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The Legend is Born

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Summary: Soleil Skywalker is Dawn Summers, at the end of the Clone Wars and with the Revenge of the Sith, what choices will she make?

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Author's Notes: This is a spiritual sequel to my story Cloning Dawn. This story is kind of like taking elements from that story in order to make a new story, but the story Cloning Dawn is more than likely not going to lead into this one. I just had this odd idea to make up this little title because I was in another Star Wars mood and I was kind of daydreaming about how fun it would be if Dawn barged in and interrupted the meeting concerning the Seperation of the Twins from the end of Revenge of the Sith.

Where it is going, what adventures our intrepid crew of the good ship Slayer's Shadow will undertake is still up in the air... Part of me is also writing this because I really like the idea of Leia Skywalker, not Leia Organa. A version of Leia trained in the arts of the Jedi and with all of the powers of her brother. I guess this means that we're in Alternate Land.

And now...

Disclaimer: All characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to their respective owner, Mister Joss Whedon. All characters from Star Wars of course are the property of George Lucas. This author claims nothing contrarywise to this statement, he has borrowed the two verses in order to mash them together and find out what happens when two worlds collide.

And NO! Xander does not become a Jedi.

Eventual Pairing: Xander/Dawn Possibly Xander/Dawn/Ahsoka

Oh yes, one final thing, if anybody wants to design what the Slayer's Shadow looks like drop me a line and we'll discuss specs... I'm no good with spaceships.

Dawn strode purposefully through the corridors of the Tantive intent on her quarry – she ignored the members of the crew who shied away from her approach – she had a mission to see to and a goal that would ensure the greatest mistake in history would not be repeated. Not on her watch.

The Jedi were seated around a table with Bail Organa discussing the fate of Padme’s newborn twins. Master Yoda felt the disturbance that was Soleil Skywalker before she made her presence known in a more conventional manner.

Obi-Wan rose upon seeing the familiar Mandalorian armor his hand reaching for a blade he currently did not possess – it having been left in his quarters in his haste to see to Padme’s well-being.

Soleil tore off her helmet revealing long flowing hair, cool green eyes, and full tanned skin. She dropped the Mandalorian helmet onto the top of the table and shot a glare at Anakin’s former master. “I see you’re still making the same foolish choices, all based on your ‘supposed’ point of view,” she stated coldly.

“What is the meaning of this?” Bail demanded.

Soleil shifted her sights on the Senator. “I may not be in tune with the Force, Senator Organa, but I know what you are planning. I am a tactician after all,” she reminded with a sneer.

“Understand then the reason for this decision do you?” Master Yoda asked.

“Like hell,” Soleil hissed whirling to glare at the aged venerable Jedi Master. “Your choices, your order, it led to the fall of the Republic long before Palpatine came onto the scene. You were stagnating and you couldn’t see the forest for the trees, everything in balance the universe is,” she said mocking the Jedi Master’s method of speaking.

“I fail to see what you are going on about,” Obi-Wan observed. “Anakin chose to side with Palpatine,” he added in a bitter undertone.

Soleil shook her head. “Did you ever to stop to wonder why?” she demanded frustratedly.

“Attachment is forbidden,” Yoda stated plainly. “A reason for this there is,” he added with a brief nod of his head.

“Fear leads to Anger, Anger leads to Hate, Hate leads to Suffering,” Soleil quoted once again mocking the aged Jedi. “Had you been more open to change, had you realized that attachment could ground someone better than Vulcan-like logic you would have seen what was coming and could have prevented it,” she snapped slamming her gloved hand onto the table top and leaving a spider-thin crack in the pristine surface. “As it is, my brother has fallen to the Dark Side, and I can’t stop him from treading this path.” Soleil wiped angry tears from her eyes and slowly slumped down into the closest seat.

Obi-Wan eyed her sympathetically.

Yoda however studied her carefully. “Close you two were,” he observed. “Perhaps hasty our actions have been,” he said with a thoughtful gaze.

“That is the past,” Senator Organa reminded. “We must be concerned with our future and those of the children. I am fully prepared to take the young girl in as my own in order to hide her from Palpatine’s spies.”

