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The Rise of the Slayer Jedi

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Vampire Slayers of the Old Republic". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Faith suddenly gets her memories back of her life on Earth. But said memories are conflicting with the memories of her life as a scout. With Revan's memories resurfacing, Jenny and Doyle? Warning Femslash, Intense Violence.

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Star Wars > Faith-CenteredCmillerFR212238,2330175,33317 Dec 1012 Jan 11No

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Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, Joss Whedon and Lucas Arts do. So please don't sue.

A/N: You may or may not want to read the first story to understand what's going on.


The Powers That Be watched as their Dark Slayer's new life unfolded before them. Whistler couldn't help but cringe as the Dark Slayer fell and sided with evil again. He didn't think that she would with how the Jedi had raised her. While he was waiting for the bomb shell that he failed yet again, Whistler noticed the change in the view.

TPTB's noticed a change in their champion just before her ship was fired on. So they decided to look deeper into the Slayer and they noticed a change in her mind scape. They watched as the Dark Slayer and her Jedi persona worked side by side in trying to regain control of the body.

The PTBs didn't understand how their champion could still have her memories of her life on Earth when they had erased the very existence or so they thought. The PTBs decided that their messenger may have a better idea as to what happened.

The female PTB turned to Whistler and said, "Messenger, why is the Dark Slayer's memories still in her body?"

"What do you mean?" Whistler asked before continuing with, "We erased her memories, didn't we?"

"Yes or at least that was what was intended," the male PTB said before he added, "But all that we did it seems was repress the memories not erase them all together."

"So how did that happen?"

The PTBs looked at one another before realization as to how the Dark Slayer could still exist even after having a higher power 'erase' her memories and existence.

"It would appear that the Dark Slayer's soul or essence was tied into the essence of the Slayer, thus allowing her memories and such to resurface." The female Power answered.

Whistler asked, "But how?" He then flinched for questioning his bosses.

The male Power replied with a question of his own, "How long was the Dark Slayer tied to the Slayer essence?"

"Since she was called, right?"

"No, Messenger you see the Dark Slayer's soul had been called in what the lower being's would call a past life."

"Right, so what are we going to do about it now?"

The PTB answered as one with, "We send a guide or guides."

The PTB called the fallen heroes before them. The two heroes didn't know why they were being called before the PTBs but decided to hear them out before saying yes or no. Whistler watched as one of Rat-boy's oldest LA partners came forward along with the Slayer's, Watcher's little Gypsy.

The Powers explained that they needed a couple of guides for their Dark Slayer to make sure that she doesn't fall a third time. The two chosen didn't understand why it had to be them.

So one asked, "Why us though?" As the other nodded in agreement with their question.

The PTBs responded with, "Because in her life on Earth the Dark Slayer never met either of you."

The other hero asked, "Is there any thing we need to worry about?"

"No," said TPTB before asking, "Do you accepted this mission?"

The two heroes looked at one another before nodding as one in response to the Powers.
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