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Fixing Dawn

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Summary: Dawn heads to Forks to finish high school and attempt some kind of a normal life. However the supernatural world has a way of catching up with her in the form of sparkly vampires and cute werewolves.

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Twilight > Dawn - CenteredmagicbeansFR13713,25142012,59312 Dec 1020 Apr 14No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR18

Chapter Seven

For disclaimer see Chapter One.

Soooo... it’s been a while. Yes I know that’s an understatement but what can I say? Real life has a way of taking over but I’ve never forgotten these stories. They’ve simply been abandoned to the ‘Spare Time’ portion of my life that has been woefully lacking in the past few years. I’m hoping that isn’t the case for much longer. As it’s been a long time since anyone has seen my writing I’m hoping you won’t be too harsh in your reviews and let me ease back into things gently. Much love to all.

Faith’s knuckles were white from the force of her grip on the steering wheel. Luckily it hade been made of sturdy stuff and it didn’t buckle under the pressure of the slayer’s strength... yet. She pulled into the long driveway of the house Dawn had asked to meet her at. She eventually rolled to a stop in front of an impressive looking house but she didn’t notice the view, her whole being focused on the matters at hand. She killed the engine and dived out of the car before opening the back door so she could rummage through her weapons bag. She pulled out a short axe and one of her favourite knives before she straightened and turned to the house, kicking the door shut behind her.

While she’d been arming herself someone had come out of the house and was now standing a few feet from the door. Faith recognised him from the school as Bella’s boyfriend. Her stony expression darkened dangerously and her fist clenched around the knife. Without even speaking she raised her arm and threw it, the knife a flash of silver as it blurred through the air towards him. However instead of it striking him in the chest as she’d expected, his hand moved so fast that she didn’t even see it happen and he caught it. He looked at it with a slightly amused expression before he tightened his fist and the metal became nothing more than pulverised scrap. She choked out a shocked gasp before her anger returned and she stormed towards him.

Unfortunately her path was blocked by two others. Faith didn’t recognise them but she knew they were from the same family as Edward from their pale appearances and identical golden eyes. She was about to fling a blow at the larger of the two when Dawn’s voice stopped her.

“Faith, stop! They’re friendly! Hold your fire!” She shrieked as she came hurtling out of the house, closely followed by the other members of the Cullen family. Faith eyed them all with contempt and distrust but she refrained from lashing out like her instincts were commanding her. She paused, waiting for Dawn to reach her. Her eyes roamed over the form of the young girl but she could find no discernable injuries so she focused on her annoyingly perky expression.

“Want to explain exactly what the hell is going on here Summers? Because I’m about three seconds from putting some serious hurt on someone.” The large bear-like vampire snickered and she glared at him while Dawn stood there looking sheepish.

“Okay so maybe I should have told you a little bit more detail on the phone but it’s really complicated!”

“Oh no it’s fine. I didn’t mind getting a phone call saying that I needed to come here because you were having a tea party with a family of vampires. I didn’t nearly freak out and I didn’t almost call every Scooby I knew so we could mount a full scale attack to get you back.” Faith’s arms were now folded over her chest and she had her disapproving stare fixed on Dawn. The other girl avoided her eyes for a few moments as she winced at the idea of the Scoobies descending on Forks.


She peeked up at Faith who rolled her eyes and shook her head.

“Ugh, whatever. Ass kicking later, explaining now.” She demanded but before Dawn had a chance to reply one of the female vampires spoke up. She seemed to be the mother figure of the group and she stepped forward to address the slayer.

“If you’d like to come inside I can get you a drink or make you some food while you talk. That’s if you’d like me too. I want you to feel as comfortable as possible.”
Faith was about to scoff and tell the mama vamp that there was no way in hell she’d feel comfortable sitting in their house and eating their food but she hesitated, the kind look in the woman’s eyes making her reluctant to upset her. That thought had Faith mentally kicking herself but she still couldn’t make herself say the words. Instead she found herself agreeing.

“Fine... but I’m keeping the axe.” They all chuckled including Dawn who hooked her arm in Faith’s to lead her inside the enemies lair, closely followed by said enemy.

Their house was amazing to say the least and it was all done to a standard that Faith couldn’t even hope to replicate in her own home. She was manoeuvred into a room that seemed to be the living room and was forced to take a seat on a sofa while the vampires took up positions standing around the room. Dawn introduced her to them all while Faith took a mental note of all escape routes. The younger woman started by explaining that Carlisle was the founding member of the group. He’d bitten Esme, his wife and the motherly woman who was now in the kitchen fetching the glass of water Faith had reluctantly asked for. She explained that he’d bitten Edward, Rosalie and Emmett while Alice and Jasper had already been turned when they became part of the Cullen family. The official story was that Edward, Alice and Emmett were biological siblings, the same as Jasper and Rosalie supposedly were and they’d all been adopted by Dr Cullen and his wife. Rosalie and Emmett were in a relationship as well as Jasper and Alice being a couple while Edward was the odd one out, alone until he’d found Bella. That was one of the many things Faith didn’t understand but as Esme returned with her drink she decided to start at the beginning with her questions.

“So you guys are vampires?” They all nodded and she continued. “But you don’t feed on humans?” It was Carlisle who answered.

“We’ve found a way to survive on animal blood and have honed the ability to control our thirst. Some of us are stronger than others but we help each other when we can and prevent each other from hurting anyone when the thirst takes over.” Faith noticed Jasper looking shifty when Carlisle said this but she ignored it for now.

“How did Edward catch and destroy my knife like that? He’s replacing it by the way. But I’ve never seen a vampire able to move that fast or crush it without even harming them self.” It was Dawn’s turn to reply.

