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Midnight Workings

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Above and Below". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: War can set you free.

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Supernatural > Buffy-CenteredjezaeiriFR715961112,5544 Dec 104 Dec 10Yes
Disclaimer-I own neither BTVS nor Supernatural. They belong to Whedon and Kirpike and I make noting from this.

A/N: story number two. Hopefully I'll have more soonish. And yes eventually we will see the characters we all know and love from SPN but it's gonna be a while because I'm sticking to the cannon timelines. BTVS the show ends in spring 2003 and SPN starts in fall 2005. Don't worry we will get there.

The sounds of crickets chirruping didn't drown out the sounds coming from inside the house. Of Giles and Xander and Andrew and Molly playing a game in the dining room. Of the potentials speaking quietly all over the house as sleep evaded them all in the middle of the night. Not that it was surprising in any way but the contrast of the sounds coming from a lone house among dozens was something she'd been able to ignore until there was nothing else left for her to focus on.

An empty town. It was a good thing. Less collateral damage that way. Buildings could be replaced, people couldn't. And she was about to drag enough innocents into the middle of a war. Scared little girls playing dress up. Even if Willow managed to do the impossible and activate all the potentials they were still little girls. Little toy soldiers dragged into a war. The very thought of it made part of her sick while another part of her knew that things were the way they were and now or later they would get dragged into a life of blood and war.

Better a baptism by fire, a taste of reality that could end things right now than later when the First and it's army had spread across the world. Better to have a war now with a chance of winning than later when there was no chance at all. And when the sun came up they'd march into battle. They'd march in and hopefully they'd live to march out. And when it was done, when it was finished so was she.

Finished. Done. Complete. Whole. Happy. That's what she'd been when she'd died. What she'd been before they'd dragged her back to war. And it was what she intended to be again. Not by dying, no. Death, true lasting death was something she'd only gotten once and she wouldn't get it again. Not so long as there were slayers, not ever. A red light special that had had it's time expire.

But she could try and find something close to it. Find out who she was again, try and remember something besides pain and war and blood and duty. She was The Slayer and always would be no matter what name she answered to but she was also Buffy Summers and it was time to try and find out just who that person really was.

She needed to know. Wanted to know. And it didn't matter that no one would ever understand. Not any more. Because they were broken now, all of them. Stones at the bottom of a clear rocky mountain river that had been worn down until nothing was left but pebbles. And it wasn't that she didn't love them, she did. Otherwise they couldn't have hurt her so much.

But she refused to stand still and live the same mistakes she'd seen in another life happen again. Refused to stay until nothing was left but hate and resentment and a million unsaid things. They'd brought her back to life and now she was going to do something different.

She knew what she wanted and she was going to go get it.


***Review please. New series started here and I need to know if I'm losing my touch after not getting to write in the last few months. Plus any ideas, feedback or things anyone wants to see can and will be taken into account.

The End

You have reached the end of "Midnight Workings". This story is complete.

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