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It all began with an Archangel...

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Summary: Things become very strange after Tyrael visits the Hellmouth...

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
Games > Fantasy > Diablo
ivanjediFR1312,52544511,22711 Dec 1011 Dec 10Yes
The mandatory disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon, the Diablo franchise to Blizzard North, and Dogma to Lions Gate Entertainment.

His plan to go as a soldier appeared to be shot to hell, unless he wanted to go as a medic or something. He turned and saw Buffy and Willow fawning over an elegant noblewoman’s dress that Buffy was planning to wear. He rolled his eyes. If he remembered the history lesson, the women of this time period were less than impressive, even if he had to admit that Buffy would look good in that dress.

Xander looked towards the end of the store, where he caught a glint of something polished and shiny caught his eye. He weaved his way through an aisle of witch and monster costumes that obscured his view and once the costume came into full view he gasped. It was perfectly crafted, and looked absolutely badass. It was a medieval armor made of plastic in dirty white and yellow, and there was a sword that went with it made of transparent plastic, and in contrast, the gloves and the other parts connecting the armor were black. There were odd white stripes on the back of the armor that glimmered in the limited light.

“Can I help you?” Xander jumped a bit, then turned around to see the shopkeeper standing behind him smiling. “I see you’re admiring the costume. It looks like it would fit you just right, would you be interested in making a purchase?”

Xander gave a small laugh. “There’s no way I can afford this. It looks like it’s worth more than a cheap car.”

“Looks can be deceiving.” The shopkeeper replied. “Well, Mr...”

“Harris. Xander Harris.” Xander said extending his hand. “What I that thing, anyhow?”

“Ethan Rayne.” The shopkeeper replied shaking Xander’s hand. “This thing? This is a costume of a character from a game that will be released in a few months. how about you try it on to see if it fits? If it doesn’t then we won’t worry about it, if it does then we can perhaps we can work something out. There’s a change room over there.” Ethan said, handing the considerable mass of costume to Xander and directing him to the back of the store.

Xander smiled and moved around. Though the suit fit snugly it was quite comfortable, as though it had been custom made for him. The multi - piece armour allowed him to move normally and did not bind in the least. Xander grinned as he put the mask on. It was slightly odd to see everything in blue through its colred lenses, but otherwise, it was quite comfortable.. He changed out of the armour with a sigh and gathered it up, then headed out of the change room. Ethan stood there smiling and waiting patiently. “Well my boy?” He asked.

“It fits perfect.” Xander replied. “But there’s no way I can afford it.

“I’m only interested in making sure that people get the costumes that they want.” Ethan assured him. “How does fifteen dollars sound?”

Xander’s eyes almost bugged out. That thing HAD to be worth more!. Well, Xander certainly wasn’t going to pass up a deal like that. “Done.” He agreed, handing over the money and gathering the costume into a large, tough bag that Ethan had given him.

Xander joined Buffy and Willow as they were exiting the store. “Hey Buff, Wills, what did you guys get?” He asked.

Buffy smiled and pulled the dress out of the bag. “Isn’t it gorgeous?” She asked.

“It’s gonna have Angel drooling all over himself.” Willow agreed.

Xander rolled his eyes. All this excitement, and for Deadboy.

“And you, Wills?”

“I’ve got something just for her.” The blonde said quickly.

Xander knocked an armoured glove on the door. Joyce answered and gave him a warm smile. “Xander, wow what an extravagant costume! Come in.”

“Thanks Mrs. Summers.” Xander replied, walking inside. He had left the mask off so people would recognize him. He walked into the living room and looked at Buffy, who looked absolutely gorgeous in the burgundy dress. “Buffy. Duchess of Buffonia, I completely renounce spandex.”

Buffy smiled and gave him appraising look. “Thanks. What is that?”

“Seriously? You haven’t seen any commercials or anything?” Xander asked in a disbelieving tone.

Buffy shrugged. “Guess not. Wait till you see Willow, she’s dressed as a...” Buffy trailed off, looking up the stairs at the sheet-clad Willow. “Never mind.” She added, her voice thick with disappointment.