“It’s because they’re not the same as our kind of vampires.” Faith raised an eyebrow at this but stayed silent. “You see, there have been legends and myths about this kind of thing but supposedly no one believed it. You see, back when the demons ruled the earth there were all these wars between them to see who could be top dog. They needed soldiers to fight so one demon created vampires. It moulded a demon from the ashes of others and forced it into the dead body of a human being. The vampire we know then evolved with a thirst for blood and the ability to reproduce through the sharing of blood. Other demons took the same idea and one crafted a vampire demon from stone, creating a better warrior with more power, strength and invulnerability but with similar properties to the first like the blood drinking and the reproducing. Only this type of vampire, the Cullens’ type of vampire, produces venom which transforms the body and creates the vampire. Pretty cool huh?” She grinned at Faith whose expression showed that she didn’t share this sentiment with her friend. “They also get magic powers.”

This just gets better and better Faith thought as she fought the urge to groan. Regular vampires were bad enough but vampires that were a hundred times stronger and faster, were nearly impossible to kill and also got magic powers were right up there on her list of ‘Things A Slayer Wouldn’t Want To Meet In A Dark Alley.’

“Edward can read minds, Alice can see the future and Jasper can feel and control the emotions of others. Although Edward can’t read our minds because of the protection spell Willow cast on us all. It’s created a mental block that he can’t break and when he tries, the block fights back and it hurts him.”

At this Faith looked up at Edward with a smirk on her face, daring him to try to read her mind. The amused look on his face as he met her gaze told her that he knew exactly what she was thinking even without the aid of his gift. It was then that she noticed a difference between him and the others.

“Uh question. Why are your eyes all gold yet his are black?” She asked and waited as they all turned to look at Edward. The one called Alice then answered.

“Our eyes are gold because our diet is made up of animals. Those who feed on humans have blood red eyes. The blackness comes when we are hungry or are in need of blood... or our emotions are in turmoil and our control over the hunger is weaker.” She glanced over at Edward, a silent look telling him that he needed to calm down. Faith guessed that he wasn’t too happy with his girlfriend spending time with a werewolf which reminded her of another question she needed to ask.

“What about werewolves? Where do they come into all this?”

“The Quileute pack of wolves that Dawn says you saw at the weekend are actually wolf shifters as opposed to actual werewolves. They’re not bound by the moon and their abilities are directly tied to their contact with vampires. Many years ago the tribe were attacked by a vampire and they transformed into wolves that are genetically enhanced to combat vampires.” Faith nodded, thinking they were like the furry slayers of this new supernatural world they’d discovered. She was quiet as Carlisle continued. “As long as there were vampires in Forks there were werewolves but when there were none, the shifter ability skipped a generation. However with our arrival the werewolves have returned.”

“So why haven’t they killed you yet?” Her question was blunt causing Dawn to kick her as Carlisle answered.

“Because we have a treaty with them due to us being ‘vegetarians.’“ Faith lips twitched in a slight smile at the joke. “As long as we stay off their land and don’t bite any human being we are allowed to live here in peace.”

“So they’re not the killers in Seattle?” Carlisle shook his head and the slayer nodded, lapsing into silence as she digested this new information. It was then that Alice gasped softly, her expression suddenly going vague. Edward watched her closely before he suddenly disappeared. They heard the front door bang shut and Faith was happy to see Dawn looking as curious as she was.

“Bella’s home.” Alice said by way of an explanation.

After that the unlikely group of vampires, a slayer and a key spent their time talking and discussing the various aspects of their connected but very different lives until Edward returned with Bella a short while later. He seemed distressed about something and Bella was looking rather uncomfortable though when she saw Faith and Dawn her expression changed to one of complete shock and confusion. Clearly lover boy hadn’t filled her in on the new situation. Dawn got up to go to Bella’s side, explaining to her in hushed tones as Edward now began talking to his family. Faith tuned out Dawn’s conversation to focus on the vampire one.

“Someone’s been in Bella’s house, a vampire. I didn’t recognise the scent.” He addressed the last comment to Carlisle who nodded as if Edward had answered the question on his lips.

“It must be connected to what’s happening in Seattle.” Jasper said, arms crossed with a severe expression. Faith’s attention was instantly piqued by his words.

“You guys know what’s going on in Seattle?” She asked quickly, cutting across their discussion. Jasper and Rosalie were most ones obviously annoyed by her interruption but Faith ignored them, prompting Carlisle to reply.

“We think so. It’s something we’ve not encountered here before but some of us have encountered it elsewhere.” He glanced at Jasper then, prompting the Slayer to focus her attention on him.


Jasper looked set to refuse her demand but Alice stroked a gentle hand through his hair and he visibly relaxed. There was clearly a deep connection between the two.

“I’ve got extensive experience with armies such as this one. That’s what’s hunting in Seattle; an army of newborn vampires with uncontrollable bloodlust and non-existent will power. Their creator is struggling to control them and that’s why so many murders are showing up in the papers. It’s stupid and irresponsible and if they’re not careful the Volturi will step in.”

The last comment was directed at the vampire and the strange name prompted a reaction from every vampire in the room. The worst was Edward who instinctively looked towards Bella who was now looking even more pale than usual as she re-joined the group with Dawn. Faith would have questioned this if Esme hadn’t quickly changed the subject. She offered them refreshments before they made their way home, her manners impeccable but making it clear that their participation in discussions was now over. They declined politely and left the vampires to their plotting. These strange creatures weren’t the only ones who had plans to make.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Fixing Dawn" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Apr 14.

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