Soleil laughed darkly at that. “Is the best place to hide a child of Anakin Skywalker in plain sight then, Senator?” she wondered with a cruel smirk. “I refuse to allow you to separate the twins,” she informed matter of factly.

“But they must be hidden away where Palpatine and Vader can not locate them or coerce them to the Dark Side,” Obi-Wan argued his tone filled with strong conviction.

Soleil nodded. “Then I will take them to a place that no Jedi or Sith can ever hope to find,” she stated with a knowing gaze aimed at Master Yoda.

“Your powers are not those of a Jedi,” Yoda stated. “However, understand your reasoning for claiming guardianship of your niece and nephew do I.”

“Who would train them in the arts of the Jedi?” Obi-Wan demanded. “We will need them if we are ever going to overthrow Sidious and this new Galactic Empire of his,” he added. Taking a moment to study Soleil he turned to Master Yoda. “There are so few Jedi left in the galaxy, and if you are proposing we let Soleil spirit the babies away to some other universe…”

“Enough,” Master Yoda stated raising his hand. “Trust Soleil Skywalker I do, as should you, Master Kenobi,” he stated sharply.

“She’s one of Sidious’ plans,” Senator Organa reminded. “A clone of Anakin to control him, how can you trust her?”

Yoda smiled. “Clouded the future has been, but always out of reach young Skywalker’s fate has been, beyond the sight of the Jedi and the Sith,” he informed.

Soleil smirked. “That’s what you get for trying to control the Key,” she observed with a playful laugh.

“I don’t understand,” Bail stated.

“Nor should you,” Master Yoda informed. “It is a confidence only few among the Jedi share,” he added. “However. Address your question now I can, the one destined to train both children in the ways of the force is one that shall need this act of redemption for her own failures,” he stated.

Obi-Wan and Senator Organa shared confused looks.

Soleil however smiled this time in genuine relief and joy. “Then she did make it out,” she said.

Master Yoda nodded a grave expression on his face. “Scars are not so easily healed,” he informed.

Soleil stood up and shook her head. “Where is she?” she demanded.

“With the medical droids she is,” Yoda replied. “What you find there… Not like it will you,” he added with a sad expression.

Soleil ignored him and quickly left the room.

Dawn glared at the sight that greeted her upon reaching the medical bay – breathing with the aid of machinery was the frail looking form of a very dear friend and confidant – the young Togrutan lay almost comatose as the medical droids worked on replacing her lower left arm.

It was eerily similar to the injury Count Dooku had given her brother the fateful day the Clone Wars began – only this time the injured party in question had chosen to use a true artificial limb to replace her lost one.

Correction, there were two missing limbs – her lower left arm had been sliced off by one of Asajj’s lightsabers – though Asajj herself had not wielded it. Dooku had given them to a new apprentice and Ahsoka had suffered the misfortune of encountering her – her right leg from the knee down had also been sliced off.

And a few slashes had injured her chest, but they hadn’t managed to kill her – not yet – not ever if Soleil had anything to say about it.

Marching past the guards she approached the 2-1B. “Can she hear me?”

The droid turned to face her slowly and its photoreceptors dimmed slightly. “She is under sedation while we operate, Mistress Skywalker, to ease the transition and numb the pain.”

Soleil nodded. “I see.” Narrowing her eyes she was glad now she’d made that detour – patting the twin halves of the broken Lightsaber from the now-dead Sith she smiled. It wasn’t smart to do battle against a fully trained Mandalorian warrior – especially one as skilled as the magically cloned sister of the universes greatest Jedi.

The odd thumping sound she associated with Master Yoda’s gimmer stick alerted her to the presence of the venerable Jedi Master. “Claim trophies have you?” he asked in a rhetorical manner.

“I thought she was dead… This. This is a little better, but not by much,” Soleil stated softly. “At least I haven’t lost my entire family,” she added.

Yoda sighed and indicated the resting place of the twins. “Come, see your brother’s legacy you should.”

“My brother,” Soleil began with a pained sob. “He chose to let the darkness consume him, he was terrified of losing the things he held close and was doomed from the start to inadvertently lead them all down this path,” she informed.

