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Tis the Season

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Summary: Twenty-four prompts, twenty-four fics, twenty-four days till Christmas. Brought to you by Wishlist_fic on LiveJournal.

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

Days and Nights

Title :: Days and Nights
Rating :: FR13
Disclaimer :: Supernatural and all related characters are copyright Eric Kripke, Kripke Enterprises & The CW Network. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright Joss Whedon and ME. No infringement intended.

Prompt :: Prompt :: dwehr/Dean, Lisa, Buffy/BtVS, SPN/Lisa is a potential that just got activated.

Days and Nights

He didn’t like her.

At least not during her first visit when Sam’s trip to hell had still been raw, a gut shot that was bleeding out and him dry, and made him sleepless most nights and best friends with Jim Bean during the others. He didn’t like sharing the night with her. She was always up and moving around, checking the doors and windows he’d already checked. Her eyes, almost the same color as his own, were dark and jaded, and she watched shadows and checked her six on a regular basis.

She was a hunter or something close to it and now it all made freakin’ sense. Lisa had been too quick to accept his life, too damn understanding about Sam and about him. It irritated the hell out of him that he’d caught Lisa looking at Summers—who the hell called a grown ass woman Buffy—in nearly the same way she looked at him.

There were layers to the looks those two shared and when Summers’ head was turned toward Ben, who called her ‘Aunt Buffy’ like he’s known her all his damn life, Lisa’s look softened and she stared at Summers with something close to longing and wonder.

It was like a knife to his gut, but Summers’ didn’t respond to it. She’d played with Ben, update Lisa about people he knew nothing about and with even stranger first names then hers and then she’d leave.

He didn’t like her, but Dean knew it was mostly because looking at her was like looking in a damn mirror most nights.


She wasn’t sure what to make of him.

Atlas with the world on his shoulders, broken and bloody from the weight of it would be an accurate parallel—and very Giles-y—or she could be really honest with herself and admit that Dean reminded her a little too much of her. She liked him well enough. He’s quiet, respectful and doted on Ben.


He was the reason she’d helped Lisa cut all ties with the new Council—which was enough like the old Council to chafe—in the first place. A newbie Slayer with a kid was just asking for trouble and she’d be damned if she let anyone put him or his mother in danger. She’d done that well enough on her own when she’d led Lisa and a handful of potentials into the mouth of hell with the best of intentions.

They’d won, but they’d, she’d, lost so damn much in the process.

She’d moved Lisa to a supernatural-null and hoped—never wished—for the best for them with a new life and a new start. She hadn’t counted on Lisa sending her regular updates and pictures or calling her at three AM when her water broke and she’d no one else to share her miracle with and so she’d headed right on over and found herself staying awhile.

She’d found a safe haven.

To be more precise Lisa had built herself one and was gracious enough to share. She shared Ben. She shared tranquility and now she shared the broken soul that was Dean Winchester. A man that made her wonder if he’d lost heaven or something like it.

It hurt to look at him sometimes.

It hurt to watch Lisa look at him.

And if Buffy was really being honest with herself, gut wrenchingly honest, she’d admit it hurt to see him with Lisa.

She was kinda gay.

Who knew?



They were broken.

Most likely beyond repair.

She knew this and yet she couldn’t stop trying to fix them, to heal them and the effort hurt and it made her bleed, but she’d gotten use to the pain and open wounds by now. Loving two people who didn’t believe they deserved to be loved tended to leave scars and she just added them to the numerous others covering her body and insides.

Sharing a home with Buffy when she’d been a frightened teenager with a sad case of hero worship had been hard. Watching Buffy fall from that pedestal she had placed her on had been harder, but meeting the woman, not the myth, had been worth it. The woman who gave her a life that she cherished and helped her protect her son. Helped her love her son.

Meeting a guy that could keep up with Slayer stamina had been impressive, even more so was the man that had shown up on her doorstep nine years later. He’d been the father she’d always wanted for Ben, but he’d been too much like Buffy and the mission always came first for them. She was still waiting for that mission to take Dean away from her now.

Lisa knew they didn’t love her, not how she loved them, but they loved Ben and most days that was enough.

Most days.
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