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The Gift of Giving

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Summary: As many drabbles, fics, and stories as I can write until Christmas. Taking prompts now!

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Multiple Crossings > General(Past Donor)MistressAshleyFR1868,9700151,8299 Dec 1015 Dec 10No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13


This is an index that will be updated with each drabble, ficlet, or fic I post but for right now it's an invitation to submit your prompts. Give me a pairing, a bunny, a kink, or a combination --anything really. Make it private if it's embarrassing and I promise I won't mention names --you'll be an anonymous submitter.

I reserve the right to decline, of course, but I'll only do this if I feel I won't do the fandom justice. I'll try my best to get to every prompt however! So send them to me!!!

1) Figure Eights - Buffy/NCIS

2) Deeply Broken - Buffy/Supernatural (Buffy/Ruby FR21)

3) Guy Talk - Buffy/CSI: Miami

4) Probie Gets a Girl - Buffy/NCIS (Buffy/McGee FR13)

5) The Horsemen Five - Buffy/Highlander (Buffy/Methos FR18 for violence, not pairing)
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