The Archangel Tyrael looked around in confusion. He knew His own power should have been enough to protect him from the detonation that had followed when he’d struck the corrupted Worldstone with the runeblade Azurewrath, recovered by the heroes seeking to bring down Baal, the Lord of Destruction. And yet, here he was, in a unknown city, at an unknown location in Sanctuary, tiny demons all over the place, odd lights that had no magic in them lighting the streets.

Also… the Archangel frowned, sensing something else. There was evil permeating the place, almost as if there was a portal to Hell nearby. A dormant portal, but a portal nonetheless, dark energies permeating the place. The tendrils of light that were his wings stretched in preparation to rise into the air to investigate.

“Whoa.” A voice squeaked loudly behind his back. “Xander, how did you do that?”

Tyrael turned at the direction of the voice, to see a scarcely – clad young woman… or rather, her spirit. In the shadow of his hood, the Archangel’s frown deepened. The spirit was not one of a dead person bound to the plane of existence as ordinary ghosts were. Her spirit had become separated from her living body, which was not far away, by some Dark Sorcery.

“Hello.” The Archangel spoke in echoing voice. “I am Archangel Tyrael. Can you tell me where I am?”

“Xander, quit messing around. Something majorly weird is going on here,” Willow said, scowling. Two small demons came running into them, and Tyrael used the light tendrils that served as his wings to toss them away.

“Hey, stop it!” Willow exclaimed. “those are no monsters, they are little kids there.”

The Archangel already knew as much, as the brief contact had allowed him to sense the human souls within the bodies. The Dark Sorcery that had imposed the demonic visages and behaviour upon them felt the same as the one separating the girl spirit from her body. Tyrael stopped and reached with his power. The traces of the Dark Sorcery were easily distinguishable all around him… Tyrael froze in shock as he felt the dark magic within himself as well. Horrified, The Archangel turned his gaze inwards.

Sure enough, there it was, the mind and the soul of a human boy. The Archangel linked their minds for a brief moment, gazing into the boy’s memories, and suddenly things started to make sense… in a very twisted way.

This was not Sanctuary, as the Archangel had assumed. This was an entirely different facet of Creation, with its own rules and powers. The boy’s memories failed to explain Tyrael’s own appearance into this place, but as it appeared as the forms imposed on the children around him reflected the images of the masks they wore as seen in the boy’s memories, it was likely that the boy had chosen an image of an Archangel for himself.

Tyrael hesitated; though he was confident he could trace the Dark sorcery to its source, he knew next to nothing of this world, and there was no telling what consequences his direct interference could have, especially since he was himself affected. Fortunately, his host’s memories provided him with the identity of a scholar, who could give him additional information… as well as a champion.

“Very well.” The Archangel spoke to the redheaded spirit. As he did so, he formed a projection of his power to keep the spirit’s living body from being attacked during the night. “I shall assist you in finding your friend.”

As they wandered down the road, the redhead babbled a great deal about needing the Slayer, something the Archangel mostly ignored as he had a pretty good idea what appearance to expect from his host’s memories. And there she was, lying on some grass in front of a metal prong with a tube of some kind running from it. Every now and then it would whirl and shoot water in a circle around it. As for the girl… she was in a dead faint.

As they approached, the now brown – haired girl stirred and her eyes opened. One look at the two people approaching her and she was scurrying backwards on her hands and feet, finally coming to rest against a bush.

“Who are you people,” she whimpered, terrified. “Where am I? This isn’t Detroit, there are strange things here... I was at the Colonel’s mansion I was here. What is this place? How did I get here?”

A car passed the street, its headlights lit, blinding her for a moment.

“A DEMON.” The brown – haired girl screamed. “DEMON!”

Now the archangel was annoyed, the champion had been clearly incapacitated by the same Dark Sorcery affecting most of the humans outdoors. And the persona that controlled her was of no help whatsoever. With a gentle touch of one of the tendrils of his wings, Tyrael knocked the girl unconscious, then swept her in his arms.

“What do you think you are doing?” Willow demanded, outraged.

“I shall bring your friend to the safety of her home.” The Archangel explained. “You must seek out the scholar responsible for training her. He will have the knowledge of how to put this Dark Sorcery to an end.”

“The scholar?! Oh you mean Giles. Right.”

The Archanggel took flight, the unconscious Slayer in his arms. Neither he nor the spirit noticed the demonically – animated human corpse with bleached hair watching them from the shadows.

