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Who We Were And Who We Are

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Summary: Angel earned his Shanshu and was given a new life as Seeley Booth and Connor was given a new life as his son, but both of them remember their true past and when Connor comes to DC to be with his Father things won't be the same.

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Chapter One

A/N: This is an Angel/Bones Crossover story.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Angel belongs to Joss Whedon and Bones to Hart Hartmen.

Rating: Mature

Author: TouchoftheWind

Warnings: Some content which may be upsetting to some- including mention of parasuicide (suicide attempts) and depression. Any other warnings will be added as the story progresses.

Notes: Set during Season 3 of Bones and after Season 5 of Angel. A few changes to both shows- the whole ConnorCordy thing never happened- she stayed with him after she returned from being a higher power but didn’t sleep with him. Jasmine was able to plant herself in Cordy’s womb. Also Booth’s son Parker is 18 in this. Wesley did die in the final battle and Illyria and Spike went to Germany to deal with demons there.

Summary: Angel earned his Shanshu and was given a new life as Seeley Booth and Connor was given a new life as his son, but both of them remember their true past and when Connor comes to DC to be with his Father, Booth’s friends realise that there is more to their friend than they knew.

Pairings: Cordelia/Angel, Gunn/Anne, and Hodgins/Angela so far.

Special thanks to DemonChildeKyra for the story title!

Chapter 1

Connor stood by the window looking towards the street. His blue eyes though were unfocused and the noise and bustle inside the apartment seemed to be a distant echo to him. The sounds of people talking and laughing were dull to the teen as his eyes were fixed on the street.

“Connor,” a female voice sounded and Connor dragged his blue orbs away from the window and landed on a brunette woman. The woman wore a pink top which nicely brought out her tanned skin and her hair which had grown to the nape of her neck curled gently around her smiling face.

“He’ll be here when he gets here,” the woman spoke as she walked over and ran a hand through his hair affectionately.

“What if he changed his mind, Cordy?” Connor asked quietly, his voice low and vulnerable as he talked to the one person who understood him, besides his Father. He had lived with Cordelia for 9 months after the Fall of LA. At first he remained in LA to help rebuild the area and help his Father who had being injured but had received the Shanshu which meant it took him a while to heal.

It was then the Powers intervened. They said due to all the good Angel had done while being a Champion they had decided to repay him- they gave him a new human life- complete with a job at the FBI and a son who was a few years older than Connor. They had then erased Connor from the Reilly’s lives and Connor was officially now Connor Doyle Angel-Booth (Angel remained their as a way to honour his Mother, Darla) son of Seeley Booth.

It took one month for Angel to heal. Then he moved to Washington to check out this new life- leaving Connor in LA in case the Powers were trying to pull something. It was then that Cordelia showed up at Gunn’s apartment where Connor was staying.

In an act of faith the Powers had sent her soul into Limbo when she had died- if Angel were to receive the Shanshu they would send her back to earth 100% human to have the live she would have live- with no visions. If Angel failed they would send her to the afterlife.

It only took Connor a few minutes to figure out this was Cordelia- the scent had rushed at him like a freight train. It wasn’t tinged with darkness like during the time with the Beast, Connor had figured that was the demon part she took on willing for the visions, but this smell had brought him back to a time when he could feel a soft material on his arms and voices cooing at him- his first memory. The memory of Angel and Cordelia looking after him.

She was really there.

Cordelia stayed with Gunn and Connor for a while before getting her own place. This was when he moved in with Cordelia- despite everything he felt more comfortable with her instead of Gunn- who was nice enough but it often felt like he was just dealing with Connor because of Angel. Angel had felt that Connor should remain in LA with Cordelia until he could make sure that DC was safe enough for them- it turned out that apart from a few neutral demons and small clans of vampires the area was mostly clean. The Council had placed a Slayer there to clean shop. And keep it clean.

Connor was originally going to head out to DC a few months ago but some big cases which were dangerous needed his Father’s attention and this meant that Connor remained in LA.

“Angel cares too much about you, Connor,” Cordelia said bringing Connor once more out of his thoughts, “He would do anything for you and I know how much he wants you in DC with him.”

“It just seems that at any time we even started discussing me moving out there something happens to delay it,” Connor replied.

“Come on- enjoy yourself- time will pass quicker and before you know it Angel will be here,” Cordelia said while leading him away from the window. Connor sighed and allowed her to pull him to where Gunn, Anne (from the homeless shelter) and a few others were stood.


Seeley sighed happily as he climbed into the car provided from the FBI while in LA. He knew he wasn’t on a case but due to recent circumstances with a cannibalistic killer having them in his sight the bureau wanted to make sure that Seeley was protected. They knew he was picking his younger son up and they wanted to make sure everything went smoothly.

