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Xander Harris, the Planeswalker

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Summary: Ethan Rayne really hit the jackpot.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredivanjediFR737,97415312,06718 Dec 102 Jan 11No

Chapter One

Fist thing first. I own nothing in the following story any intellectual property owner can recognize. Just borrowing their ideas and mixing them together for my own amusement.

Important author's note: While I will try to prevent turning this fic into a complete joke, it is intended to be more of an outlet for the many ideas in my head without having to write different fics for all of them than a serious story.

It was the first of November, and the table in the library of Sunnydale High school was covered in several layers of books as the demon – fighter group was gathered, trying to figure out what was the origin of the 'wristbands.' that could be found on the wrists of Xander Harris. Or rather, had become part of the boy's wrists.

Just yesterday, after discovering that the old army fatigues he had intended to use as Halloween costume were ruined, the boy had dug into the stash of old toys into the basement of his parents' home, toys collected over the years by him and his now dead friend Jesse, and they had gotten him an idea. By using pieces of old toys, with some liberal use of silver – colored gaffer tape, and yellow contacts and fake beard purchased from a costume shop, he had made himself a one – time costume of a nearly omnipotent being known as the Beyonder for the Halloween night.

However, he hadn't counted on the fact that the costume shop owner had been a mage, who had spelled every object he sold, so everyone purchasing anything from his shop, however small, would transform into the being represented by his or her costume. As a result, the Beyonder had walked the world briefly during the night, and had apparently left some 'souvenirs' on Xander's body. Solving the mystery as to why or how it happened seemed impossible, as everything they had found so far suggested there shouldn't have been any permanent consequences from the transformation. The fact that the boy remembered nothing of his transformation wasn't helping matters any.

“It would seem that only the being that possessed you can explain what happened to you, Xander.” Giles said wearily, rubbing his temples, more than slightly frustrated by their apparent lack of progress. It didn't help that he felt a growing desire to take one of Buffy's stakes and stuff it into some very uncomfortable places of Ethan's body the longer their seemingly futile search continued.

“That is correct, Rupert Giles.” a deep, echoing voice spoke, causing everyone to look around, looking for the source. “Perhaps this appearance will make interaction easier.” Suddenly, a figure of a tall human male in a silver – colored suit that resembled an armor, with odd haircut and a goatee.

“Demon!” Buffy yelled, but before she could charge, Xander's hands grabbed her and held her with surprising force. The events drew a weak chuckle from the newcomer.

“That's what's fascinating about the hero types. They never stop trying to do what they believe is right, no matter how impossible the odds against them are.” the figure's expression turned serious. ”As your young friend has already realized, I am the Beyonder. It is somewhat amusing to find myself into a reality where I am known as a character of fiction, of all things. However, the manner in which I appeared here has caused a very serious problem, and while I prefer to leave the humans, as well as the other mortal sentients that are present in various realities, to their own devices, doing so in this case would have caused pointless, large – scale destruction involving my powers, and I do not condone that.

You see, last night's events were sanctioned by the beings that guide those called their Champions in this reality. A mark was placed upon the young man here, ensuring that a portion of the essence of the person possessing him would remain, an thus providing your entire group with the knowledge to deal with some coming crisis, knowledge that you could not obtain otherwise. However, it was expected that he would use a Soldier costume, and thus the remnant would not be dangerous for anyone. As it is, however, it only made sure that a portion of my power was copied into the young man.”

Xander gulped, a portion of the power of an omnipotent being... he remembered the horrors Doctor Doom had unwittingly unleashed while controling (or at least thought he controlled) the Beyonder's powers. Something like this they could certainly do without.

“Good.” the Beyonder said. “So you already see the problem. Not even a mind as powerful as the one belonging to Victor von Doom could handle the minor portion of my power I allowed him to control. Had I not intervened, the powers would have destroyed your mind, and having them violently released on this planet, in this reality, could have easily resulted in its collapse, and with it, all the dimensions linked to it. An entire facet of Creation could have been obliterated.”

Xander shuddered. “You can't stay here forever.” He said, remembering the animated series he had based his costume on. “And when you leave, your intervention will become undone.”

“Correct.” the Beyonder confirmed. “And even if that weren't the case, simply removing the power you have gained from you could easily result in this world's destruction anyway, due to the problems depending on your knowledge to solve. And this is where the wristbands come in.” the being's eyes focused on the devices, and they seemed to disappear. From view for a moment. “I have made them undetectable for anyone unless you told them in person. They will keep you from accessing nearly all the powers you gained until your mind is ready to handle them, if the time ever comes. At the same time, they will keep the changes I have wrought stable, while allowing you to gain the means to face what is to come... and perhaps, much, much more.”

Xander frowned. “I don't understand.”

“My powers, and by extension what you now possess, are of such nature thy cannot be properly controlled by a machine, no matter how complex. Because of that, I cannot set the wristbands to their existence can be kept stable by a steady flow of energy. Instead, I have set them up to be powered by bursts. Bursts that will be controlled enough to allow you to create temporary – existing 'pocket' sub – realities, filled with energy constructs mimicking the living creatures in the realities used as templates for their formation, as well as objects that are native to these realities. Objects that would function if they are taken from the sub – reality to this one. By creating these sub – realities, you would allow for enough energy to pass to the wristbands to keep their existence stable, and properly chosen objects from those realities could keep you prepared for everything that your home reality can throw at you. Which is more than you are aware of.” The Beyonder smiled, and answered the next, unasked question from Giles, whose eyes he met. “I have grown fond on the hero types, human or not. In this reality, they are currently at a greater disadvantage than any reality I have visited before. I don't mind evening the odds... if the heroes can earn it.”

The cosmic entity returned his attention to Xander. “The wristbands will let you know when powering up is necessary, and how powerful. Keep in mind that if you create a sub - reality, and it is not visited, or not completely cleared of energy constructs, there is a chance one can cross into this reality, as well. And one final thing.” The Beyonder's yellow eyes flashed, and Xander clutched his head in pain. “I will give you knowledge of realities you can use safely as templates. Do not stray from them, or you risk attracting the attention of beings you cannot defeat. If you do, I will not help you.”

Xander's eyes narrowed. “Why does this sound like a game to me?”

The Beyonder smiled. “I never said it isn't.”

A/n: Before anyone decides to flame me, keep in mind that to the best of my knowledge, no comic involving the Beyonder has been ever translated and published in my country. (Mind you, my interest in comic book characters is recent, so I may be wrong.) The point is, I'm basing my character on the one I'm familiar with, from the Spider-man Animated series. Nor do I plan to have the Beyonder appear again anytime soon, if at all. He is just a plot device to create a setting for my Sci-Fi Dungeon Crawl Challenge. I had intended to use the Tyrael story for it, but after I thought about it thoroughly, it no longer seems a good idea. Sci -Fi added to a Diablo setting, except for Ted or Adam, would appear stitched on.

Anyway, for this fic, there's a very important choice to make. While I am tempted to place this in the familiar surrounding of the Stargate universe, a little variety won't hurt. Unfortunately, the ones I'm familiar with are the cliché' ones on TTH – Both Star Trek and Star Wars are commonly used sci – fi universes. Battlestar Galactica is a bit lightweight on the threat level. The other popular choices of Sci – fi universes I'm not familiar with enough to use as a central setting of the story.

Recommendations and opinions in that regard will be appreciated.
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