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Fixing Dawn

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Summary: Dawn heads to Forks to finish high school and attempt some kind of a normal life. However the supernatural world has a way of catching up with her in the form of sparkly vampires and cute werewolves.

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Twilight > Dawn - CenteredmagicbeansFR13713,25142012,59312 Dec 1020 Apr 14No

Chapter Two

For disclaimer, pairings etc please see Chapter One.

Life rocks!

Yup it’s official.

Dawn Summers dropped down heavily onto the sofa and couldn’t help letting out a squeal of joy as she kicked her legs in the air. She looked around the living room of her new home and grinned to herself. She’d finally done it. She was free. She wasn’t just the Slayer’s little sis anymore, she was her own woman who was going to graduate high school and be an amazing…. whatever she was going to be.

At that moment the only reminder of the life she’d left behind walked into the room. Faith dropped down beside Dawn and flicked open a bottle of beer, drinking heavily before she let out a sigh of pleasure. She turned to peer out the open window that was allowing the scents of what Faith called ‘nature’ to waft into the room.

“You are aware that there is pretty much zero sun here right?” At Dawn’s nod she continued. “Aren’t you gonna get UV withdrawal or something?”

Dawn thumped her with a cushion and they both laughed.

“I am well aware of the weather conditions here. Its part of the reason I chose it. There’s no way Buffy’s gonna come visiting to a place that doesn’t have a decent beach. Shock horror!” Dawn fell back against the seat in a mock faint and Faith let out a chuckle.

“So you’re cool looking all pasty and washed out? You’re gonna be ok rocking the vamp-chic?”

“It seems to be working pretty well for you.”

It was Faith’s turn to lash out with a cushion now. It was a running gag with the sun worshipping Scoobies that Faith’s pale skin was part of the reason she turned evil, that playing the leather wearing-black eyes-Goth role had gone to her head.

Throwing a disdainful look over her shoulder, Faith just chose not to respond to the comment. Instead she hopped lightly to her feet and put her hands on her hips, glancing around the half living room- half dump site as if only noticing the messy state for the first time.

“I thought you said you were nearly sorted in here?” She turned her gaze on Dawn who squirmed a little.

“Well I was but then I got a little… distracted.”

“Uh huh. Right.”

“No really! Have you seen outside? It’s so… green!”

Faith just looked at her like she had dufus tattooed across her forehead.

“Babe we’re living on the edge of a forest. Forests have trees in them. And trees have leaves on them. And what color are leaves, class?” She said sarcastically.

“Ha fricking ha.”

“Well don’t make dumb comments like that then. Come on Dawn, I want this place finished before nightfall. I need to patrol the town and see if we’ve got any ‘friends’ hanging out here.”

Dawn shook her head as she got to her feet. “There shouldn’t be anything supernatural here. I checked it out and there have been no records of anything suspicious in the last hundred years or so. Unless you count bear attacks and car accidents as freaky-deaky.”

Faith just waved her off. “Whatever. I’ll just feel more comfortable knowing I’d checked it out myself.”

Dawn rolled her eyes but nodded in agreement.

“So get your keister into gear Summers. I want this room done by the time I’ve finished putting up the bookcases in your room.”

“You mean slaying them…. AGAIN?” Dawn said with a smirk.

Faith just growled. “Those instructions didn’t mean shit.”

Dawn laughed as Faith left the room, thinking of the pile of broken wood outside that had been the original set of bookcases they had brought. Replacements were needed within a couple of hours.

Looking over the mess that awaited her Dawn’s brow creased into a frown. She didn’t even know where to start.

“I can’t hear movement!” Faith’s voice floated down the stairs, causing Dawn’s frown to deepen.

“Sorry Mom!” She yelled back. She caught faint grumbling from upstairs and her frown faded into an affectionate smile. The two of them would always bicker and throw jibes at each other but she and Faith were like two peas in a pod… in a weird kind of way.

Neither of them had ever had a conventional childhood, with Faith’s abusive mother and the fact that Dawn hadn’t actually existed then. They’d both had their bad times and made their mistakes but they’d survived and gained a decent family unit around them. However they’d never really had a home of their own, somewhere they were comfortable and secure. As much as Buffy had loved her, Dawn knew there were times when she forgot she even had a sister. Truth was they’d both been rejected by Buffy Summers in some form or another and so they’d banded together in a show of unified sisterhood. At least that’s what Dawn called it; Faith just called it touchy-feely bullshit.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the doorbell ringing. Grinning, Dawn ran for the front door calling out.

“I’ll get it!!”

Faith said something about ‘any excuse’ which she chose to ignore as she yanked the door open. Standing in front of her was a very sheepish looking man with an impressive looking moustache who seemed very comfortable standing on her front porch.