“Wise words from one so young,” Yoda stated. “Perhaps the Jedi Council should have given greater consideration to leniency on their behalf, never easy it is to lose one you hold dear,” he observed.

Soleil turned to take in the beautiful babies that Anakin and Padme had been blessed with – twins – none of them had even guessed at that possibility when they found out she was first pregnant. Despite being separated the twins seemed to be trying to comfort one another at the loss of their mother – their eyes were never far from each other’s gaze and they almost seemed to want to reach out and touch each other’s tiny hand.

Smiling at the sight she was now more determined to keep them safe from their enemies. And she was the only one in this entire galaxy capable of taking them someplace where they would be able to grow up without the problems they would surely face living here.

Master Yoda reached up and placed his hand on her arm. “Take care and be mindful, Young Skywalker, treat them with love and kindness and let them learn. Already burdened with a great destiny are they, but together, perhaps love shall be the strength each can use to face their father when the time right it is.”

Soleil nodded. “Well… If I’m going to be taking them I’d better make sure we have all the necessary supplies loaded onto my ship,” she said. “I have a few favors to call in on Nal Hutta,” she added with a knowing grin.

“Prepare, Master Kenobi and I shall, for your safe return,” Master Yoda stated. “New training I have been given, even one almost nine hundred years old can still find that he has much to learn, about the Force,” Yoda said with a soft laugh.

Soleil smiled. “I hope Ahsoka can come to forgive Anakin for the part he played,” she said.

“Once you start down the dark path…”

“Forever will it dominate your destiny,” Soleil repeated. “I know, I know, I’ve heard Anakin gripe about it enough… But trust me, Master Yoda, once we kick Sidious’ wrinkled old ass out of office we are going to turn Anakin off of this dark path. It’s been done before,” she said with a knowing smile.

“For your sake, hope that you succeed I shall,” Master Yoda said averting his eyes. “Many have felt as you do, perhaps throw aside the shackles of fate you shall.”

“It’s tradition,” Soleil said with a knowing smile. “I’ll be back in three days, do not let Organa take my niece away in that time or else there will be hell to pay,” she stated patting the hilt of her Darksaber briefly before whirling on her heel and heading off to fetch her helmet so she could return to her ship.

Xander flipped through the channels on his television set with an air of uninterested boredom – it had been three months since Buffy sacrificed herself to deal with the portal that had torn open – and they still weren’t sure what the hell had happened exactly.

Something felt hollow inside of him. He wanted to scream and gnash his teeth or wail on some demons, but he still wasn’t sure why. All he knew was that with Buffy gone it was starting to get worse out there on the Hellmouth.

The Watchers wanted someone to take over for their fallen Slayer, but they were faced with a considerable conundrum. No new Slayers had been called upon Buffy’s second death and they couldn’t touch Faith – not while she was in jail – not that they hadn’t tried. But Giles, Angel and Xander had made sure they wouldn’t be able to activate some new young girl that they might be able to coerce or control.

Anya had broken it off with him after the first month of his moping around the apartment – Xander couldn’t blame her – he’d loved her a great deal, but he wasn’t much to look at these days. He was slowly atrophying. Without Buffy he didn’t think he wanted to live, but it would cheapen her sacrifice.

Willow and Tara had gone off for a while – they needed to be away from the Hellmouth – away from temptation. Willow was getting too powerful for her own good.

Shaking his head Xander slowly moved to turn the t-v off when something caught his eye – it was the image of a man reflected in the set. A man standing right behind him.

Leaping to his feet and reaching for his trusty axe he was surprised when no one actually turned up to be lurking behind him. “Ok, I’ll bite, is this the part where I start writing on the walls that I’m going to go crazy?” Xander asked the empty room.

“Not unless you really want to,” a mal voice replied with a deep chuckle.

Xander whirled around and saw the face reflected on his television set again. It was a spectral like form – the man’s face was kind, but also stern and his hairstyle was kind of on the outlandish side. “Who are you? A ghost?” he asked.

The man smiled. “From a certain point of view,” he said.

“Great, another dude who enjoys being cryptic,” Xander complained rolling his eyes skyward.

“I am a simple messenger, Xander Harris,” the man informed slowly rising up so that he was now standing in the room and not in the television set anymore.

