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Summary: Steve Rogers is getting pretty darn tired of finding himself in a time he's not used to. And of finding himself in alternate dimensions. At least this time he gets cookies.

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Marvel Universe > Ultimate UniverseDearestDrusillaFR777,17456324,63215 Dec 106 Aug 11Yes

Chapter One

I do not own BtVS, Marvel comics, or any other reference to pop culture.


“Did you seriously just summon Captain America?” Xander asked as the star spangled superhero sat in their kitchen. He looked rather confused, then again, anyone would be if they found themselves sitting in a warm cozy kitchen instead of SHIELD's Triskelion.

“I didn't mean to!” Dawn defended. “I cut myself while I was reading.”

“Why the hell did you have a knife while you were reading?” Buffy asked in annoyance.

“I don't get why you're even here in the first place,” Dawn scowled. “Shouldn't you be sucking face with the immortal?”

Steve stayed quiet as the three around him argued. Off to his right a young man was staring at him with nothing short of adoration. The one eyed young man was giving him the same look, but wasn't being as obvious with his hero worship. To his left, a red headed woman was pouring through books trying to find a spell to send Steve back to Tony's. Or at least to his own world.

He listened though when the blonde, Buffy started shouting at Dawn, the one who'd summoned him. She was over reacting, by a lot. When Dawn's jaw clenched to keep her tears down and not a single person tried to stop Buffy, Steve knew he had to stand up. It may not have been his world, but one mistake did not warrant an inquisition.

“She didn't mean to,” Steve finally said, stopping the blonde in her rant. “Whatever Miss Dawn did, it was an accident. And no one deserves to be punished for an accident. I'm sure you've made plenty in your life.”

The blonde gaped at him, mouth moving a bit like a fish while the two men in the room watched with wide eyes as he reprimanded their friend. They weren't upset however, just amazed and even a bit thankful looking.

“It's not the first time I've been taken to another dimension or time,” he heard the boys talking about issues and volumes. “And it probably won't be the last. I'm actually thankful that Miss Dawn's portal didn't hurt or make me vomit when I came out.” Didn't hurt was an understatement. Steve was pretty sure that too long in that gateway and he would have been hiding something under his shield.

“She still-”

“Has time to figure out how to send me back.” Steve cut her off. “Now, how about I actually find out some names?”


Steve walked into the kitchen a few hours later, finally having ditched the boys and girls who saw him as an idol. Talk about odd, he was an American hero in multiple universes to trillions of people. Possibly more if Andrew and Xander were right about temporal travel and dimensions. But...Steve wasn't worried about that. He was concerned about the brunette nymph who'd summoned him here.

After asking for names, he'd been shown every possible section of the Scottish castle and never once had he seen Dawn Summers during the tour. So he went back to the first place he saw her. The kitchen. As he neared it, he could smell cookies baking and hear music playing. He'd smelled them when he first landed too, but as he turned the corner he realized that this baking thing was therapy.

The entire kitchen was filled. Every counter, the tables, on top of the fridge, in the cabinets. Dawn was taking a tray out at the moment, hair pulled back into a ponytail and an apron over her skirt. She was wearing a sweater over her t-shirt and Steve rather liked the image she portrayed. Then again, he was an old fashioned guy.

“Miss Summers?”

She nearly dropped the cookie sheet she was holding when he spoke to her. Even so two cookies slid off of the aluminum and onto the oven door.

Steve rushed over and took the warm tray from her hands. It was hot through his gloves, but not unbearably so.

“You surprised me,” Dawn laughed, “I'm not used to people coming into my kitchen.”

“No?” Steve asked, noticing she said it was her kitchen. Her little safe haven in this massive castle where people didn't bother her. The kitchen was his mother's haven too.

“Lets just say that in exchange for slayer powers, they lost the ability to cook decent food.” Dawn was using a spatula to slide the cookies from the tray in Steve's hand to the cooling rack she had set up. Steve couldn't help but grin at that and agree a little bit. Natasha and Tony lived off of a liquid diet it seemed and Jan, well, she was beautiful, and Steve liked her, but she couldn't cook worth crap. Nor could princess Wanda of the mutants.

“I think it's because they spend so much time being useful,” Dawn finally said as she turned and slid another tray into the oven. “I mean, they're out saving the world and all I do is research and cook.”

Steve leaned against the fridge. “I think it's just as useful, if not more.” Dawn gave him a look and he continued. “I mean, if they go in without any intel, then your sisters are going to get hurt, maybe worse. And if they don't eat then all the research in the world won't matter.”

Dawn put her hands on her hips and stared up at 1016 Steve Rogers. Ultimate Captain America with the lace up boots instead of the pirate boots. She'd always liked him more, especially when he kicked Hank's butt. She wished someone had done that for her mother. “You're way too good at giving pep talks,” she finally said. “Want some cookies for the ride home?”

Steve quirked a brow at her. “Ride home?”

“Yeah,” Dawn replied, taking a plateful of cookies and dumping them into a two gallon ziplock bag. Another plate followed. And another. “You were whisked away before anyone could even ask if I could send you back.”

“Can you?” Steve asked. She was so nonchalant about this whole event.

“Yup,” Dawn smiled, writing something on the bag with a sharpie. She handed him the ziplock and a spare cookie. “But no one ever asks Dawn. No one ever asks Dawn if she's done a summoning before.” Steve was chewing the cookie as she spoke. It was a perfect cookie. “I've been summoning things from other dimensions for a few years now, but no one pays attention.”

Steve blinked at her. The Ultimates would never allow such a gift to go to waste! At least, he wouldn't have allowed it. But...

“Can you-” anything else he wanted to ask was cut off when he saw the green light forming at his feet. Leaning forward quickly, Steve kissed the woman on the lips, holding her gift as the green light swallowed him up.

And then, he was in the middle of Tony Stark's living room, the other Ultimates looking at him in no small amount of shock. Steve held back a sigh and opened his bag full of cookies, taking one and putting it in his mouth. They were still perfect. The only thing in his life that was.

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