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The Ripper of New York

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Summary: Crime scene investigators and Vampire Slayers collide as a giant prehistoric lizard seems to be roaming the streets of NYC...

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CSI > CSI New YorkDmitriFR181513,81322315,18618 Dec 1028 Dec 10Yes

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Disclaimer: See previous chapters.

Mac’s head was swimming, as if after a bad hangover. His body felt heavy, leaden, foreign, but he was awake, mostly. Well, aware of his surroundings, at any rate.

“, did we really have to do that? I mean, as you have said before, this is a huge, giant lizard. Some assistance could’ve been nice...”

The voice was female, and sort-of familiar, as if Mac had already heard it sometime before, in the recent past, but his hang-over memory refused to co-operate.

“Cou-Cou, weren’t you listening? This isn’t a real lizard, just a phantom or a spectre, clad in flesh that it had taken from its victims, ripped it off. Bullets won’t exactly hurt a phantom, now would they?”

“Don’t call me Cou-Cou!”

“Stop calling me Gigi, then.”

“...How about you just call me CoCo instead?”

“...Girls.” The third voice was also feminine, and barely older than the first two voices, but there was a certain authority in it that caused the first two speakers to fall silent. “Girls, let’s leave the question of our names open for now, and instead help G-man out, shall we?”

“Well, how? I mean, vampires, even werewolves and the like, are one thing, but ghosts? How do we fight them – well, one of them? For real?”

“We don’t fight them, we exorcise them,” Gigi’s (was that even her real name?) interlocutrix replied flatly. “Force them to leave the place they’re haunting, or the person they’re possessing, and go into the afterlife?”

“Yeah, but we’re talking about an animal,” Gigi wasn’t backing down. “Does it have an afterlife?”

“Everyone has an afterlife,” a man answered her instead. “It’s just that not everyone and everything gets to go there, you know?”

“Fine,” Gigi relented. “Let’s go and exorcise the-“ she trailed off, and in the following silence Mac could hear a new sound – a sound of huge claws clicking against floor tiles.

“Oh dear.”

* * *

As a matter of fact, Faith’s idea was a rather good one – to use a charming song to put everyone in the museum into a deep slumber. However, that sort of enchantment affected only mortals, and a primeval animal spirit from the Dreamtime was something else entirely. The e’enathie’s song didn’t put it to sleep at all, but has apparently made it stronger instead.

“Oh my!” Genevieve whispered. “It’s huge! And angry!”

“More like malicious,” Faith muttered, as they stared into the dark eyes of a reptile. This was a lizard, pure and simple, but being longer than a bison, (though almost as tall), it was no ordinary lizard, and its eyes were burning with a malicious fire, forcing its adversaries to take a step backwards. And then – Faith threw her lasso. The corded rope encircled the monster’s neck and held fast.

The lizard jerked its neck, trying to sweep its enemy of her feet, but Faith was ready for that, and leapt. Her leap carried her clearly over the lizard and landed near its tail, still holding onto the lasso. As a result, the lizard found itself still tied-up at its mouth, and the rope there was now drawn tight, forcing it backwards...and upwards.

As the lizard began to raise itself, Giles couldn’t help but stare, unfortunately – the thing was huge, maybe not as impressive as a vishap or a similar creature, but still huge.

Fortunately, though, Courtney and Genevieve were faster – they were able to grab the lizard’s forelimbs and tried to keep it in one place. “G-man, now!” shouted Faith, and Giles began to chant.

To be continued...
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