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BtVS/AtS Commercials (and others, too)

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Summary: Specialty products for our favorite fandom(s). Taking suggestions! Oh, and fanart would be appreciated!!!

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Multiple Crossings > General > Ficlet Collections - Other(Current Donor)mmooch + 1 otherFR1582,8952517,5122 Dec 1027 Apr 13No

Vamp Smackers by DarthTenebrus

Disclaimer and Acknowledgements: Do not own BtVS or Underworld, nor any elements thereof. Vamp Smackers comes from the story "Fate's Little Plaything" by Cordyfan, thank you so much for the inspiration...I make no money from this...

Vamp Smackers

Random Graveyard

*cutscene, random graveyard, lone Slayer against a hundred vampires or so, she just pulls out a rifle and loads a magazine filled with blue glowing bullets, looks to the camers and smirks*

When you have a whole boatload of vamps and you have to thin out the crowd before moving in with your brand new Hickory Stake, or when you just don't feel like letting them ruin your new blouse, Slayer, use the latest and greatest from Remington...

Vamp Smackers!

They're the new rounds just released for use by the general public and law enforcement when that rogue vamp just won't behave. These are blister rounds filled with an ultraviolet-irradiated fluid that rupture upon entering the body, releasing it into the bloodstream.

*Slayer opens fire on crowd of suckheads, and each one shot begins to glow blue and twist in agony before he or she disintegrates. Slayer's magazine goes empty, and she looks at chamber and shrugs. Mag is ejected, then she pulls out another clip and looks at the bullets with orange paint on the tips*

They also come in incendiaries...

*Tracer mag is inserted into weapon and she starts shooting, each hit turns a vamp into glowing ash that blows away on the breeze. Last one dies and the Slayer turns to the camera, pulls the mag and shows the bullets*

SMACK!!! No more vamp...and you never even had to touch him...

Announcer's voice-over, rapid fire - Overexposure to UV rounds may cause adverse skin effects such as sunburns or skin cancer...not for use by ensouled vampires or other photosensitive species...Remington is not responsible for collateral damage caused by stray incendiary rounds and bad aim...

The End?

You have reached the end of "BtVS/AtS Commercials (and others, too)" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Apr 13.

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