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Eternal Love? Yes Please.

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Summary: In which Dawn finally gets a white knight all her own. A very handsome knight who also happens to be immortal. DuncanDawn pairing, mention of depression and self harm.

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Highlander > Dawn-CenteredDearestDrusillaFR1547,6741286,16312 Dec 1022 Jun 11No

Plotting and Planning and Peanut butter Sandwiches

When Xander saw the car of his dreams pull up in the driveway, he let out a long whistle. It was perfect and shiny and well cared for. And he knew for a fact that paint jobs like That were custom. It was free of stickers and scratches and dirt. It was, in a word, Perfection.

And Dawn was getting out of it with several folders. Was this the person Dawn had been sneaking out to see every other day? Granted she hadn't exactly been sneaking, but she hadn't been very loose with her information either. Buffy was behind him ranting about the very fact, but she hadn't caught that a car had pulled up in the driveway. Xander kept watching through the window as Dawn walked around to the driver's side of the door and leaned in, presumably to kiss said driver.

And after several moments that cemented Dawn and the driver were in fact kissing, he watched the girl he considered a little sister walk away and enter the house. And he watched the car of his dreams drive away at a mouthwatering speed. Dawn was going to have to describe every detail of that car...and it's driver.

The door to the library opened and Dawn walked in wearing glasses. What the heck? When did she get glasses? He'd ask her about that later, after he found out what she'd been doing. Which Buffy was asking about right now. He knew that Buffy worried about her sister, but the tone she used was usually the wrong one, and if Willow had been covering for Dawn, then Xander didn't doubt this guy must have been pretty trustworthy. Then again, they'd all been wrong at least once before.

“I told you, I went to the University. I told you I was going this morning and I told you yesterday and all day the day before.”

“Then why were you so late getting home?” Buffy asked, still a bit furious. “And how'd you get home?”

“Prof. MacLeod was getting me started in applying, things ran a bit late so he gave me a ride home,” as she spoke Dawn climbed the stairs to the upper level of the library and started pulling things off of shelves. Only after she had all her books did she come back down.

“Applying...for college? And why was he helping you get in?” Buffy asked.

“Actually, they call it university over here,” Dawn corrected, pushing her glasses up. “And yes, school. Prof. McLeod was helping me because he needs an assistant in his history class and I need a place to do my work in silence.” She sat down at a table and gave her sister another look. “A place where I can get a degree and be normal.”

Buffy seemed a bit torn about the news she was receiving. But if Dawn wanted to go to college and meet normal guys her own age, why shouldn't she? Granted, she was dating a guy who was older than her by a few decades, but there wasn't a person in the room hadn't done the same thing at least once. Xander wasn't about to bring that into question though, maybe later he'd have a chat with Dawn over this. Find out if he could catch a ride in the Aston Martin while talking with the professor about his intentions with the girl.

“Well,” Xander finlly spoke up. “I think it's a good idea. I mean, we can't live off of this our whole lives.”

“Mr. Harris has a point,” Giles spoke up. “The girls will need educations eventually. And a normal interaction with the public on a regular basis will keep us grounded. Which profession were you thinking about exactly?”

Xander's eye widened just a bit as he realized that Giles knew. And not only did Giles know, Giles was covering for Dawn! This was all going to blow up in their faces one day, but hopefully it would be after the man had proven to be good and wholesome and found a way to ingratiate himself with Buffy.

“I'm thinking about teaching. Prof. MacLeod teaches some younger kids, so I got to help out earlier today, and I think I'm in love.” She was in love alright, she hadn't really stopped smiling since she got into the room. “There's this one little girl Kassidy, she's so sweet! And Miranda and Cayden and Nigel, they're just the the most fun! I mean, they're sort of disruptive and cause a bit of trouble, but they're just so bright...”

The files and folders Dawn had brought in were spread across one of the tables. Dawn's purse was open and her personal information was being written onto the papers for acceptance. Dictionaries and thesaurus' were opened while Dawn looked up information on Watcher's working at the University and worked on getting some contacts.

“Hey uh, Buffster, maybe we should let Dawn wok on getting her application's all done?” Xander suggested.

“Yeah,” Willow enthused. “I can help her fill out her forms and write her essay, get all her bases covered, remember when I helped you?”

Xander could see the look of fear on Buffy's face at the mention of forms and applications and he almost laughed, she really was a fighter more than anything else. She mumbled something about training and patrol, leaving the library with a look on her face that guaranteed the matter wasn't over. Now that it was just Dawn, Willow, Giles and Himself, Xander took the opportunity to approach Dawn about this guy.

“So, what's his name?”

The young girl blushed before answer very quietly. “Duncan, but everything I said about him is true! He's an amazing teacher, and he's so kind and wonderful, and I do want to go to school and become a teacher!”

“I'm sorry,” Giles interrupted. “Did you say...Duncan MacLeod?”

“Yeah,” Dawn answered a little wary.

Giles smiled a happy smile then, obviously satisfied and assured. “I think all of our worries are completely unfounded then.”

“Just like that?” Xander asked, surprised.

“No background checks or...”

Giles only laughed. “My no, Duncan is a good man, I met him some years ago in Paris, charming to be sure, and a bit of a ladies man. But he's loyal and I trust him with my life. If you'd like Dawn I can come with you on your interview.”

Dawn giggled and Willow looked a bit more sure of herself now that she saw Giles was happy with the man entering their lives. As for Xander, well, anyone who drove the Bond Car couldn't be bad, because James Bond was definitely of the good. “I think I'd like to come help you...move your dorm room, get you all situated.”

“Oh but Xander,” Willow said, smiling. “All the dorms are full by this time. Dawnie will have to just get her own place.”

Dawn looked up and blinked at them all. She looked confused, like, beyond confused. That either meant she'd been too busy filling out her, she'd just been too busy filling out forms. Willow smiled before sitting down next to Dawn and filling her in while Giles continued Dawn's efforts of contacting the workers.

“I'm going to go make sandwiches,” Xander said finally before walking out of the room to do just that. If the research group was really going to get into this -which they always did- they'd need to be reminded to eat. Even if it was forced down their throats.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Eternal Love? Yes Please." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Jun 11.

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