“Hello?” She thought that was a good place to start.

“Umm hi. Uh, I just thought I’d come by and say hi, seeing as you’re new in town and all.” He shuffled his feet slightly. Dawn took notice of the sheriffs’ uniform and badge and paid particular attention to the gun.


The guy looked horrified by her lack of response and the fact that he actually might have to lead a conversation so she took pity on him.

“I’m Dawn Summers. Me and my cousin, Faith, just moved here from Cleveland.”

“Oh yes we know.” Dawn raised an eyebrow causing him to shrug a little. “Small town. News travels real fast. I’m Charlie Swan, local sheriff.” He held out a hand awkwardly and she shook it, giving him her brightest smile.

“Nice to meet you Sheriff.”

“You too. So I hear you’re starting at Forks High right?”

Dawn nodded. “Yup. Finishing my last year here.”

“I’ve got a daughter your age. I was wondering if you and your cousin would like to come to dinner? Just to get you settled in and so you could get to know Bella. She only moved here with me a little while ago and I know that it was awkward for her starting a new school and not knowing anybody. Might be good for you both.”

Dawn was about to reply when Faith’s voice cut across her.

“That’s very kind of you Sheriff but I’m afraid I’ll be busy tonight finishing up around the house. I’m sure Dawn would love to join you though, right Dawnie?” She turned her gaze to the younger girl who was staring at her in confusion. It was only when Faith was close enough to nudge her gently that she snapped out of it.

“Right, dinner. Yeah that would be awesome.”

The Sheriff smiled with relief.

“Excellent. Do you want me to pick you up? It can be a little confusing for new….”

“I’ll drop her off. I should be able to find you no problem.” Faith interrupted, her tone leaving no room for argument. The Sheriff stumbled on his words for a second before recovering.

“Oh. Ok well I’ll call later and give you directions if that’s ok?”

Faith and Dawn nodded.

“Wonderful. So I’ll see you later Dawn and I’ll look forward to seeing you again Faith.”

He held his hand out to Dawn first then Faith. They shook his hand then watched him walk back up the driveway, shaking his hand. He was muttering to himself about strong handshakes and kept flexing his fist as if to try and work some feeling back into it. With a smirk Faith shut the door. She started towards the stairs again but Dawn’s hand on her arm stopped her.

“What was that?”

Faith avoided her eyes as she answered the question.

“What was what?”

Dawn waved her hand in the direction of the front door. They could hear Charlie Swan pulling away on the opposite side of it.

“That! Earlier you were saying you wanted to check the town out before you get settled down and now you’re practically thrusting me into the neighbor’s home!”

Faith simply shrugged.

“Like the dude said, it’ll be easier for you to start a new school when you know someone already.”

Dawn remained skeptical as she stood facing Faith and crossed her arms.

“Right. That’s a totally believable reason.”

“Well what’s wrong with getting to know the neighbors? You wanted a normal life experience and here it is!”

“But this isn’t normal! Normal is me agreeing on my own terms, not you flinging me onto Mr. Awkward Man.”

“Yeah I noticed that too. How does a guy as shy as that become sheriff? You should ask him that at dinner.”

Dawn’s expression remained unamused.

“Why do you want me to go Faith?”

The slayer sighed and dragged a hand through her dark curls.

“Ok, say there is some demon activity in this town right? Just no one ever gets to hear of it? Who would be the first person you’d go to who could cover up something like that?”

The light bulb pinged over Dawn’s head and her expression changed to one of outrage.

“You want me to spy on them! You want me to go snooping and find out if they’re connected to some strange… government conspiracy or something!”

Faith’s ‘You’re Stupid’ face was back again.

“You’re getting a little over the top now Summers.”

“NO! No I’m not! I came here for a normal life and I thought you understood that! Instead you’re sending me out on an undercover mission on my first night here!”

Faith regarded her silently for a moment before speaking.

“You’ve been watching James Bond with Andrew again haven’t you?”

Dawn tried to keep the admission of truth from her eyes.

“That’s not what this is about! You promised you’d help me get a normal life!”

“And I will. As soon as I’ve uncovered every little skeleton this town has and I know everything is five by five. Something’s eating me Little D, it has been since we got here and until I know what, normal is way out of the question.”

The look of resignation on Dawn’s face was almost enough to make Faith just let it all drop but the Slayer in her knew that something was up in this little town and, like a dog with a bone, she wasn’t about to let it go without a fight.

A/N: So the first Twilight character has crossed over into the Buffyverse. Next, dinner at the Swan’s!

By the way I’ve set this around the start of Eclipse so Edward and Bella will be finishing their final year along with Dawn.

I’m thinking of maybe making this into a series. I have big plans!
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