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The Start of Something New

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Summary: Sometimes things arent always as they seem. Especially when it comes to the Slayer...

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CentereddesignerblondeFR1813,2860141,5092 Dec 102 Dec 10No
The Start of something new. (may change)

Things aren’t always what they seem. Especially for the slayer…

AN: Nothing is mine, Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon and Harry Potter belongs to JKR.
No copyright infringement intended, this is all in fun only.
Also please note the title of this may change, if that happens i'll let everyone know.

In every generation there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the vampires, demons and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer.

Buffy Summers died at the age of 14 years and 10 months old. As predicted by a prophecy the young vampire slayer went to the cavern under the abandoned church and faced the Master. He enthralled her into submission, drank of her and allowed her unconscious body to fall into a puddle of water.

Buffy Summers died alone at the hands of a vampire less that one year into her calling, as most Slayers do. The Master left her without a second thought, as soon as the cavern was empty the body of Buffy Summers began to shimmer then she disappeared completely.

Seconds later Angel, the vampire with a soul and Alexander Harris rushed into the empty cavern to assist the girl they both loved. All that remained of her was the silver cross Angel had given her when she first arrived in Sunnydale.

“Who are you?”
“Let’s just say… I’m a friend.”
“Yeah, well, maybe I don’t want a friend.”
“I didn’t say I was yours.”

“Where is she?” Xander asked scanning the cavern for his friend. He looked at the vampire and watched him sniff the air then cock his head to one side.

“There’s no one here. Human or vampire. We’re too late, the Master is free.” Angel said his voice tinged with worry. He was around when the Master was free last time and it wasn’t pretty. Given half a chance he would raze the town just for the sake of it.

“Then where’s Buffy?” Xander asked. “Giles said he had to drink her blood, that’s what would set him free. She should be here.”

“The Master must have taken her with him.” Angel said drawing the most logical conclusion.

“What?!” Xander exclaimed turning on the vampire. “Why?” He asked.

Angel rolled his eyes at the human boys naiveté. “Think about it, he’ll probably torture her. Or turn her. He’s a sadistic bastard if there ever was one. Add to that fact he’s been trapped for over a hundred years…”Angel trailed off. The look in the boys’ eyes told him he was getting the picture.

“We should go tell the others.” Xander said sadly, his whole body slumped. He really thought that if he and Angel helped Buffy would survive the prophecy, that at the end of it all they would go to the dance at the Bronze and laugh about how they all took it too seriously. Now he had to deal with the death of another close friend. He may not have known Buffy as long as he’s known Jesse, but that didn’t make her loss any less painful.

“You go. I’ll scout around until dawn. I’ll let you know if I find anything.” Angel said quietly and turned and started walking out of the cavern. Xander turned and followed him.

“I cant believe this is it. After everything that’s happened, everything I now know… how do we go on from here?” Xander asked. Angel just kept walking head bowed in silent grief.

“We just do.”

“Do you think you will find them?” Xander asked. Angel stopped at his tone, in the few months he had been aware of what really goes on in Sunnydale when the sun went down the boys life had changed dramatically. He’d lost his best friend and now he’d lost the girl who kept the monsters at bay.

“No. The Master is smart. If he took her he would have taken all his vamps and left town. He would know we would begin looking for her.” Angel replied.

“So we just give up then? Leave Buffy to that monster and get on with our lives like she never existed?” Xander snapped getting angry. This is the guy who supposedly loved her.

“He’d be making his way out of the country he’s got almost unlimited resources, those vamps he kept around would have been very busy in the lead up to tonight.” Angel argued. “We keep looking for her of course. Until we hear there’s a new slayer.”

“You seem to know a lot about this.” Xander said suspiciously.

“Of course I do. The Master is my grandsire. He and Darla taught me how to survive and I used to run those kinds of errands all the time. Those tasks are beneath him. Listen to me Xander; I will follow every lead I hear of until I have burned every favor I have ever been owed. I will even embrace my darker side if it gets me the information I need. Until I hear that a new slayer has been called I will look for her. And anything I find I will tell you, Willow and Giles.” Angel said with all the conviction in his soul and for the first time since he’d met the brooding vampire, Xander believed him.