Xander eyed him warily – taking note of the monk-like getup he was dressed in. “For the Powers?”

The spectral being shook his head. “For a much greater Force than they pretend to possess,” the man stated a twinkle of merriment in his eyes at his own private joke. “Your life will soon take a much different path, you have lost the Slayer, but you have not lost the determination to do what is right. You shall soon be blessed, Xander Harris.”

“How do you know my name?” Xander asked. “No offense, but since you do, maybe I could know who it is I’m talking to and is making with the grand destiny spiel?” he added partially serious partially joking around.

The man smiled. “My name is Qui-Gon Jinn,” the spectral entity introduced. “And I know you because of one very special woman who has come to mean a great deal to my home realities fate, you will help her, Alexander.”

“Who?” Xander wondered suspiciously.

Qui-Gon smiled. “Look to the Dawn,” he replied and then – as sudden as he had appeared – he was gone.

The t-v showed nothing but static and Xander flipped it off. “Cryptic messengers from higher powers, great! I’d better go see if Giles has any impending prophecies of doom I should be concerned about,” he muttered heading to his room to put on something clean – he’d been wearing the same soiled clothes a little too long this week – Anya had always been good about getting him cleaned up.

The Slayer’s Shadow hovered a few miles out from Senator Organa’s ship – Dawn smiled as she fiddled with the controls slightly. She didn’t need to plot any nav-courses for this trip. All she had to do was tap into her unique powers – even though Buffy was dead in the Key’s universe of origin she could maintain this form due to a bit of luck and some insight on her abilities as the Key.

The cockpit’s door slid open and Ahsoka slowly stepped in to greet her with a half-smile. “Hey, Sunlight,” she greeted.

“Two-Tone,” Dawn teased.

Ahsoka’s eyes lit up a little with something approaching happiness, but it was slow to come and fleeting as it vanished seconds after appearing. “Your brother called me Snips, why can’t I convince you to at least pretend to use that nickname?” she wondered.

Dawn chuckled. “Because, Master Tano, I learned from the best,” she said.

“I’m no Jedi Master,” Ahsoka said shame and bitterness clouding her tone. “I couldn’t even see the path my master and I were both trodding upon.”

“Don’t blame yourself for what happened to Anakin, Ahsoka,” Dawn stated whirling to glare at her close friend.

“But if I knew, I could have helped, I could have…” Ahsoka trailed off already knowing that what she was saying was a lie.

“Done absolutely nothing,” Dawn countered. “Anakin’s path was set out long before any of us were even born. I hate to say it, but it was the Will of the Force.”

“And now we’re going into hiding to protect his kids,” Ahsoka said with a shake of her head. “Palpatine will be able to sense us wherever we go, especially with the Jedi all but extinct,” she said.

Dawn chuckled and locked in her flight controls. “Then we’ll just have to go someplace beyond what that wrinkly old control freak can see or lay his hands on,” she stated matter of factly. Removing a small pin from her waist pouch she tugged her glove off and pricked her finger – a single drop of green tinted blood escaped and Dawn began to concentrate on it.

Ahsoka watched curiously as her friend did something that defied sense or sanity, but – as a Jedi – she had come to trust in forces beyond the norm.

The tiny drop of blood began to expand and grow larger until it passed through the viewport and lit up the void of space with a strange green energy – Ahsoka gasped as a shimmering vortex the likes she had never seen before formed from that single drop of blood.

Dawn grinned and opened her eyes. “Ready to meet the unknown, Two-Tone?” she asked.

Ahsoka could only nod in response – even for her this was like nothing she’d ever experienced before.

“Everything all secure, Artoo?” Dawn called out over the intercom.

The astromech droid bleeped and booped in the affirmative.

“We’re taking Artooie?” Ahsoka asked.

“Yes, unfortunately we also need to bring…”

“I must protest, Mistress Soleil,” Threepio stated as he joined the pair on the bridge. “This vessel is certainly not capable of such an interstellar journey with two infants and… My word, what is that?” the droid asked as he suddenly noticed the shimmering vortex.

“That, Alice, is the looking glass,” Dawn informed with a snicker.

