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The Rise of the Slayer Jedi

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Vampire Slayers of the Old Republic". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Faith suddenly gets her memories back of her life on Earth. But said memories are conflicting with the memories of her life as a scout. With Revan's memories resurfacing, Jenny and Doyle? Warning Femslash, Intense Violence.

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Star Wars > Faith-CenteredCmillerFR212238,2330175,33317 Dec 1012 Jan 11No

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Chapter 21

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, Joss Whedon and Lucas Arts do. So please don't sue.

A/N: You may or may not want to read the first story to understand what's going on. Dialog and play-by-play will mostly come from the game.

Chapter 21 – More Beast Slayage

The five moved through the gateway into another part of the Shadowlands. Canderous had asked Faith about another one of her stories. Jolee and the Mandalorian were enthralled as Faith spoke, “Okay so this is a couple of days after the fight with the Beast. So I’m up against Angelus again, who had just knocked Wes out and had taking his shotgun…”

Jolee asked, “Lass, what’s a shotgun?”

“It’s like a blaster rifle.” When she got a nodded in understanding she continued, “So there I was with the barrel of the gun pointed at me and the fucker instead of pulling the trigger pumped the ammo right out. Well while he was fighting with Wes I had injected this mystical drug before getting into the fray. So the psycho version of my friend and I are trading blows when I have him pinned and I’m pounding his face in…” Faith stopped mid sentence much to the annoyance of her audience, when she heard fighting up a head of them. She moved forward and found a Wookiee fighting some Mandalorians, the Slayer moved silently forward and dispatched the two watching Mandalorians before drawing the one messing with the Wookiee to look at her.

The Mandalorian attacked as she ducked that sliced the being in two. The Slayer then turned to the Wookiee asking, “You alright?”

The Wookiee growled, “Yes.” With that the Wookiee explained what had happened. The group assured the Furry giant that they would figure it out.

As they moved away, Faith spoke, “I think we should split up. You know someone handle the Mandalorians, someone else go find Big Z’s padre.”

Canderous said, “I would like to deal with the dishonorable Mandalorians.” Faith nodded her agreement.

Juhani spoke up saying, “I will go with him.” With that the two walked off to deal with the silent hunters.

Jolee asked, “Well what are you two going to do, go find Freyyr or what?”

Faith smirked, “Yep, but first I want to explore.” With that the three started to explore when they were attacked by some of the wild life. Between the three of them the Kinrath spider things didn’t stand a chance.

The three found a ritual area that seemed to explain how to call forth some kind of beast. Faith saw that it needed a sacrifice so she pulled out a sword and cut her hand to send out the smell of fresh blood. She then turned to the other two saying, “Stay out of the way!”

Jolee barked, “Are you out of your mind?!” While Bastila, who had seen Faith in action, just grabbed the old man’s arm and moved them out of the way. “What are you doing? We need to help her.”

Bastila shook her head and said, “Watch.” The two turned to see the beast come out of the shadows as Faith seemed to blend into the shadows.

The Dark Slayer was out to play for a second time against a beast that she knew her counterpart wouldn’t be able to handle quite as well as she could. The Slayer climbed up the vines before dropping onto the beast’s back where when she landed on it pushed some sort of blade further into the hide. She then jammed the lightsabers through the sides of the beast neck and sliced them forward cutting through the beast’s mouth. She then flipped off the beast as it fell forward dead.

Jolee’s jaw dropped because he had nothing to say. Bastila softly spoke, “And that’s the Slayer.”


“Yes, apparently that is what she is.” With that the younger Jedi walked over to the Slayer as Faith came back to herself. They watched as the Slayer ‘King Arthur-ed’ the blade out of the beast’s back.

They then moved around the Shadowlands until they found an ancient computer terminal. Jolee sighed, “Well here’s the thing you’ve been looking for.”

The computer seemed to recognize Faith as it interacted with them. It asked a series of questions that ranged from Zaalbar’s loyalty to battle plan’s and attacks. It was Faith’s responses that shocked the other two. After it confirmed the answers, the computer allowed them access to the map.

Bastila asked, “Why did you respond in the way you did?”

The Slayer turned to the younger woman before replying, “Easy, the best way to get something that would help against Malak would be to answer or reply like he would have to get what we wanted.”

Jolee blinked before replying, “That was slightly logical.”

“Fuck off, I can sometimes be smart. I just like being a smartass more.” With that the three continued until they found a lone Wookiee, who attacked first before any of the three could get a word in. But he didn’t last long for Faith moved to pin the old Wookiee using her full strength much like she did when she arm wrestled Zaalbar.

Faith barked, “Will you listen a minute?! I ain’t here ta kill ya! Big Z needs his pop.”

Freyyr asked with a roar, “How do you know my son!? Is he your slave?”

Faith sneered at the Wookiee, “I’ll give ya some leeway cuz you don’t know me Fur-ball, but if you ever insinuate that Zaalbar is anything less than my friend again I will make a fur coat out of your hide!” The Slayer then stood over the downed Wookiee before adding, “Big Z swore a life debt to me. Plus I hate Slavers just as much as you man.”

Freyyr nodded before they all started to talk about a blade. Faith pulled out the blade asking, “This it?”

“Yes. If I may, I will take it up top and meet you back where my sons are.” With that the Slayer handed the blade over and headed back toward the way they came when they ran into Canderous and Juhani handing the Wookiee the head of a Mandalorian.

While the other three had gone off on their little exploration, Canderous and Juhani were coming up with the best way to deal with the Mandalorians. Ordo said, “These cowards won’t come out unless we’re unarmed. So maybe we should hide our weapons until they attack.”

With that the two moved through some of the downed Wookiee bodies when they were attacked by some hidden assailants that the two bested quickly. These attacks happened two more times before Juhani found a data-pad.

They found some swoop bikes that the pad would work on so they did so, just then three more Mandalorians appeared. They five fought viciously before three armored bodies fell.

Canderous took the head of the leader and lead the Cathar back to the Wookiee. They presented the head to the Wookiee hunter who accepted it, as Faith and the other two walked up. The Mandalorian turned to the Slayer asking, “So are you going to finish your story?”

Faith laughed before saying, “Sure… now where was I… ah yes. Anyway I was pounding Angelus’ face in when I just stopped as I told him I wasn’t like him…” As the group headed back to the elevator basket, Faith wove her tale of her fight with Angelus.

A/N: Sorry it's kinda short... any feedback would be great. Anyway The Angel stuff is from Angel so not mine just a reminder.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "The Rise of the Slayer Jedi" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 Jan 11.

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