Xander nodded and with s nod Angel once again led the way out of the tunnels to the decimated church above it.

“We should go tell the others.” Xander said.

“You go, I’m going to follow the trail for a bit, see what I can find out.” Angel said. Xander nodded and without another word spoken they went off in opposite directions.

At the library Xander found Giles, Willow, Jenny and Cordelia sitting around the table pretending to look at the books while they waited for news. With s sigh he pushed the doors open and watched four heads snap up and focus on him in anticipation then immediately deflate in disappointment.

“Hey guys.” He said dejectedly with a half-hearted wave.

“Any news on Buffy?” Willow asked turning her big brown eyes on him.

“Um…sort of.” Xander said dragging a hand through his already shaggy mop of brown hair.

“Well? Spit it out!” Giles exclaimed angrily. Jenny walked over to him and placed an hand on his shoulder.

“Rupert.” She said gently. “Sit down before you fall down. I’m going to make some tea and then Xander can tell us what he knows.” She said softly. She knelt next to Giles when he made moves to argue.

“Look at the boy Rupert, he’s an emotional mess. We all need to be calm and let Xander gather his thoughts for a moment.” Jenny whispered. Giles nodded and slumped in his chair. Jenny stood and walked towards Giles office where he kept a kettle and everything an English-man would need for tea. She squeezed his shoulder and smiled gently at him. Xander nodded his thanks and shuffled over to the table slumping into a vacant chair next to Cordelia.

He leaned his head back and closed his eyes allowing the feelings to wash over him before he pushed them away so he could tell his friends what happened. Jenny came out of the office carrying a tray with Giles’ tea set and enough cups for everyone.

Everyone looked at Xander expectantly so he took in a deep breath and let it out slowly before he stood up again and gazed at all his friends.

“Ok. Well I went to get Angel when Buffy left. I thought if she had some help she’d be ok, it took a little convincing to get Angel to help. He was like you, saying that the prophecy said she had to go alone. I told him to screw that! Buffy is worth more than some prophecy written a million years ago, and he finally agreed.” Xander said. He started to fidget with the hem of his shirt.

“We got there too late.” He began again.

“What does that mean?” Giles asked harshly.

“Oh god! Buffy.” Willow exclaimed at the same time, tears starting to fill her eyes.

Cordelia reached across and took his hand. He looked down at her in surprise and she smiled back at him encouraging him to continue.

“When we got there the place was empty. No Buffy, no vamps, no Master. Everyone was gone, Angel confirmed it. He said that the Master had most likely taken Buffy to torture later or even turn her eventually.” Everyone started yelling at that point, no single voice could be separated from the noise only Cordelia remained quiet.

“Oh shut up!” Cordelia screamed after a few minutes. Deafening silence fell over them. “Let him finish for crying out loud!” she snapped at them.

“Thanks.” Xander whispered with a smile. Cordelia smiled back and gave his hand a gentle squeeze.

“Angel is looking for them. He said himself that he would call in every favor ever owed to him to find out anything and he would look for her until we received a call from the council informing us of the new slayer being called. That’s all we have for now.” Xander said. With those final words he turned and started to walk out of the library.

“Where are you going.” Giles asked. He shook of Jenny’s hand and stood glaring at the boy.

“Home.” Xander said succinctly.

“What? Xander.” Willow said confusion marring her features.

“I’m going home. I’ve had it with the monsters. Those monsters took two of my best friends and now I am going home to grieve for their loss. You wanna research be my guest. I’ll be waiting to hear from Angel, until then consider me out of the slaying game.” Xander said and left the library.

The phone is Giles’ office started to ring causing the occupants to start slightly, Giles went in and answered it.

“Hello?” He asked, his voice scratchy from unshed tears.

“Rupert Giles?” a clipped English accent asked.

