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He Was Alone

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Summary: He was alone, just like her.

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Chapter 1


Disclaimer: I own nothing. All Buffy-related material belongs to Joss Whedon and all Naruto-related material is owned by Kishimoto.

Warning: Mentions of near Super!Buffyness. Slice of life and all the inane things we face in life. Stories are based on Canon, but are changed to better integrate Buffy. Slightly skewed timeline in Naruto-verse - if events and people don't match up, make a note and comment. All questions, comments and concerns can be addressed in the review section.

Despite his initial boldness, he had become ever so shy. So reserved. So afraid that one misstep would reverse her acceptance. His actions frustrated her. Just looking at his dejected form, sitting ever so still before the breakfast table, she had had enough.

But what to do?

She was one who had forgotten herself. She had hidden her heart, how could she not, after everything. People came and went like the seasons, always changing, and with each loss, a little of her broke each time. That was her one constant in life. She had accepted it.

Some would call her blessed. Call her ungrateful but they could take their blessings and shove it where the sun don't shine. If they wanted it so badly, they could have it. They could take it. She had enough of this so called blessed existence.

Looking back, she still didn't understand why she decided to take the little orphan in. She had seen plenty of bloodshed. Plenty of starving women and children - their husbands, their fathers powerless to help. She was the little girl who cried for attention no longer. She was hard. Steel. Unyielding.

Without his Seal, he was nothing but a child. The boy was nothing special. He was one of many. But for all her pessimism, she could help but be drawn to him. Here was a boy who so mirrored her own life - one Chosen above the rest to bear the burden. Was that all he was though? Did his experiences mean that little to her that she could not even see him as a person, but a shadow of herself? Was she not unlike the villagers with those glacial eyes?

When had she fallen?

When had she become so conceited, so apathetic to the plight of man. She was Chosen to protect but she had long since forgotten her duty. Scores of men before him could not sway her but just looking at his tense form, she had come to a decision.

"Eat. I'm not going anywhere."

When the words left her mouth, despite any tone or inflection, even she could tell they were too harsh, too brutal for a child so young. But the boy seemed to think otherwise.

He immediately brightened, his smile, while shaky, still took her breath away.

She had decided.

They would be alone. Together.

To Be Continued

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