien's wife. And what you just saw was him demonstrating rule number one." She paused for dramatic effect, glorifying in the boys curious stare and the exasperated look on Damien's face. Well mostly enjoying the last one. "I'm always right!"

Three months later Alexander was fitting in nicely at the manor. He'd even started calling Bruce "Grandfather" instead of the initial "old man" he'd started out with. He actually got along best with Bruce. He was absolutely fascinated by the old man's genius, he actually roped him into teaching him chemistry which Alex picked up very quickly.

It was at this point that Alexander nervously knocked on the door to his foster parent's bedroom. "Come in." His foster father called and Alex cautiously walked into the room, shutting the door behind him. He didn't see his foster mother, Damien was flipping channels while doing work on his laptop and turned the tv off as he entered. "Something wrong Alex?"

The boy took a deep breath. "Please sir...please teach me how to fight those things that killed my parents." At the shocked look he got he went for the kill. "Please...I don't want to ever be afraid again. Please teach"

Damien couldn't resist. He knew he'd have to talk to Stephanie about it but he was pretty sure he'd found his Robin.
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