“Bugger.” Spike muttered to himself. “I expected the Poof with the Slayer. That was definitely something else.”

The dwelling was about as bizarre as the rest of this strange world the Archangel of Justice had found himself in. it was full of odd mechanical gadgets far more complex than anything the humans of Sanctuary had created. After setting the unconscious girl on the piece of furniture named, according to his host’s memories, couch, the Archangel almost collided at the dwelling’s entrance with another of the host’s acquaintances, a girl named Cordelia, who was currently dressed in an odd cat costume.

“Do not be afraid.” Tyrael said as the girl recoiled from him in shock. “I am Archangel Tyrael. Some sort of Dark sorcery has transformed your friend Alexander Harris into me.” The tendrils of the Archangel’s wings knocked several monsters away from the girl.”

“Dweeb? That’s you?” Cordelia exclaimed in disbelief. Under his cowl, the archangel frowned.

‘You hide behind mask.” Tyrael spoke. “Beware, or the mask will become you.”

“Whatever… Hey, what are you doing?” Cordelia exclaimed as the Archangel used his left hand to move her behind him as he drew his sword and directed it at the throat of another of the monsters in the street, this one wearing human face.

“Begone, Hellspawn!”

Angel jumped back, out of the range of the glowing sword, resisting the urge to shift into game face.

“Cordelia, what’s going on?” the vampire asked, his eyes never moving away from the glowing form of the Archangel, who paused, surprised by his enemy’s response.

“What vile madness is consuming this realm?” the Angelic warrior muttered to himself in disgust, his extended senses providing him with an explanation moments later. “A soul dragged from its eternal rest, in order to bind and imprison a monster for vengeance.” Yet Tyrael could sense the being had a destiny of a champion, so he sheathed his blade. “Be at peace, Liam. I shall not harm you.”

“Okay.” Angel said, something compelling him to listen. He felt strangely at peace in the presence of this... being, and he could sense Angelus was terrified by it. All the more reason to trust it”

“Your soul...” Tyrael said as he placed his hand in the vampire's shoulder. “Argh!”
Suddenly the Archangel tumbled backwards, his entire being consumed by almost unbearable pain. “No!” he muttered in horror. A red portal appeared next to him, and the angelic being walked straight in.

Ethan Rayne gaped as portal crackling with red energy formed only a couple of meters from him. The armored figure glowing in what he could describe as heavenly white light did nothing to help him out of his shock. Then a black – gloved fist connected with his face, and everything went black.

As the mage who was the cause of all this slid to the ground, out cold, the Archangel turned to the focus of the vile dark sorcery. Oddly enough, he could sense that at least some of the magic was divine in origin, coming from a being with power far greater than his own. Thre were also tendrils of the dark magic permeating the town woven into it. At this proximity, he could see the workings of the spell, and understood the madness and the folly of it.

Ignoring the pain he was feeling at his very core, Tyrael pulled his sword out. He could feel his own essense bind itself to the boy's soul with every passing moment. But the boy wasn't from Sanctuary; his blood had not come to be from the binding of demonic and angelic; thus, it could not contain the power of the High Heavens in such raw form, if the process was allowed to contunue, the soul would be destroyed, and the child would die.

Tyrael was not willing to allow that to happen, even if there was no way to tell exactly how the addition of his own power, even for a moment, would affect the odd mixture of dark and divine magic powering a spell reaching to various realities all over Creation, copying objects and beings int this reality. It was more than likely that at least some of the links would not be broken.

The Azurewraith descended upon the bust of Janus. There was a blinding white light...

At a higher plane of existence, a man in a black suit, with a constipated expression on his face, scowled as the young woman standing next to him, who looked like Alanis Morissette, smiled at him.

A/n: After some consideration, I decided to abandon the attempt to develop this plot into a response to the Finders Keepers challenge. For obvious reasons, the drop from kills system is something that would be best kept a secret, and there is no plausible way to make Giles keep silent to his superiors once he realizes there is an added demonic threat to contend with. And i can't just leave the Gang with their normal BTVS enemies, as some of the stuff in Eastern Sun is just too powerful. I will, however, use the Eastern Sun universe for the rework of the dungeon crawl story.

The End

You have reached the end of "It all began with an Archangel...". This story is complete.

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