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The Ripper of New York

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Summary: Crime scene investigators and Vampire Slayers collide as a giant prehistoric lizard seems to be roaming the streets of NYC...

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CSI > CSI New YorkDmitriFR181513,81322315,17018 Dec 1028 Dec 10Yes

Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Disclaimer: Some of the characters are mine, but most belong to CBS or to Joss Whedon and co.
Note: This takes place in AU BtVS season 8.

The huge lizard was not going without a fight. It snapped those great jaws, studded with ripping teeth, thrashed its crocodile-like tail, and tried to use its front legs as well. Still, Courtney and Genevieve had held onto their positions (these forelimbs in question), and would not let go (or otherwise they would die by now).

Faith, meanwhile, had had a tougher time – her lasso wasn’t as resilient as she expected it to be, which meant that pretty soon the reptile would be able to rip through it and regain the use of its head. This meant that Giles had to finish this quickly – and that was what he did, in theory. In reality, he just sped up his chant.

Abruptly, the lizard buckled, trying to throw Faith off her feet again. Instead, Faith leapt upwards and forwards, landing next to the lizard’s head. Regrettably, she did release the lasso, but only to grip the lizard’s thick neck directly, with all of her strength, and as the second-oldest Vampire Slayer (who also liked to work-out), it was considerable!

But the enemy that Faith and the other two were fighting hand-to-claw was also strong, and even more so than an average Vampire Slayer. Though the reptile’s face was now pressed to the floor, it continued to struggle and attempt to move forwards, towards the Watcher. Something here had to give – and it wasn’t Giles’s voice.

* * *

Though she would never admit it to anyone, Kailey became a mystic because she was also an escapist. She liked to escape from the world of reality into the world of spirits, for there she would feel safe and secure.

But no more. The giant monster lizard had arrived, and in her attempt to escape it, Kailey found herself caught between it and the Watchers’ Council, it seemed. If it wasn’t for Oz, she would probably be already riding the first Greyhound™ bus to anywhere but here. With Oz around, however, Kailey’s decisiveness, or cowardliness, whatever one would call it, seemed to decrease, and that’s why she found herself being back-up to the others, alongside him.

Well, ‘back-up’ was probably the wrong word here. Kailey may not be heading out of the NYC, or even the New York state, but she was meditating, trying to acquire some self-control in the situation. Sadly, several years of practice – and the close proximity to the actual mystical battle – meant that Kailey’s meditation this time went a bit further than where she expected to go, and she abruptly found herself once again the world of spirits, though still some distance away from the fight.

Kailey stared. Mr. Giles was there, dancing and chanting the exorcising ritual, all white and blue and red, the colors of Union Jack, though his spiritual garb was nothing like the British. The primeval lizard was also there – huge, and blackish-grey, and struggling…

It was the Slayers who were the most different, especially the one in charge, Faith. To her shock, Kailey found herself facing a giantess, who appeared as big and tall as some of the shadow giants she had encountered in her past. Unlike them, this one had skin covered in a chessboard pattern of black and white (while the shadow giants were either black or white entirely).

Kailey gulped. In the astral plane of spirits and daemons, size mattered. A lot. Even more so than in the real world. And for a being to be this tall in this plane, it could only mean that this was a-

The giantess caught Kailey’s eye and smiled, briefly, at her, before switching her atten-tion back to the Watcher, who had finished his chant and sent a spear of greenish-tinted light at the lizard. There was a flash, and-

* * *

Some time earlier…

Lindsay and Jo exchanged looks. “Mac isn’t picking up, neither are Danny and Don,” Jo carefully told the shorter woman.

“Well, Don was in a very foul mood – maybe he just had the phone switched off so that it wouldn’t interfere with the investigation?” Lindsay suggested, in a voice of probably-futile hope.

“Maybe,” Jo wasn’t about to argue with Lindsay on that point directly, “but what about Mac and Danny? Well, yes, Mac, could’ve he got into some really engrossing staff, but Danny? Probably not.”

“Probably,” Lindsay agreed, quietly.

Jo gave the other crime scene investigator a look. “Look, you don’t have to come with me if you don’t want to – you probably shouldn’t. Look, just go, stay there and wait for Danny or someone else to call. I’m probably panicking for nothing here, and-“

“Jo,” Lindsay said gently, “we’re here. Let’s go and talk to Mac-“ she stiffed. “Jo, something here is wrong!”

“I know,” Josephine replied quietly, as she got out of the car and prepared her gun. “Lindsay, cover me!”

To be continued…
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