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Shattered Glass

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Above and Below". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Even stone wears down.

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Supernatural > Dawn-CenteredjezaeiriFR715850132,57413 Dec 1013 Dec 10Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own BTVS nor SPN. They belong to Whedon and Kirpike. I make no profit from this.

A/N: Thanks so incredibly much to everyone who reviewed the previous stories in the series. It means a lot and drives me to write when I know someone is actually reading.

This is the next story in the Above and Below Series and just a warning...we won't be hearing from Dawn again.

“Then you can't stay here.”

It kept repeating in her head, over and over and over and over and over.

Can't stay.

Buffy was gone.

Can't stay.

Just gone.

Can't stay.

Everyone was panicking. All the Scoobies running in different directions trying to find Buffy.

Can't stay.

It wasn't doing any good. Whatever Buffy had done, planned not even Willow had been able to crack since they'd found Buffy's room empty nearly twelve hours before. Nothing left but a note.

I'm sorry but I can't stay any more. I love you all but I can't. Don't look for me.

Can't stay.

Over and over and over and over. Buffy couldn't stay. She'd said it. Kicked her sister out. She'd done it, not anyone else. She'd told Buffy to leave. But then Buffy had come back. Come back and been right, saved the day. Changed the world.

Can't stay.

Buffy, it had always been Buffy. The one with the destiny. The one who protected them, led them, saved them, died for them. No, not for them, for her. Buffy had died for her. Died and gone to heaven and got ripped out and then she'd turned against her own sister and threw her out. And Buffy had come back anyway.

Can't stay.

Because that's what Buffy did, who Buffy was. And they'd taken everything away. Perfect Buffy, the princess. The statue. The pillar of strength they all hid behind, the rock they stood on. Only stone could be worn down, cracked and chipped away at.

Can't stay.

It was their fault, her fault. And they'd never once said thank you or that they were sorry.

Can't stay.

“How you doing Dawnie?” she hadn't even noticed Xander sit down next to her. Her eyes hadn't left the note she'd found on the dresser in Buffy's room and hadn't let go of yet.

“She's gone.” her eyes didn't move from the paper.

Can't stay.

“Don't worry. Willow will come up with something. We'll get her back.” false cheer, false hope. No, they wouldn't get Buffy back. They didn't deserve to have her back.


“What?” she didn't need to look at Xander to know the expression on his face.

“No.” this time it was louder because now she was sure.

“Again with the what.” she stood up, the letter still clutched in her hand .

She met his one eyed gaze, straightened her spine. “I said no, we're not.”

“We'll find her Dawnie. Willow will make with the mojo and...”

She shook her head, cut him off. “No. No magic. No looking.”

He stood up, put his hands on her shoulders. “You don't mean that.”

“Yes, I do. We kicked her out. I kicked her out.” she looked back down at the paper in her hand. “she's gone because of what we did to her.”


She looked up, felt her nails dig into her palm from gripping the now crushed note in her hand, and felt determination fill her.

Can't stay.

“No. Stop looking. Now.”

No, Buffy couldn't have stayed. She understood. She did. And though it hurt so much she felt like nothing more than shattered glass she was willing to accept it. They'd all made their beds and it was time to lay in them. Buffy deserved that much.

******Reviews are like little christmas presents to me.

Next up. Buffy starts to walk a new road.

The End

You have reached the end of "Shattered Glass". This story is complete.

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