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The Adventures of Henry

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Counterparts. Then Count 'Em Again.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Worlds collide, explosions, weeping, drama, angst- and when the dust has settled, what's a goa'uld to do when he's stuck... with THEM?

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Stargate > Generaljoshlamont + 1 otherFR13486713123,71610 Dec 1021 Feb 11No

It's the new Segway

As always, nothing is owned

Well, Henry mused, he was in his own body. Not in anything else, but at least he wasn’t stuck in that… person’s head, he shuddered.

He really ought to be furious with his current abode. The concept was, after all, absolutely degrading. But then again, the execution was quite effective. Perhaps when he finally escaped, he could implement it for the more important prim'tas, give them a taste of the world before they took their first host. After all, it might be warm in a Jaffa’s body, but you couldn’t do anything or see anywhere. A young prim'ta got absolutely no real life experience.

They might complain a bit at first, but they’d see.

He had to escape first, though.

“Hey Henry, got some twinkies over here for ya!”

Maybe he wouldn’t kill the Xander-tau’ri after all, he thought as he quickly rolled his hamster ball over to the kitchens. The boy had the most fascinating taste.

(Just pointing out, anyone can add to this story. In case, y'know, somebody gets hit with inspiration.)
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