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Summary: Puck has an idea to get Kurt back to McKinley High and gets the rest of the Gleeks in on it.

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Television > GleeDemonChildeKyraFR1312,9923102,36417 Dec 1017 Dec 10Yes
Title: FCKH8

Author: Kyra

Disclaimer: I don’t own them; if I did I wouldn’t be writing fanfiction.

Summary: Puck has an idea to get Kurt back to McKinley High and gets the rest of the Gleeks in on it.

Pairings: Puck/Kurt

Spoilers: Anything up through the S2 Invitational is fair game.

Warnings: None.

A/N: Okay, this was inspired by a couple videos I saw on YouTube, though it was mostly the clothes in the videos… The videos: This one and this one. (I love the little girl in the first one, lol!)

Puck looked up as the choir room door opened and smiled slightly as Quinn and Sam walked in. That was everyone.

“Okay, white boy, what’s with the emergency meeting?” Mercedes asked as she looked at Puck.

“Yeah, and isn’t it Berry who normally calls these things?” Santana added. “Since when have you cared enough about Glee to call a meeting? And one before school at that?”

“This isn’t about Glee,” Puck stated before amending himself. “Well, not exactly. We need Kurt back, right?” He paused as everyone nodded their heads or murmured an agreement. “But even if we ignore Glee, it totally sucks that Kurt had to leave because he didn’t feel safe or accepted here.”

“Well, what do you suggest?” Quinn asked. “You already tried talking to the football team and we all know how that went.”

“Yeah, dude, why’d you talk to them alone, anyway?” Finn asked curiously. “At least with me, Mike, and Sam there you wouldn’t have gotten beat up and shoved in the port-a-potty.”

Puck shrugged in response. “I wasn’t gonna say we should talk to anyone this time,” he said as he looked around the room at the rest of the Gleeks.

“Then what?” Sam asked.

“I say we make a statement,” Puck said as he picked up the box near his feet that no one had really paid any attention to and put it on top of the piano.

“There had better not be vandalism supplies in that box, Noah Puckerman,” Rachel stated shrilly as everyone eyed the box.

Puck just rolled his eyes. “No vandalism, I promise. No, we make a statement,” he said as he pulled something out of the box and tossed it to Quinn. “With these.”

Quinn caught the balled up fabric Puck had tossed her way and shook it out, her eyebrows shooting up as she got a look at the t-shirt in her hands. “‘Some kids are gay. That’s ok.’” She read out loud before looking up at Puck. “Are you serious?”

Puck nodded and started tossing shirts to the rest of the Gleeks. “I saw these videos on YouTube a couple days ago, one was about gay bullying and the other was about gay marriage. Everyone in the videos was wearing one of these shirts and they were available to buy, so I bought a few of each shirt. There were also wristbands and buttons and stuff, but I didn’t have enough for more than the shirts.”

“And where did you get the money for the shirts?” Rachel asked, looking at Puck suspiciously.

Puck glanced at Quinn for a second before looking away, turning his attention to the box on the piano and pretending to be engrossed in the last few shirts in it. “I, uh, I started saving up when I found out about Beth,” he responded slowly, still not looking at anyone. “When…when we…Well, I just couldn’t bring myself to touch it after. But I figure this is a pretty good reason to touch it.”

There was an awkward silence in the room for a few minutes before Puck cleared his throat and turned back to the others, tossing Mike and Tina a shirt each.

“So what do you say?” he asked as he unzipped his hoodie and shrugged it off. “Wanna make a statement?”

“Puck!” Rachel scolded, “there’s no way Figgins is going to let you wear that shirt!”

Puck looked down at his shirt that read ‘FCKH8’ across the front before looking back up at Rachel and shrugging. “It doesn’t actually have a bad word on it,” he said. “And if Figgins wants to make a big deal out of it, I have a couple extras of the others.”

“I don’t like my shirt,” Brittany said suddenly, drawing everyone’s attention to her. Looking around, she smiled at Tina. “Wanna trade?”