“I beg your pardon?” Threepio questioned. “I fail to understand the similarity. Is looking glass not another word for mirror?” he continued babbling.

Dawn sighed and gripped the yoke in her hand. “Shut up, Goldenrod,” she ordered.

“Well I never,” Threepio huffed.

“Hold on to something, this is the tricky part,” Dawn warned punching the throttle forward and sending her ship screaming into the swirling vortex of universal energies.

Ahsoka gasped and clutched at her stomach with her new robotic arm. “And I thought Hyperspace was colorful,” she muttered.

“Oh my!” Threepio exclaimed nervously. “My photoreceptors will need a good scrubbing after this,” he added nervously taking his seat behind Dawn.

On the planet Coruscant – Darth Sidious was meditating and attempting to locate the almost forgotten sister of Anakin Skywalker – he needed to ensure that she would no longer prove bothersome to his plans. What he sensed however did not put an end to his troubles – in fact they enraged him to the point that he lashed out with a powerful Sith attack at the nearest droid.

“She escapes me,” he stated coldly.

“My Master, I felt a disturbance,” the rasping echoing voice of his apprentice stated striding into the room.

“It was nothing, Lord Vader,” Sidious stated calmly – the ability to regain his composure must come from some offshoot of chameleon DNA – not that he knew what a chameleon was. Smiling he turned his attention to other concerns. “Have you located your former Padawan?”

“I can not sense her, my Master, I can only ascertain that she too has perished in the Jedi purge,” Vader informed.

Sidious frowned slightly. He had wished to see if he could turn the young fool into a pawn, but now he would need another outlet for his plans. “Very well, continue seeking out the remaining Jedi, Master Yoda continues to elude us and I will have his head,” Sidious stated with a dark chuckle.

Vader bowed. “Of course, my Master,” he said.

Dawn grit her teeth as the ship passed between the barriers of one universe into the next – it was a feeling that almost felt like tiny glass shards imbedding themselves in her skin – this was because the Monk’s worthless spell would have unraveled her if she wasn’t absorbing some elements of the other universe. It helped too that her ‘brother’ was still alive – in spite of Obi-Wan’s best efforts.

Beside her Ahsoka looked sick and Threepio. Threepio was what Threepio was – she hadn’t really meant to take the droids, but when she learned that Organa had plans to wipe Threepio’s memory she’d gotten angry with the good Senator again.

Threepio was Anakin’s, he’d built him on Tatooine while he was only a slave and his mother had used him – in a way it was her only real link to Shmi – he, he was her only real link to Shmi. She needed to stop thinking of the droid as an it – he did have a personality all of his own. Unlike those stupid tin-cans the Separatists had used.

Artoo was also part of her brother – and with the two droids along for the ride she was hoping that the Monk’s stupid spell wouldn’t try to unravel her again while she raised her niece and nephew in a place she hadn’t thought of for close to three years.

Had it been that long? Dawn smiled – the others wouldn’t even recognize her anymore – she’d grown up. She doubted Willow, Xander, Spike or even Giles would remember her. The magic of the memories had been undone when she was sent into the other universe.

“Soleil, where exactly are we going?” Ahsoka asked.

Dawn smiled. “My old stomping grounds, Ahsoka,” she said.

“That is hardly informative,” Threepio pointed out.

“Who asked you?” Dawn shot back sticking out her tongue at the droid.

“I am merely trying to be of assistance,” Threepio said exasperatedly.

“Did I ever tell you about a man named Wesley?” Dawn asked changing the subject.

“Why no, Mistress Soleil, I don’t think you ever have,” Threepio said.

“Remind me to bring it up sometime,” Dawn said. She had to keep reminding herself of her other name – her old identity was gone. “I hope Xander is still a hottie,” she said to herself.

Ahsoka studied her robotic limb deep in thought. She was still feeling as though there should be something she could have done – something she could have prevented – but Palpatine had manipulated an entire Galaxy for years. Pitting the Republic against the Separatists. Preparing a Clone Army in secret – training apprentices in the way of the Sith – he had been a master manipulator and Ahsoka had just been one of his many puppets.