“Yes.” Giles responded.

“You’re services are no longer required in Sunnydale, California. Your Slayer is dead and a new slayer has been called. She and her watcher are in Jamaica on their way to the Hellmouth now.”

“I understand. What are my orders?” Giles asked.

“You are to return to London where you will take up the post as curator of out book and artifact collection until such time as a new potential is appointed to you. Is one week a sufficient amount of time to get your affairs in order in Sunnydale?”

“Yes. I understand.” Giles said. The voice on the other end of the line hung up without another word and Giles followed suit.

He walked out to the office to tell Jenny and the children the news. They looked at him expectantly so he pulled himself to stand taller and remain strong until he was in the privacy of his own home.

“That was the council. The has been a new slayer called, she and her watcher are en route from Jamaica as we speak.” He said evenly.

“What about you? Are you staying on to aid them?” Jenny asked dreading the answer.

“No, I am returning to London in a week to take up my old post as curator for the library and the artifacts at the council headquarters. Eventually I will be assigned another potential to train and prepare.” Giles said resuming his seat besides Jenny.

“So Buffy’s dead?” Willow asked her voice cracking as she tried to hold back her tears.

“Yes.” Giles said quietly. No more words were spoken. Rupert Giles, Willow Rosenberg, Cordelia Chase and Jenny Calendar sat in silence mourning the beautiful blonde slayer.

“Hiya.” Angel spun at the voice. One he recognized and had hoped he wouldn’t hear again.

“Whistler. What are you doing here?” he asked.

“I’m here to tell you to stop looking, your slayer is dead. The Master didn’t take her” Whistler said in his brash Brooklyn accent.

“Then where’s her body?” Angel ground out.

“Don’t know. It’s not mine to know. I just know that she’s where she’s supposed to be.” Whistler said removing the hat from his head and starting to fidget with it.

“What do you mean?” Angel snapped struggling to not wail on the balance demon.

“I don’t know all the details, I’m not allowed to. All I can say is what I just told you. Her watcher already got the call there’s a new slayer on the way and he’s been given his orders. Her mom’s presently on the phone to the local police being informed that she has died in a car accident.” Whistler said.

“Why? Why go to so much trouble?” Angel asked finally allowing his grief out.

“As I said it’s not mine to know. She was never from here; from this world. With her death at the Master’s hands she has been returned to where she belongs. There’s just one more thing…” he trailed off.

“What?” Angel asked losing all the fight he had in him. Suddenly he felt every one of his two hundred and forty odd years.

“You gotta tell the boy. He left before the call came in so he doesn’t know.”

“No one at the library’s called him?” Angel asked mildly shocked.

Whistler merely shook his head.

“Ok. I’ll tell him. Then I’m out, I’ll still fight but not in Sunnydale.” Angel said.

“Fair enough. The Powers could use someone like you in Los Angeles…” Whistler offered. Angel nodded and Whistler was gone.

Angel walked the six odd blocks to Xander’s house and jumped up onto the roof to peer into the boys second floor bedroom window. He tapped a few times to get Xander’s attention. Xander walked over and opened the window.

“You’ll forgive me if I don’t invite you in.” He said by way of greeting.

“Sure. I just got a visit from a friend. One of the higher ups.” Angel begain taking a seat on the roof and leaning his back against the window frame.

“About Buffy?” Xander asked.

“Yeah. She’s dead Xander. A new slayer has been called, she and her watcher are on the way here now.” Angel said.

Xander nodded his head and began pacing his small room. “What about Giles?” he asked.

“Already informed and is preparing to leave for London.” Angel replied.

“So that’s it then.” Xander sighed heavily and fell onto his bed.

“Yeah. That’s it.” Angel said. He got to his feet and leaned down to look at the boy a final time. “I’ll be taking today to make my own preparations and tomorrow night I’m leaving for LA. Take care of yourself Xander.” Angel said and with a final nod her jumped off the roof and made his way back to his apartment.

