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Fic'ing to Christmas

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Summary: A fic a day until Christmas Day. Buffy crossovers, non-crossovers, ratings/warnings vary by chapter. warnings: het sex, femslash

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR21 which is above your chosen filter level. You can set your preferred maximum rating using the drop-down list in the top right corner of every page.

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Day Two (X-Men Movie Verse)

Title: I Need You Right Now
Prompter: musesinspire
Prompt: Wolverine(Logan)/Rogue(Marie)
Song is: Stronger by Kayne West

Rating: FR21
Betas: Kayla Shay and Ava
Fandom: X-Men (Movie Verse)
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in X-Men, they belong to Marvel, etc. The ideas and concepts in this story are mine entirely. Please do not copy or take this story without my permission.
Notes: Set in X2-continuity

All fics by authors participating in this year's Wishlist challenge, can be found here: Wishlist_Fic

It was eighteen months after Alkali Lake that Logan realized Marie had been sneaking out. It was eighteen months after Alkali Lake that Logan realized Marie wasn’t a kid anymore. It was eighteen months after Alkali Lake that Logan realized he knew nothing about the kid he’d met in Canada.

It was a Tuesday night when he caught her sneaking out. Her brown hair, with those two white streaks, hung in styled curls around her made up face. He could smell the faint scent of lavender lotion she had put on. And her thin boot heels made quiet, faint clicking sounds against the carpet as she made her way out of the house.

He saw her every day, but tonight, as he blended back into the shadows of the alcove to let her pass, he realized he hadn’t been seeing her at all. Gone was the girl who’d stowed away on his trailer. Gone was the girl he’d seen upon his return before Jean’s death. And even tonight, gone was the girl that attended classes here, instead an almost eighteen year old woman strode confidently down the hall, and out into the garage.

He made a split second decision to follow after her as he emerged from the shadows. It was obvious she’d done it before, as she quietly rolled her car through the gates, and didn’t bother to turn the headlights on until she was well down the road. Logan kept a fair distance between them, headlights remained off in his truck, relying on her taillights to guide his way.

He wasn’t expecting her to pull into the parking lot of Heat, the local nightclub in Danbury, just over the Connecticut state line. He slowed his truck and parked on the street about a block down and watched in his rearview as Marie spoke briefly with the bouncer. He watched the guy slide off his stool and pull Marie into a big hug, one she didn’t flinch from, and then she disappeared through the main entrance to the club with a wave back in the bouncer’s direction. Letting out an annoyed growl under his breath, Logan cut the engine, and yanked the keys out of the ignition in frustration. He knew he should just turn back around right now. He knew she made it safely here. From the looks of it, she came often enough to have a report with the bouncer. So, he knew that she would make it home safe, like she did every other night that she’d come. ¬ But he had always been curiously protective of Marie, and now that he was here he was going to make sure she was safe.


The club was packed full of young, sweaty, barely-clothed people all pressed together, moving on the dance floor. It was absolutely the last place that Logan ever thought Marie would voluntarily go. He moved through the crowd, relieved when people gave him a wide berth and allowed him a spot at the railing overlooking the dance floor a few feet below. He started with the booths and tables at the edges of the floor, irritation growing as he was unable to find her. His gaze swept across the dance floor, headed toward the other side of the room to search those booths again, when a familiar flash of white hair caught his attention. Logan’s eyes widened as he took in Marie, with her tight jeans hugging her curves, and her barely-there top shimmering in the flashing lights as she moved to the beat of the bass.

His grip on the railing tightening, the metal groaning under the pressure, and he fought to keep his claws inside his hands. There were several guys that were dancing with her, and fear rose in him when he realized any of them could accidentally touch her, could get injured by her mutation. He knew he would be too late when a tall blond moved in behind her, arms reaching around her waist, brushing against the bare skin of her stomach and hip that her top didn’t cover. But Marie never stopped dancing, the boy’s skin didn’t ripple as his life-force was sucked out of him. Instead, Marie lowered one her hands and placed it on top of his, fingers sliding between his, against her stomach.

A growl ripped through Logan’s throat, scattering the few people on either side of him. He left his place at the railing and stalked down the steps and out onto the dance floor. A path cleared for him, people tripped over themselves to get out of his way, and he ended his march beside Marie.

The kid, who had some semblance of self-preservation, sensed Logan at his back and turned to glance over his shoulder. He froze when he caught sight of Logan, limbs ramrod stiff, which caught Marie’s interest. Her brown eyes widened as she saw him and a smile slowly curved up her lips.

“Beat it, kid,” Logan growled at the blond, and his hands fell away from Marie as he stumbled backwards and disappeared into the crowd.

“Hello Logan,” Marie greeted him as she picked back up the rhythm of the music.

“We’re going,” he told her.

She laughed at him, head tilting back and his eyes immediately went to the long line of her neck, down her collarbone, and he jerked his gaze back up to her face as he started to follow the neckline of her top. “I’m not going anywhere, Logan,” she replied and turned her back on him.

Instinct had him reaching out, fingers tightening around her bicep, and spinning her back toward him. Her eyes were hard when she met his gaze, and she lowered her voice, her Southern accent disappeared when she spoke, “Let go.”

His fingers opened, releasing her arm, and he let his arm fall to his side. He hadn’t wanted to hurt her. “Marie,” he started but she shook her head.

“No Logan. I’m not leaving,” she quickly stated, hand coming to rest on her hip as she stared him down.