Seeley pulled out of the parking spot and headed off down the familiar roads of LA towards Cordelia’s apartment. It so happened that Cordelia was able to get her old apartment back since Dennis the ghost caused many problems for the new tenant and the young couple who were renting it moved to the other side of the city. Cordelia had snapped up the place quickly and Seeley often smiled at the thought of his son playing cards with the ghost. Seeley never understood quite how that worked- he was sure Connor wouldn’t realise if the ghost was cheating but Connor had always chuckled over the phone saying that he could tell.

Seeley smiled when he thought of his youngest son. Things seemed much lighter now he knew his son would be with him in DC. He had missed his Miracle terribly- but he did admit the distant and time had helped them bond which would hopefully make living together easier when they actually managed it.

Seeley knew that his eldest son, Parker, was not pleased that his half-brother was coming out to LA and getting to live with their Father. Parker had expressed recently that he would live to live with Seeley since it was closer to the job he had gotten which would start when he returned home from a vacation with some friends. Seeley though had wanted to say yes to his eldest but he had said no and thought about Connor.

He doubted that Connor would deal well with sharing a room with anyone. Connor would be able to share a room with Spike or Seeley since it was a vampire trait for closeness of kin. A vampire was automatically comforted by the proximity of a family member and Connor had this trait too. Whenever Seeley had visited LA, Connor always ended up coming to the couch where Angel was sleeping on and cuddling next to his Father.

He also knew that Parker had problems with Connor. They had only met once before but the memories showed many more visits which had never happened and Parker was always picking on Connor. Connor was too fragile for Seeley to allow Parker to do any damage. He loved Parker but his vampire instincts bonded him that much closer to Connor.

When he became human he retained some strength, speed and the healing abilities. He also retained some of the demonic aspects when it came to Connor- that fierce over protectiveness which he knew Spike felt too towards Connor. Connor was still considered a childe- and due to his biological connection to the Aurelius clan he was very much treasured by them both.

Seeley pulled into a space outside Cordelia’s home and killed the engine and smiled widely as he thought about taking his little miracle home to DC. Climbing down from the SUV headed inside and before he could knock on the door it opened by itself.

“Thanks, Dennis,” Seeley said and braced himself for the hugs which followed his entrance.

“Angel!” Gunn boomed and clapped him into a manly hug. The black man was followed by his girlfriend, Anne, who ran the homeless shelter. Gunn now used his knowledge of defence against supernatural and his law knowledge to help keep the kids save and out of trouble. Seeley suspected that he and Connor would be coming to visit for a celebration soon if the smell which now surrounded Anne was anything to go by.

“Gunn! Great to see you!” Angel greeted the man and turned to the blonde who stood slightly behind the man, “Anne- you’re looking well. Keeping him in line?”

“Yes, welcome back Angel,” Anne said with a friendly smile before dragging her boyfriend back to let others have a turn.

“Angel!” Cordelia smiled as she hugged him, Connor close behind her who hugged them both.

“Cordy, Connor,” he grinned and held them both under one arm.

“Dad,” Connor breathed letting his father’s scent wash over him and feeling his emotions calm.

“You packed?” Seeley asked as he rubbed his baby boy’s back and watched Cordelia playfully poke his son making the thin teen squirm slightly.

“Yeah, ready to go after the party,” Connor replied.

“Yep, I bought him some new clothes- his clothes may be alright for LA but DC is a whole different dress code,” Cordelia nodded and pulled away from the hug though Connor was content to stay where he was.

“Who’s ready for cake?” Gunn shouted and the trio turned to look at the man who was wielding a sharp knife and grinning at the cake.

“Sure, go ahead,” Cordy said as she wandered over leaving Father and Son alone for a moment.

“You okay, kid?” Seeley asked looking down into his son’s blue orbs.

“Yeah, haven’t had any bad episodes lately,” Connor whispered.

Seeley nodded and held his baby a little tighter at those words. Connor was fragile in many ways- while he wasn’t at the point of blowing himself up anymore he still was unstable and often went into fits and refused to eat. He had improved with Cordelia’s help and whatever help Angel would provide from DC but he was still incredibly delicate. It had made Seeley want his son in DC even more knowing his baby boy was suffering due to his decisions whilst back on Earth and Holtz’ influence in Quor-Toth.

“Anne smells funny,” Connor whispered with a wrinkle of his nose.

“She’s pregnant, I don’t know if she knows yet though,” Seeley whispered back.

Connor’s eyes grew wide as they shot over to the woman who was being handed a piece of cake by Gunn.

“Guys- cake!” Gunn said as he turned to pick up two more plates from the table.

Seeley smiled and let Connor from his grasp and followed his son to the table.

It was good to be back in LA.

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