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Summary: Whenever River was having a bad day he was the one she went to first. Before her brother or her big protector, she went to him to make everything better. River and Spike friendship drabble

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Firefly > Spike-CenteredsouldrivenFR71554121,0557 Dec 107 Dec 10Yes
Author’s comment: so when bored I read through unanswered challenges and this one just called to me. Almost instantly I knew the perfect characters and scene for this challenge. So this is something I quickly wrote up and it is unedited so you’ve been warned.

Pairings: Hints of Rayne but mainly this is just a River and Spike friendship fic.

Disclaimer: Don’t own anything, the poem or the Joss verse stuff.


Whenever River was having a bad day he was the one she went to first. Before her brother or her big protector, she went to him to make everything better.

No one understood why and truthfully, River would have told them if he was not so fragile about it. For a ma- for a male that had survived centuries and so many hardships that mere stray thoughts of them sent her head spinning, Spike was surprisingly sensitive about pointless things.

So she tried to explain to them that he fixed her just a little but they did not understand. Simon thought he was taking advantage of her insanity; the idea made them laugh, Spike was the last person in the verse that would take advantage of a crazy person. Mal was worried Spike would try to take advantage of the bounty on her head and he might have… before the head and heart pains. Jayne, strangely, seemed to understand what she was saying but was still angry about it. Kaylee, Inara, and Zoe all just watched the male posturing with a mixture of amusement and concern.

Focusing on Spike, River sought him out. Normal people would try to ‘clear’ their thoughts but she could not do that, no anymore. Two by two hands of blue made sure of that.

“William,” she said simply as she found him in the cockpit studying the stars. It had become his favorite spot of late despite Mal not liking him there.

“Hello pet, bad day again, eh?” Spike asked but he already knew the answer. He was just asking to help ground her. He swiveled in Wash’s old chair and spread his arms in invitation.

Without further prodding she settled in his lap and rested her head against his chest searching for the rhythmic beat. The lack of sound should have been unnerving but it was relaxing. It was a silence that was peaceful to her in a way Miranda had been too much of. It helped eased the bad days, made them better but it wasn’t what drew her to him.

“Read to me?” she pleaded even though by now she didn’t need to ask. She feared one day he would that he would just turn to ash beneath her fingers. Her asking grounded her as much as his asking did.

“Sure thing, luv. I think you’ll like this one,” he answered gently but she could hear the mischief that must have been dancing in his eyes. Picking up the small book he had abandoned upon her entrance he went back to the beginning.

“I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness,
starving hysertical naked,
dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix,
angelheded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the
starry dynamo in the machinery of the night..." (2)


(1) Co-Morbidity means simultaneous existence of related mental and physical health issues. I thought it rather applied well with river’s mental state and Spike’s physical one.

(2) Howl by Allen Ginsberg

The End

You have reached the end of "Co-Morbidity". This story is complete.

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