Tina looked down at Brittany’s ‘STR8 AGAINST H8’ shirt before nodding and handing over her shirt that stated ‘SOME CHICKS MARRY CHICKS. GET OVER IT.’

Brittany grinned and pulled the shirt on over her cheerleading uniform before turning to beam at Santana. “Look! Now we’ll match!”

Santana looked down at her shirt to see that the blonde was right before smiling at Brittany and pulling her own shirt on. “You’re right. We do match.”

Brittany just smiled even brighter and reached out to link her pinky with Santana’s.

“Well? Are the rest of you going to change?” Puck asked as he looked around at the others.

Quinn quickly pulled her own shirt over her head while the guys in the room stripped off the shirts they were wearing and replaced them with the new ones. Looking up at Sam as she finished straightening her new shirt, Quinn smiled as she saw her boyfriend wearing a shirt that matched her own.

“We’ll be right back,” Mercedes said as she stood up, Rachel and Tina right behind her, and the three girls disappeared into the office, closing the door behind them. A few minutes later, they stepped back out in their new shirts.

“Hey, look, we match, too,” Tina said as she stepped up to Mike, who was also wearing a ‘STR8 AGAINST H8’ shirt.

Mercedes and Artie also matched in shirts that read ‘DON’T B H8N ON THE HOMOS.’ As did Finn and Rachel in their ‘SOME DUDES MARRY OTHER DUDES. GET OVER IT.’ shirts.

The door opened once more and the whole Glee club spun around as Mr. Schuester walked into the room. Will froze as saw his entire Glee club staring at him before he noticed the shirts they were all wearing.

“What’s going on, guys?” He asked as he read each of the shirts, pausing briefly on Puck’s.

“We’re gonna get Kurt back,” Puck stated. “It’s not cool that he had to leave because he didn’t feel safe or accepted here. Well, we accept him. And we’re gonna let everyone know.”

“Yeah, we need Kurt back, Mr. Shue,” Finn said. “And not just for Glee. We all miss him.”

“And he really didn’t seem all that happy at Dalton when I talked to him at the invitational,” Rachel added. “He tried to make it seem like everything was okay, but I just don’t think he’s really happy there.”

Puck snorted. “Of course he’s not. He’s Hummel. He’s meant to stand out and they’re making him blend in and become just like everyone else.”

Santana nodded. “Puck’s right. They make him dress like everyone else, probably act like everyone else, and they made him sing like everyone else. Lady Face has a voice. It should be heard, not blended in with everyone else’s.”

“While I can’t believe I’m saying this,” Rachel said, “Santana’s right. Kurt tried out for a solo and didn’t get it because his voice stands out. Kurt has an amazing voice – and if any of you tell him I said that I will make you regret it – he shouldn’t be blending in with everyone else. He’s ten times better than that Blaine guy.”

“Yeah, what’s with that guy getting all the solos anyway?” Sam asked. “Even though Rachel and Finn get most of the solos, the rest of us still get to sing. We still get our voices heard. Kurt’s kind of awesome and you couldn’t even hear him up there.”

“And those dance moves?” Mercedes added. “Please! My boy could dance circles around those losers. We need him back, Mr. Shue. Not just for us, but for Kurt, too.”

Will just nodded his acceptance. “I think it’s a good thing what you’re all trying to do,” he said before turning to look at Puck. “You have any extras?”

Puck grinned and reached into the box, tossing Will a shirt matching the ones worn by Quinn and Sam. After a slight pause, he grabbed one more and tossed it to Will as well.

“For Ms. Pillsbury,” he said with a shrug. “She seems like she’d be down with helping spread acceptance.”

Will nodded and turned for the door. “I’ll give it her after I change into mine,” he said as he held the door open and motioned toward the hallway. “But for now, the bell’s about to ring, so why don’t you guys head to class and I’ll see you later.”

Everyone nodded and left the room, heading for their classes. Puck shoved the last remaining shirt into his bag before leaving, just in case anyone made him change. Not even halfway to his locker, Puck heard a very loud, very familiar voice bark his name.


