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The Adventures of Henry

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Counterparts. Then Count 'Em Again.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Worlds collide, explosions, weeping, drama, angst- and when the dust has settled, what's a goa'uld to do when he's stuck... with THEM?

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Stargate > Generaljoshlamont + 1 otherFR13486713123,71010 Dec 1021 Feb 11No

Punishment or Don't make Willow cry by Genuka

A/n: Just had to add a chapter and I kinda forgot the first time around 'cause I saw something shiney and was distracte.... ooohh! Preeeetttttyyy!!!!!!

Disclaimer: Don't own anything recognizable!

Henry was furious. He could not believe what that that that Child had done to him. HIM! A Goa'uld. A God! This had to end. ... After he'd established his supremacy over the other rodents in the glass prison. After the display with being a dog and a hamster he really oughtn't have made the red haired demoness cry. And probably not in front of the midget golden haired one or her key sister or the fool of a first prime and their elder trainer.... After all he hadn't been able to get at any of their memories no matter how hard he'd tried. But they'd had access to all of his...

Uh oh.... the dark demoness was back and so was the first prime and trainer... Henry didn't think he was going to be getting out of his current host any time soon. Nor did he delude himself into thinking that this was all of the punishment he'd be receiving. No, he knew there would be far more to come... He really didn't like that idea....

A/n: First for those who couldn't or didn't bother to try to figure it out.
Red Haired Demoness = Willow
Golden Haired Demoness aka midget golden haired one = Buffy
Key aka key sister = Dawn
First Prime aka fool of a first prime = Xander
Trainer aka elder trainer = Giles
Dark Demoness = Faith

Second! The starting author might have marked it done but is still actively asking for more additions to this story from any others who want to try and write about Henry's life as a pet of the scoobies!

If you want me, personally, to write more you have to actually specify that you are specifically asking me. I make no promises. I also have my own lines of insanity running under my account name on this site any way. Now I'm off to play with something shiny and ignore my migraine. Hey! Isn't that? *reaches out to touch shiny alien object* OW! Come back here! Blasted sonic screwdriver! *lunges after sentient sonic screwdriver*
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