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Holiday Ficathon

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Summary: Reader Appreciation Fics. Multi-Fandom, includes slash, het and femslash. Now up- a three part Supernatural Cross. Dean/Castiel, Sam/Faith, Dawn/Adam. Season 7 SPN spoilers.

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingsShulikFR15812,6241313,8547 Dec 1027 Nov 11No

Castiel comes back to Cleveland. (Future Dean/Cas)

Joss Whedon/Kuzui Enterprises own BtVS. Eric Kripke owns the rights to Supernatural.

future Dean/Cas. Non-explicit.

Rated 15 for Faith's potty mouth.


One day Faith was training some of the new slayers, having lost in the monthly poker game between her and Buffy over who was going to be Queen Slayer for the orientation that month, when a naked guy fell out of the sky.

This being the Cleveland School for Especially Gifted Young women, the first reaction any of them had was to draw their quarterstaffs (practice weapon that day) on the naked guy, now lying on the ground, and wait for him to make a move.

When he didn’t make a move, save for a pitiful whimpering sound that sounded like somebody was beating a puppy against the ground- everyone’s eyes turned to Faith, who as the most senior slayer around was most disheartened to find herself the center of attention.

Alright, keep your panties on,” she groused, rolling her eyes as she walked over to where the still naked guy lay huddled on his stomach.

This was the last time she ever came back to headquarters with a hangover, she mentally promised herself as she toed the guy’s ribs with the edge of her Doc Martens boot. Buffy wouldn't have to deal with this shit, she thought.

He made another pitiful sound and huddled even closer, looking very much like a human being in pain. If, you know, human beings fell out of the sky and lived.

Nevertheless, he wasn’t setting off any of her mental alarms so she didn’t think twice before calling one of the minis over. “Sarah?”

“Yes, Miss Faith!” the girl bounded over, like an overeager terrier who could kill you with one arm tied behind her back.

“Run to the house and get Willow over here,” Faith waved at the direction of the main house where Willow was currently locked away, communing with a thousand year old book or something. “Tell her we have a situation.”

“Will do!” Sarah was already running away, feet smacking into her skinny butt as she loped across the grounds.

Faith crouched over the guy, shaking her head. “Now, what are we going to do about you?” she reached over and turned the guy on his back, mindful of any injuries he might have sustained while falling from the sky.

Miraculously, he seemed mostly intact, except for the large, intricate tattoo over his heart that radiated pure power on such a scale that Faith’s breath caught.

So, not just human then.

The guy had thick, black hair that stuck up in a faintly Angel-reminiscent way, dark lashes and a pair of the poutiest lips that Faith had seen in a good, long while.

The mini-slayers had apparently formed a ring behind Faith’s back, so that when Faith finally heard Willow’s freaked out voice- it was faintly muffled by the backs of thirty teenage girls gathered into a tight circle formation.

“Come on, let me through!” Willow finally gave up the pretense of civility and swept with her hand, making a clean path between the girls for herself.

“Faith!” she ran up to where Faith was trying to gently slap the guy awake. “Who is he?”

“Damned if I know, Red,” Faith said reasonably and slapped the guy’s cheeks again. “He just fell out of the sky, all butt naked and boy shaped.” She leered at Willow cheerfully.

They both knew it didn’t mean anything, but it had been so long since anyone besides a teenage girl or one of the Scoobs had been by- that any break in monotony was a very welcome relief.

The guy groaned, eyelashes fluttering against his cheeks.

“Oh, wow,” Willow murmured in awe and when Faith turned to look at her in question, the witch’s eyes were pure white, lightning flashing within them.

“Shit, Willow!” Faith scrambled backwards, suddenly reminded that the last time Willow’s eyes went all magic colored, the other woman had worked the biggest spell the world had seen.

“Oh,” Willow gasped, smiling as tears dripped her face, “it’s so beautiful…”

“What is, Will?” Faith asked warily.

“His aura,” Willow turned to her and the smile on her face was radiant. “It’s so pure and full of love, it’s like he’s almost not a real person... I haven’t seen an aura like this since we brought Bonny in. I’ve never felt an aura like this on a grown person.”

Faith felt her stomach squeeze uncomfortably. Bonny was a three year old Potential whose parents and watcher had been killed in the line of duty, she was just a child. This guy looked like he was in his thirties, Willow shouldn’t have been feeling what she was off him.

“Is he a threat?” Faith cut to the chase, watching as the guy groaned again, a sliver of blue visible as he tried to open his eyes.

“Oh no,” Willow’s eyes wide, she shook her head vehemently, “no Faith. He’s not a threat. Not at all.”

“Then what is he?” Faith tensed, sensing the guy’s shift to consciousness before he opened his mouth.

“I’m an angel of the Lord,” the guy’s eyes were very blue and very serious but Faith had been a slayer for too long and had grown up on the streets for longer than that- so her first reaction could have probably been forgiven.

She laughed out loud. A surprised, sharp bark of genuine laughter that was stifled as soon as she got a good look at Willow’s enraptured face, and the guy’s stony stare.

She stopped laughing abruptly. The silence was so thick, she heard the birds chirping over their heads. It seemed like they were alone, the three of them, the tight ring of young girls was strangely silent as well- teeny spectators.

“You’re really an angel of the Lord,” she repeated, because some forms of crazy were worth repeating.

The guy’s eyes were earnest and huge and blue as he stared up at her from where he was still very naked. “Yes,” he blinked, “my name is Castiel.”

“He’s an angel,Faith,” Willow said giddily, beaming at Castiel like he was the second coming of –

“Well, fuck,” Faith said with great feeling, rocking back on her heels as she stared at Castiel blankly.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Holiday Ficathon" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Nov 11.

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