A telephone rang next to Xander’s bed, he pounced on it before it completed the first shrill ring least his parent come out of their drunken stupor and come pound on him for a while.

“What?” he asked having a fairly good idea who was on the other end of the line.

“Oh, Xander! The council just called…Buffy’s dead!” Willow exclaimed succumbing to her tears.

“I know. Angel just told me.” Xander said flatly.

“How does Angel know? He wasn’t here when the call came in.” Willow said sounding confused.

“Probably one of his contacts or something like that, he left the church saying he was going to follow the trail as long as he could.” Xander replied.

“Oh. What are we going to do Xander? How will be cope without Buffy?” Willow asked sobbing into the phone. Xander sighed heavily and sat up, his eyes fell on the picture of Willow, Buffy and himself take a month previously at the birthday picnic they had surprised him with. He smiled fondly thinking back to that day.

“We just do.” He said after a few minutes repeating what Angel had said to him when he’d asked the vampire a very similar question. “We remember all the fun we had with her, how much she meant to us and we honor her memory everyday by surviving. A new slayer is on the way so we’ll be fine…eventually.” Xander said to his oldest friend.

”It won’t be the same without Buffy. Giles is leaving too, the council ordered him back to London.” Willow lamented.

“Why don’t we put the Scoobies to rest Will? Without Buffy and Angel what’s the point?” Xander asked.

“Angel’s leaving too?” Willow asked shocked.

“Yeah, tomorrow night.” Xander told her. He picked up the picture and touched Buffy’s face with his fingertips before putting it back down. “Hey Wills, I’m beat. It’s been, quite possibly the worst night of my life to date. I’m gonna crash and I’ll see you in school tomorrow ok?” Xander said.

“Sure. Goodnight Xander.” Willow said and hung up the phone with a quiet click. Xander replaced the handset to the base and flopped back onto his bed with his eyes closed. He squeezed them tight in an effort to not cry unable to stop the few tears that leaked out of the corners of his eyes.

“I’ll miss ya Buff. Hope that where ever you are you’re happy.” Xander whispered. He rolled over and opened the floodgates allowing himself to grieve for his best friend. Eventually he cried himself to sleep.

Meanwhile somewhere else in the world four boys slept soundly in their dorm room. On the ceiling in the center of the room a small pinprick of light opened gradually getting wider and wider. The boys all woke up as a low rumble filled the room and the light got brighter and brighter. Then there was a burst of light and a thump and the room was dark again.

“What the bloody hell was that?” one of the boys exclaimed. They all crawled to the foot of their beds and looked down at the floor. There lying on the floor not moving was a small blonde girl in a white skirt and leather jacket.

“I’ll go get Dumbledore.” One of the boys said getting out of bed and racing down the stairs through the common room and out into the hallway.

“Um… Pumpkin Pasties, Bertie Bots, Chocolate Frogs. Damn what else? Licorice Wand, Lemon Drops..” the boy trailed off as the statue of the phoenix started to turn revealing a staircase. He raced up and burst into the headmasters’ office not at all surprised to see him sitting at his desk even though it was almost midnight.

“You must come to my dorm sir! A girl fell out of the roof in our room!” the boy exclaimed and turned and raced from the office back to his room. Professor Dumbledore following.

I know I suck. Cliffhanger!!! So now I have a task for the readers…I’m not sure if I want this to be a Marauders or Harry and co. But I have to tell you my HP knowledge is exclusive to the films, I couldn’t get into the books, I tried though. So if I write about Padfoot, Mooney, Wormtail and Prongs it will be completely made up how I like it. On the flip side if I do Harry and co Buffy will likely be paired with Draco. I’m just not a big Buffy/Harry shipper.
So hit the review button tell me what you think on chapter one and if u want Harry and co or the Marauders. Votes will be tallied on Sunday and a new chapter with the winners will be posted asap.

Thanks for reading…not hit the review button.
Go on…it wont bite you. The review button is your friend. You know you want to…

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The End?

You have reached the end of "The Start of Something New" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Dec 10.

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