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He Was Alone

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Summary: He was alone, just like her.

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Disclaimer: I own nothing. All Buffy-related material belongs to Joss Whedon and all Naruto-related material is owned by Kishimoto.

Warning: Mentions of near Super!Buffyness. Slice of life and all the inane things we face in life. Stories are based on Canon, but are changed to better integrate Buffy. Slightly skewed timeline in Naruto-verse - if events and people don't match up, make a note and comment. All questions, comments and concerns can be addressed in the review section.

The Village was breathtaking. The people were vibrant. They were warm. They were alive. They worked endlessly to rebuild, to put to right the wrongs that they were dealt. Despite all the hardships they had endured, despite the losses they had suffered, they still lived on.

Her mouth tightened. Hands clenched. Body tight with tension. No matter how many times she saw it, the scene brought a bitter taste to her mouth. It reminded her of what she had lost. It reminded her of a time when she still cared.

Reality came crashing down with warm hand tugging her own.

Pools of deep and endless blue stared at her, unafraid. A smile so wide, so pure, so untainted. Hair like the sun, not unlike her own.

The Whispers started.


They stared.

Their eyes, once full of warmth and happiness turned glacial.

They hated.

It was a tangible hate. A hate that slowly ate the soul, leaving nothing but a shell.

They wished for blood. His blood.

The boy, sensing her realization, started to pull away but her hold was firm. In that moment, she understood.

He was alone. Like her.

To Be Continued

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