She wouldn’t make the same mistakes that Obi-Wan had in training Anakin’s children – she’d have Soleil beside her to help keep her grounded – but how could they ask two innocent infants to take up arms and murder their own father? Ahsoka felt disturbed by what had been set in motion – and all because Palpatine had wanted to destroy the Jedi Order.

“Rex, Cody, all of them turned against us,” she said feeling tears welling up inside.

Dawn bit back a retort and lightly placed a hand on Ahsoka’s closest shoulder. “They were programmed to obey the directives of Order Sixty-Six, it wasn’t their fault, they were still good men. Only… Misguided.” She offered a half smile.

Ahsoka nodded. “You didn’t exactly say the name of the planet we’re going to, Soleil,” she pointed out.

Dawn grinned. “Just a nowhere backwater, even more off the beaten path than Tatooine. Locals call it Earth,” she revealed. “And where better to hide two Jedi children with all the powers of the ‘Chosen One’ than the Hellmouth?” she asked herself with a knowing smile.

“What was that, Mistress Soleil?” Threepio asked alarmed at what he’d overheard.

“Nothing, Threepio,” Dawn dismissed. “And maybe while we’re in hiding you two can do me a solid, call me Dawn,” she requested.

“Of course, Mistress Soleil,” Threepio agreed – if he could Dawn just knew he’d be smiling.

“A new identity?” Ahsoka questioned.

Dawn shook her head. “More like an old one,” she returned. “Brace yourself!” she warned just as the ship burst out of the transitional corridor between realities appearing far enough out so as to go unnoticed to the primitive technologies of her former home planet.

“My, that could almost pass for Naboo,” Threepio observed. “Mistress Padme would approve.”

“I sense…” Ahsoka paused closing her eyes. “Darkness.” She turned to face Dawn uncertainly. “It is brimming with darkness,” she said.

“I kind of figured, but the darkness will hide us from Palpatine,” Dawn explained. “The shining of the light can be hidden by the dark for a time, and that’s all we need,” she added knowingly. “Time to see if that cloaking device I invested in will pay off,” she muttered flipping a switch.

“My goodness, Mistress Soleil… I mean, Mistress Dawn, are you aware of the number of toxins in the air on this planet?” Threepio questioned as he noticed one of the sensor readings running in the background.

“Smog isn’t going to kill you, besides we’ve got enough Bacta to heal any problems we might run into in the cargo hold,” Dawn reminded thumbing to the corridor behind. “Now be a dear, Threepio, and go tell Artoo to settle the kids in for a fast landing.”

“Fast landing!” Threepio repeated nervously.

“Dawn,” Ahsoka said eyeing her companion uncertainly.

Dawn grinned. “Just like flying the Kessel Run back home,” she stated.

“When did you ever run spice from Kessel?” Ahsoka wondered suspiciously.

“I was bored, Jabba needed a courier with a fast ship, plus he paid well,” Dawn revealed with a shrug.

“Goodness gracious me!” Threepio exclaimed. “I had no idea we’d handed over the care of such impressionable young minds to a, a, a common smuggler,” he added.

Dawn shot a glare at the droid. “There is nothing common about me,” she hissed. “And just for that.” Dawn gunned the throttle and the ship burst forward sending Threepio tumbling backwards down the ladder.

“Ah!” Threepio cried out. “Artoo, Artoo, save me!”

Artoo blatted something at him and then shot a warning tone up at Dawn.

“I knew you’d be monitoring the bridge, Artoo,” she called over her shoulder.

“You are definitely your brother’s sister,” Ahsoka told Dawn with a wistful smile and a shake of her head.

“What can I say, we Skywalkers love to pilot,” Dawn defended.

“Pilot recklessly,” Ahsoka corrected with a sad smile.

“Right.” Dawn smirked and returned to concentrating on getting the ship down without being detected. Xander was going to freak out when he got a load of her new toy.

Xander felt the chill of something running up his spine – he frowned as he paused outside of Giles’ place and glanced up at the sky – it was almost as if something had changed and he couldn’t be sure what. Shaking it off as nothing to worry about he reached up to knock at the door.

Had he bothered to remember that nothing was ever nothing on the Hellmouth he would have realized that this feeling was something he shouldn’t have dismissed.

To Be Continued…

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Legend is Born" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Dec 10.

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