Puck groaned softly before turning to look at Coach Sylvester.

“What on earth are you wearing, Puckerman?” Sue demanded as she stopped in front of the footballer.

Puck bit back the urge to respond sarcastically and instead replied honestly. “A ‘Fuck Hate’ shirt. Everyone in Glee is wearing them. Though, theirs are different from mine. We’re trying to get Kurt back from those Dalton losers.”

Sue stared at him for long moments, long enough for Puck to feel the urge to fidget, before nodding. “While I commend your efforts to get Porcelain back here as I want him back on my squad, I’m going to have to give you detention for lacking the consideration to provide me with a shirt.”

Puck grinned as he reached into his bag and pulled out the last shirt and handed it over. “Welcome to the cause,” he said as he watched Sue study the shirt. “And don’t worry; it doesn’t match the one Mr. Shue’s wearing.”

Sue nodded approvingly before turning to head back to her office.

“Ms. Sylvester?”

Sue turned back around at Puck’s voice. “What is it now, Puckerman?”

“Do I still have detention?” Puck asked with a slight smirk as he looked at the shirt in Sue’s hands.

Sue paused for a moment before shaking her head. “No. Now get to class. Before I change my mind and give you a detention for being late.”

Puck nodded and turned back toward his locker, grinning in amusement at the thought of Sue Sylvester walking around McKinley High wearing a shirt that said ‘SOME CHICKS MARRY CHICKS. GET OVER IT.’

By the end of the day, everyone had seen the Gleeks and their shirts. And nearly died of shock at seeing Sue in hers. Jacob Ben Israel had even done a story on it for his blog, so even those who had been out sick knew about it. And everyone was talking about it.

The next day, each of the Glee kids showed up in the same shirt as the day before. When they met up during lunch, Rachel pulled out a box of her own.

“I ordered these last night and had them shipped overnight. My dads just dropped them off,” she said as she ripped open the box and dumped the contents onto the piano.

“Geez, how many did you get?” Finn asked as he picked up one of the purple wristbands that said ‘FCKH8’ on it.

“Yeah, you do know there’s only eleven of us, right?” Mercedes asked.

“Fourteen if you include Mr. Shue, Ms. Pillsbury, and Coach Sylvester,” Artie said.

“I thought we could pass them out to other students,” Rachel said as she slipped her own wristband on. “Let Kurt know we’re not the only ones who accept him.”

“That’s actually a pretty good idea,” Quinn grudgingly admitted.

“Okay, so everyone grab a handful and let’s go pass ‘em out,” Puck said as he put his own wristband on before grabbing a handful of the leftovers.

The Gleeks wore their shirts to school every day for the rest of the week, and by the end of the week, over half the student body at McKinley High was sporting a purple wristband.

Friday after school, the whole Glee club made their way over to the Hudson-Hummel house to wait for Kurt who was spending the weekend at home.

As the door closed behind Kurt, he heard Finn holler at him from the living room. Dropping his bag in the hallway, he went to see what his step-brother wanted. Stepping into the living room, Kurt froze in shock as he saw the rest of the Glee club, including Mr. Shue, standing in his living room wearing anti-hate t-shirts.

“W-what… What’s going on?” Kurt asked as he looked at his friends confusedly.

“We want you back, Hummel,” Puck stated.

“We’ve all been wearing these shirts all week,” Mercedes told him.

“And these wristbands,” Finn added as he held his arm up so Kurt could see the band of purple around his wrist.

“Over half the school is wearing these wristbands, Kurt,” Quinn said.

“Even Coach Sylvester is wearing one,” Santana added. “And one of the shirts.”

“Coach Sylvester wore them?” Kurt asked skeptically, not really sure what to think about all this.

Brittany nodded. “Yup! All week.”


Puck nodded. “Yeah, so see? Even Sylvester’s in on it. You gotta come back.”

“But what about the bullying?” Kurt asked, looking at everyone gathered in his living room.

“We’re working on the acceptance thing to try and help the bullying part,” Sam said.

