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People, Places and Things

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Summary: Housing the 24 fics I'm writing for the 2010 Wishlist Fics started on LiveJournal.

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Title: Effectiveness

Fandom: NCIS

Prompt: Wishlist 2010 fic for millaros – Buffy/Ziva – Ziva had never seen a killer as small as her before.

Rating: PG

Summary: The perky blonde who stepped off the elevator was not who Ziva was expecting.

A/N: I know you asked for this to be a pairing, but I don't really write femmeslash. I hope you enjoy!

A/N: A little behind on posting this here. This was up on LJ last year....


A frown tugged at the corners of Ziva's mouth as she took in the perky blonde who stepped off the elevator with Tony and entered the bullpen. The girl, because really she could be nothing else, was tiny, even smaller in frame than herself, blonde, tanned, and had a wide smile plastered on her face. Ziva's teeth began to grind quietly at the sound of her bubbly voice.

Even worse was the lascivious look Tony was giving the newcomer.

Really, did he have to be so obvious about such things? Yes, she was female and attractive, but was it entirely necessary for him to drool over every one he met?

Tony led the girl over to Gibbs and her mouth twisted slightly into a smirk as she settled back into her chair. Gibbs rarely had the patience for her type of woman.

“Gibbs, this is,” Tony began.

“We've already met,” Gibbs growled, rising to his feet. “Buffy,” he said, nodding in the blonde's direction.

Buffy? Buffy? What sort of an idiot names their child Buffy? The name was not giving her any favors in dissuading anyone from thinking of a good dumb blonde joke.

“Now, Jethro,” the blonde said with a bit of a pout. “Is that any way to treat an old friend? I know it's been a while, but really?”

Ziva fought the urge to allow her jaw to drop as Gibbs stepped around his desk to hug the newcomer. And was that the hint of a smile she saw? Just who was this girl?

She took a closer look and saw a young woman dressed at the height of fashion while still managing to look somewhat professional. Even from just a few feet away, she could see neatly manicured nails and just the right amount of applied make-up to enhance every feature on her lovely face.

“Ziva, this is Buffy Summers. The specialist from the NWC. She's gonna help us catch the bad guys,” Tony said, grinning down at the blonde once again.

This was the hired killer? Oh sure, no one else on her team understood just who the NWC were. Ove the years she had met several of their organization while on missions for Mossad. Every girl from there was a killer; and all much younger than the one standing before her. Something was surely wrong with this whole situation.

Remembering her manners, she stood and crossed to meet the blonde. She held out her hand in greeting and said, “Miss Summers.”

The moment the seemingly delicate hand held hers, she knew she had made an incalculable mistake. Buffy's hand was not soft as she had supposed it would be, instead it was strong and covered with calluses that spoke of hard work. Just like her own.

Her dark eyes looked into Buffy's green ones and saw a predator staring back at her. The girl standing in front of her was definitely no girl but a woman in her own right. And a killer on top of that. Of all of the NWC's agents she had met, none had been as tiny as this one.

Or as dangerous.

It would be of no surprise to her to learn that she was not the first to make that mistake, only she was sure she fared better than those before her. She was certain that most of them were dead.

“Effective,” Ziva said as she released Buffy's hand.

Buffy smiled brightly at her and just as suddenly the predator gaze was gone, leaving behind bright, sparkling eyes that held mischief. “I've always thought so,” she replied causing Tony to look between them in confusion.

Working with her on this case was definitely going to be interesting.

The End?

You have reached the end of "People, Places and Things" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Aug 12.

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