“I don’t understand…your mutation…” he trailed off, eyes trailing over all her exposed skin.

Marie flushed at his once-over, “It’s something I’ve been working on.”

“Outside the Mansion.”

“Here I’m not a freak,” she explained with a shrug. “Though, if we keep this up much longer, I might be one here too,” she added with a look around the dance floor. People had resumed dancing but they left a wide berth around the two of them. When she looked back at him, the corners of her lips were turned up, and her eyes were full of mischief. “You wanna dance, sugar?”
Logan tensed, taking a step back away from Marie without thinking, and she laughed.

“Oh come on, don’t tell me the big, bad Wolverine is afraid of dancing with little old me,” Marie teased him as she began to move toward him.

“I don’t dance,” he immediately responded.

“Well then, you should get off the dance floor. I came here to dance, Logan, not to stand around and talk.” She dismissed him with a casual shrug, and again turned her back on him.

He wondered just when in the hell she had grown up. Because she had. She’d grown up into a woman when he wasn’t paying attention, but he was certainly aware now. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see another group of guys shooting glances between him and Marie, probably deciding whether it was worth it to try to dance with her. The thought of another of them putting their hands on Marie sent another growl through him.

He moved forward, crossing the small distance to Marie, and hesitantly reached out. His hand hovered over her hip for a second before he set it down on bare skin. It was odd, both to touch Marie, and to touch her without gloves on his own hands. She briefly paused in her movements at his first touch, but then she relaxed, took a half-step back, and pressed herself against him.
Logan had absolutely no idea how to dance to this kind of music, and really had no desire to learn to make his body move like Marie’s was. But he forced himself to relax and allow his hips to loosely follow Marie’s.


The smell of her arousal hit him after a few minutes. He felt himself harden in response, and harden further as she realized it and ground back against him. His fingers tightened around her waist, digging into her flesh as he tried to gain control over the situation. “Marie,” he growled her name in warning in her ear.

“Logan,” she whispered back, voice barely above a breathy whisper but she knew he would hear her. Her response did nothing to help him slow the situation down.

He tried to pull away, but she slipped her hand into his and turned to face him as he took a step back, not letting him go but giving him a few inches of space.

“We can’t do this Marie,” Logan immediately said, even though he wanted nothing more than to go ahead and do something.

She graced him with a small, but confident smile. “We can.”

He shook his head and tried to pull his hand away from her. But he was surprised when her grip tightened, almost painfully around his hand, and she didn’t let him go.

“I’ve got you up here sugar,” she said as she closed the distance again, tilted her head up to look at him under her lashes. She wet her bottom lip with her tongue, and when his eyes tracked the movement she relaxed her grip on his hand. “I’ve got the answer to any argument you come up with. And the you up here,” she said and gently tapped on her temple with her free hand, “really thinks the you out there should just go with the flow.”

Logan frowned at the idea of him running around in Marie’s head, especially the man he’d been years ago when he’d last touched her. He’d been confused, more beast than man, and he couldn’t imagine how she’d handled him all this time.

Marie took a step back, and gave him a gentle tug, pulling him off the dance floor with her. Logan followed, hoping that Marie would just drop the whole thing. But instead of just exiting the dance floor, she pulled him into a dark, back hallway. Logan could smell two other couples further down into the darkness and he balked, coming to a complete stop. Marie stumbled when he didn’t continue forward and almost fell.

Logan immediately reached for her with his other hand, arm circling around her waist to stop her fall. Her control on her mutation broke and Logan felt the familiar start of the pull. Marie got her feet underneath of her, and forced her mutation back under control. It was different than before, this time rather than an abrupt end to her pull he got a slow backwash of her through the connection.

His dick immediately twitched in his jeans and his resolve drained away with the images she put in his mind. She moved the moment she saw the change. She pushed him back down the hallway, the opposite way of the other two couples, and into the doorway they came to, going through the small room until his back touched the wall. It was almost completely dark in the small room, but Rogue didn’t hesitate as she gracefully fell to her knees, her small hands closing around his belt buckle.

He wanted to object, to tell her that this was wrong, that she was too young, that she was still a student, but then she got her hand inside his jeans, and his brain shut down. She knew exactly how he liked to be touched. It was odd that he was in her head, telling her what to do, how to get him to come, but he wasn’t going to complain as she twisted her wrist just right and rubbed under the head of his dick.

The first touch of her tongue to the head of his dick had his hips jerking forward. She took it, opening her mouth, and letting him slide deeper. He groaned, one hand reaching down to touch her head, fingers sliding through her hair and tangling in the curls.

She hummed, and he gave up any ideas of gentleness with her. She knew what he liked, knew how to get him off, and she knew what she was getting into. He guided her head, tilting it up slightly until he got the angle he wanted and then started to fuck her mouth. She let him set the pace and then reached up and wrapped her hand around him, jerking him off as she swallowed him down.

He wasn’t going to last long, not when he had images of Marie naked, playing with herself, thinking of him as she came. He tried to warn her as he felt his balls tighten. He gently touched her face with his free hand, but she only took him in further, swallowing around his head. He emptied himself down her throat, one hand tangled in her hair, the other tracing along her jaw. And he watched her swallow down what she could before she pulled off, wiping at her mouth with the back of her hand. She looked up at him, held his gaze, “I’ve been working on that too.”

His head thunked back against the wall in defeat, because he got another flash of what else she’d been working on.
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