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What Lies Beneath

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Summary: Elliot has been involved with a lot of cases during his time in the Special Victims Unit, however, Connor Kramer struck something deep inside Elliot and he can’t help but be affected by this teenager.

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Olivia was lead by Beth, Leo’s secretary, into classroom 2B where 5 men sat drinking coffee. Beth was a petite thin blonde with pale skin and she motioned for one of the larger men, who had a balding patch in his grey hair, to come over.

“Detective Benson, this is Marvin Decker,” Beth introduced and the man held his hand out and Olivia gave it a firm shake.

“Hello, can I have a word with you in the hall?” Olivia asked the man who nodded and they followed Beth into the hall and she trotted in her heels down towards her office.

“Mr Decker, can you tell me your version of how the picture was found?” Olivia prompted.

“Me and the boys were cleaning out some of the old equipment- we’re getting some new ones in and needed the space. Most of the equipment hadn’t been used in years. I was pulling some of the old ropes from the gym mats when I noticed an inflatable mattress and some blankets. I figured someone was squatting or some of the kids were using it,” Marvin said in a deep gravely voice. Yet his tone was not unkind- more upset. The events of the day had shaken the man.

“I called down Leo and he looked over the stuff and he said it probably weren’t squatters because the blankets were new and we hadn’t got any blankets like the in the school. The ones in the nurse’s office are blue- not green,” Marvin continued.

“He told me to look around- so I started looking through some boxes. Leo didn’t say what we were looking for but I figured that it was probably some kids using the bed for a little action. Thought there would be some condoms or something around. Leo found the picture with the gym mats,” Marvin finished.

“Has anyone else been in that area recently?” Olivia questioned.

“No, it’s the far end of the basement which is for storage and roughly twice a year we give it a clean just to keep it from getting too dusty, last time we cleaned it was November,” Marvin replied.

“Did you recognise the boy in the picture?” Olivia asked.

“Yeah, his name is Connor I think. He often stays back after school finishes to hang in the art room. Heard he’s quite the artist,” Marvin said with a small smile, “he was always so polite whenever he saw me or one of the boys.”

“Have you seen any other people around Connor? Teachers? Students? Anyone?” Olivia pressed.

“I don’t really see him around students- he tends to keep to himself from what I’ve seen. His art teacher, though, seems to be around him quite a bit,” Marvin replied.

“Got a name of this teacher?” Olivia asked.

“Tate- don’t know their first name but last name is Tate,” Marvin answered.

“Thanks, Mr. Decker. I would prefer it if you and your men would stay on the grounds until we have gotten everyone’s statements and thoroughly checked through the basement for more evidence,” Olivia told the man who nodded as if he expected that.

Olivia’s phone rang as the man made his way back into classroom 2B.

“Benson,” she greeted.

“Hey, it’s Fin. We’re on route to the Kramer residence and one of the tech guys found out that Bryce Kramer, the uncle, is out of town at the moment. He’s due back tonight. We’re gonna check the home anyway in case the kid’s there.”

“Alright, ring the station and get his flight details. Let’s have him picked up at the airport if Connor’s not found by then,” Olivia stated.

“Thought so much- the station is working on it now,” Fin replied.

“I’m gonna go and see Elliot before we head and talk to the art teacher. Ring if you get anything,” Olivia said goodbye and hung up before making her way to the basement.


Elliot walked through the musty basement. It was clean as far as basements went. The floor was clear and there wasn’t any visible build ups of dust- not until you got towards the back. It seemed that everything which wasn’t used regularly was placed nearer the back where Leo Harson was leading him.

Leo directed him to a small area- there were gym mats piled high and crates which held old gym equipment staked up. Elliot could see over the top of some stacks and others he could not. It would be easy to hide down here if someone did come in while people where down here. They would just have to stay on the mattress and keep quiet.

Said mattress was tucked into a corner created by some stacks, positioned slightly away from the stacks so not to knock them. The stacks effectively blocked the area and unless someone specifically came into the area they would not see the mattress. Whoever had placed it here had thought clearly about it.

Elliot knelt down and looked around, if someone had disturbed them then they might need to keep Connor quiet which meant something would have to be in reach. Elliot snapped on his gloves and began to look between the stacks and run his hands over some of the boxes looking for something which would indicate anything. Moving carefully and without missing a detail he stood up with a sigh and looked further up the stacks when his searched proved fruitless.

“Mr. Harson, where did you find the photo exactly?” Elliot asked looking around at several of the gym mat piles. The older man pointed to a stack which had been messed slightly and it was then that Elliot noticed the red frame of door which the picture showed Connor sitting against. Squeezing through the pile of gym mates he moved and pulled out the picture and looked closely. It was defiantly taken here.

The red framed doors let to a section which held various equipment which could have been from shop class, the AV club and such but the dust gathering on them told the detective that they were rarely used. The area didn’t bring up any clues but there was a cupboard that the detective found. One which had very little dust on it and immediately Elliot looked inside it.

Rooting through the drawers Elliot found a box of condoms which were empty and a tube of lube which was also empty and from the faded look on them Elliot figured they had been there many years. So probably not for this incident but from kids using the basement for a little fun some time ago. However, his search was not fruitless and soon he had a small bottle of pills in his hand, the bottle was not labelled and Elliot figured it was some sort of drug, might be for a junkie but it might be for their case.

It was then that Olivia came down as Elliot was placing the bottle into one of the evidence bags. She nodded at Leo and headed towards him.

“Found some pills down here; think we’ll need to get the Crime Scene unit down here to dust for prints and such. There will be a lot but it’ll help us narrow down suspects,” Elliot said.

“Talked to Mr. Decker, the janitor, his story matches Mr. Harson’s,” Olivia told him, “I was told by him that Connor often stays after school for Art, I was thinking we can ask his teacher about him.”

“Right, you get the info for this teacher and I’ll call the station for a team,” Elliot said as he pulled out his phone.

While he waited for the team to be assigned their case he looked around at the room. Large with plenty of cover and thick walls, two staircases to reach the basement level meant privacy with warning of people coming down. No cameras and no windows, lights which were scattered around leaving some areas cast into shadow but not dark enough that it would be troublesome for someone who knew the layout of the room. An ideal place for hiding.

As the information was put through and a team dispatched to the school he moved towards Olivia who was talking quietly with Leo. She smiled and nodded and the man left the room.

They walked from the room and Elliot couldn’t help but feel anger as he thought of the basement and what could have happened down there. They didn’t know if this was a rape case or not but Elliot’s gut feeling was that it was. He seen to many cases which were similar.


So, please let me know what you think of this update! My first update of 2011! I hope everyone had a nice holiday!

The End?

You have reached the end of "What Lies Beneath" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Jan 11.

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