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Who We Were And Who We Are

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Summary: Angel earned his Shanshu and was given a new life as Seeley Booth and Connor was given a new life as his son, but both of them remember their true past and when Connor comes to DC to be with his Father things won't be the same.

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Chapter 2

Please note that Connor is 16 in this. It was in the challenge which prompted me to write this story. So let’s pretend he came through the portal a little younger or W&H made him younger in his new life or TPB made him younger when creating Seeley Booth’s life. Also Parker Booth is 18 in this story because the challenge wanted sibling rivalry on Parker’s part.

Chapter 2

Seeley gave a short grunt as he manoeuvred his way into his home while his arms where laden with Connor’s bags. Connor following him inside holding fewer bags since his Father insisted he carry the majority. Seeley quickly moved through the darkened apartment with ease towards Connor’s room to dump the bags which Connor following.

Dumping the bags in front of the walk-in closet Seeley smiled and flipped the light on revealing a basic room with a large window looking out into the street and neighbouring park and green walls and wooden flooring. The bed was a double since Seeley knew that if Spike visited he would most likely share with Connor. Seeley had all the windows in the place made of the same glass that W&H ones where made of- meaning no piles of dust for their vampire family.

There was a desk in the corner with a computer on it, shelves on the walls which had various books for schooling on it. There were a few pictures on the walls of the gang. Overall the room was sparse in places but warmth had begun to creep in.

“We can unpack tomorrow,” Seeley said. The flight out to LA and the same day return flight had exhausted the ex-vampire and Connor’s nerves of flying had tired the teen out. Seeley would have liked to spend more time in LA but he couldn’t get that much time off work and hadn’t wanted to tell Connor he’d have to wait until he could get more time off to come to DC.

Connor gave a grin as he stepped around the pile of bags and flopped onto the bed with a bounce. His small form quickly wrapped itself in the covers and Seeley bent and pulled the boy’s shoes off before exiting the room.

“Night,” Seeley muttered as he exited the room. It was only early evening but after having their flight delayed and the actual flight taking about 5 hours Seeley would let Connor rest for a few hours before waking him for something to eat. Seeley pulled the door too while turning on the hallway light and heading into the bathroom and turning on the shower. A shower seemed a good idea about now- he could rinse off the frustration over the flight before making something for them to eat. He would also ring Cordelia to let her know they had gotten home safely.

An hour and a half later Seeley pushed open the door to his son’s room holding a tray which held two plates on it. Both had on some fries and a piece of grilled chicken with a side of salad. Two sodas were balanced on the tray.

“Connor?” Seeley called out and the lump on the bed gave a twitch before Connor opened his eyes to look at his Father.

“Food?” Connor grunted while struggling to untangle his thin frame from the blankets which had wrapped around him.

“I know better than to come into a teen’s lair without food,” Seeley said with a chuckle as he turned the light on and headed towards the bed.

“We eating in here?” Connor said as Seeley handed Connor a plate and fork once Connor had sat crossed legged. Connor shifted to one side of the bed while Seeley sat down and placed the tray on the bed in front of Connor before grabbing his own plate and a fork.

“When’s Parker next coming round?” Connor said quietly. The teen knew that the older one would be by at some point- Parker never missed an opportunity to hang out at Seeley’s. Unfortunately, for Connor that meant that the older teen would be around. Connor admitted that he probably didn’t love Parker as his brother- he barely knew the teen and Connor knew that he had only met the other once. He would be upset if anything happened to Parker but he would only go as far as saying he did care for Parker but it was more for Seeley’s sake.

Connor knew that he didn’t feel things as normal people would do but his life had been too damaging to him for him to feel like that. Connor often felt like his emotions were muted so that he could function- other times they let loose as if they were trying to stop a large build up. It wasn’t a shock to him that he didn’t care very much about Parker though he knew Seeley loved him as much as Connor.

One of Connor’s main emotions was rage- pure hatred of things around him. The very emotion that had driven him through Quor-Toth and sent demons fleeing away from his territory. Connor knew he would always have this anger inside him and while he still had trouble controlling it and the need to hunt that went with it he was learning. Connor thought his Dad understood after being Angelus- they had even discussed Connor hunting and patrolling in DC like he did in LA otherwise Connor would feel caged and probably end up hunting without his father’s knowledge.

“You only going to pick at your food?” Seeley’s voice cut into Connor’s thoughts. Connor turned his blue eyes onto his Dad and Seeley felt his breath caught.

When you looked close into the eyes of people who knew about the supernatural and had lost nearly everything to save people and the world there is always a haunting darkness- Buffy and Faith both have it dancing in their eyes and all those who worked at Angel Investigations had gotten that look soon after. Seeley could often see it dancing in his baby’s eyes but knew that even with this darkness inside them both they still had each other- they had their friends. They had survived.

“You’re okay,” Seeley said placing the plate down onto the bed and tugging Connor into his side.

After a moment Connor grumbled out, “You didn’t answer my question.”

“Not for a few weeks, he’s away with friends,” Seeley answered, “he knows you’re here now anyway. He’ll watch himself.”

“Will he?” Connor asked in a small voice.

“Yep,” Seeley said and pressed a kiss to his son’s hair, “now eat your food. Tomorrow I’ll show you a few places- a few good demon bars around which give good information to the Slayer of the area. Rupert knows you’re here and says that you could parallel your patrols with hers- an alibi of hanging out together of sorts.”

“Right- she a newbie?” Connor murmured while he shoved some fries into his mouth.

“They are all newbie’s- her name is Julie. Being a Slayer just over a year. She had previously being trained in martial arts so her training was better than most- she was also an honour student at one of the local private schools so they didn’t want to pull her away for training she might not need. Rupert sent a Watcher out for a while along with one of the Slayers which fought at the Hellmouth against the First. They helped Julie understand her new powers and understand the rules and things,” Seeley explained as he returned his own plate to his knee.

“She on her own, no watcher?” Connor asked while he ate more of his fries, which were steadily disappearing.

“She has had myself and a local witch to help her when needed. Rupert figured that since I had so much experience and to show that after everything he trusted me he decided that I could act as her watcher. However, with my FBI job he also thought another friend would be useful,” Seeley elaborated.

“I don’t like witches,” Connor muttered.

“Amanda is not evil- I wouldn’t let her near you if she was,” Seeley began, “Amanda rarely patrols- that was more my role. Now you can help out too.”

“Fine, how old is Julie?” Connor asked.

“She is 17,” Seeley said.

“If I don’t wanna patrol with her I can on my own right? She’ll probably hold me back…” Connor questioned.

“We’ll talk about it if you can’t stand each other,” Seeley promised.

“When do you have to go back to work?” Connor asked as he cut up his grilled chicken.

“Day after tomorrow,” Seeley replied.

“Not yet. At first I didn’t say anything because I didn’t like them, later it was because I wasn’t sure whether they could be trusted with knowledge of you. I have hinted that I was picking someone important to me up- as important as Parker,” Seeley explained.

“Will I meet them soon?” Connor said through a mouthful of food.

“Most likely,” Seeley nodded.

“We need to plan a meeting which doesn’t involve weapons, demons, or vampires,” Connor said with a grin.

“It would be wise,” Seeley said with a mock look of seriousness on his face before he broke into a grin.

His miracle was home now.


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