“And I for one, along with Ms. Pillsbury and Sue, are going to be watching out for the bullying,” Will spoke up. “Anyone caught or reported bullying will be punished. And trust me, some of the punishments Sue’s come up with, no one’s going to want to go through that.”

“Please, Kurt, please come back,” Mercedes said softly.

“That place is killing you, Kurt,” Puck said as he motioned toward Kurt. “That uniform? That’s not you. Since when do you blend in? Why would you even want to blend in when you were meant to stand out? They don’t let you sing, they don’t let you dance, they don’t let you dress the way you want… They won’t let you be you. And that’s all we want. You.”

Kurt stared at Puck in shock for a moment before shaking his head slightly. “Why do you care so much?”

Puck just shrugged and didn’t answer.

“Come on, Kurt, please?” Quinn asked.

Kurt looked around the room at all of his friends standing there in their anti-hate shirts before smiling slightly and nodding slowly. “Alright.”

A cheer went through the group as all the girls darted forward to give Kurt a hug. Then the girls were pulling the guys in as well until there was a huge group hug in the middle of the Hudson-Hummel living room.

“Well, I need to get home,” Will said a few moments later when the hug broke. “I have papers that need graded this weekend.”

After Will left, the others slowly left as well until the only ones left were Mercedes and Puck. Puck was sitting on the couch talking to Finn while Mercedes said her goodbyes to Kurt.

“You know I’d stay longer if I could, but my parents will kill me if I don’t get home soon,” Mercedes said.

“Then go!” Kurt exclaimed with a laugh. “You’re not much good to me as a best friend if you’re dead!”

Mercedes grinned and hugged Kurt. “I’m so glad you’re coming back,” she whispered before breaking away from the hug. Grabbing her jacket, she waved at Kurt one more time before leaving.

Kurt turned around and jumped slightly as he realized that Finn had disappeared and Puck was the only other person in the room. “Where’s Finn?” he asked as he looked at Puck warily.

“Kitchen,” Puck replied as he slowly crossed the room to stand just in front of Kurt.

Kurt stiffened slightly at the other boy’s close proximity but refused to back down.

Puck tilted his head slightly as he studied Kurt for a moment before finally coming to a decision. “You wanted to know why I seemed to care so much, right?” he asked.

Kurt nodded slowly. “Yeah…”

Puck stared at Kurt for a moment longer before taking a step closer to the slightly shorter boy. His hand came up to gently cup Kurt’s cheek, tilting his head slightly as Puck leaned in and gently pressed his lips to the other boy’s. The kiss was slow and gentle, lasting only a few long moments before Puck pulled back just far enough that he could look Kurt in the eyes.

Kurt’s eyes fluttered open and he vaguely wondered when he had closed them before he focused on Puck’s face right in front of his.

“That’s why,” Puck murmured before taking a step back from the soprano. Puck let his thumb gently stroke over Kurt’s cheek for a moment before dropping his hand to his side.

Kurt stared at Puck in shock as his mind raced to catch up to what just happened, but continued getting stuck on the kiss. There was a brief flare of confusion over Puck’s words as his mind tried to move further back than the kiss to recall what they had been talking about. A moment later, he remembered and all he could do was blink and continue staring at Puck in shock. Noah Puckerman liked him? Or maybe it was just lust? Though, the gentleness of the kiss seemed to indicate like, not lust… Kurt was so confused.

Puck smirked slightly, like he knew what kind of chaos his actions had caused in Kurt’s head. “Welcome back, Kurt,” Puck said as he grabbed his jacket. “See you Monday.” Then he grinned at Kurt briefly before leaving.

Kurt was left staring after him in shock. As he heard the sound of Puck’s truck starting up, Kurt’s hand slowly drifted up to gently touch his lips. He didn’t even notice Finn coming back into the room, just dazedly walked past his step-brother and toward his room, a soft smile in place and his fingers still touching his lips.

Well, I hope everyone liked it! I just couldn’t resist putting the Gleeks in those shirts! Reviews are love!

~ Kyra

The End

You have reached the end of "FCKH8". This story is complete.

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