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The Ripper of New York

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Summary: Crime scene investigators and Vampire Slayers collide as a giant prehistoric lizard seems to be roaming the streets of NYC...

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CSI > CSI New YorkDmitriFR181513,81322315,17018 Dec 1028 Dec 10Yes

Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Disclaimer: See previous chapters.

“OMG!” Courtney slowly began to return to normal from her shock. “WTH was that?”

“The corporeal manifestation of the spirit we’ve seen in the astral plane,” Giles replied (even though it wasn’t really necessary). “I must admit that it is more impressive in the flesh.”

“Let’s see,” Faith meanwhile was talking to Genevieve. “We’ve got a long sword, and a battle-axe, and a composite bow – oh, and also a new lasso.”

“Sounds like quite a decent set to use on a giant monster lizard,” Genevieve nodded. “There’s a ‘but’ in the making, though?”

“It’s not with us,” Faith explained to the younger Slayer, somewhat sheepishly. “It’s at home.”

“Then me and Oz can go and get it,” Kailey spoke up for the first time since they had come to the aborted PR meeting at the museum. “Because, you know, while my glamour is good enough to get noticed by most people, if these are cops, well-“

“How about you just stick in the background and don’t volunteer your info?” Faith replied, instead. “Yeah, I can see why you want to leave, because of the cops, but look at it this way – if Godzilla’s dumber cousin will decide to launch a second strike, they’ll be here to get in its way with their guns.”

“Oh. Good point,” Kailey blinked. “Still, don’t you what to leave as well?”

“No!” Courtney instantly replied. “I want to say hi to Cousin Lindsay! And we haven’t done anything wrong.”

“And moreover, why don’t have any incriminating evidence on us, nor any weapons,” Faith added. “Otherwise we would’ve been in there already, dragging the fucking man-eating lizard by its effing tail.”

“And moreover, this isn’t as straightforward as you think,” Giles interrupted. “This isn’t like with Oz – this isn’t a man shape-changing into a beast: it’s more of a possession.”

“You mean by a ghost?”

“By a mega-ghost,” Giles said his voice completely serious. “Sword and axe will not help us in this fight, exactly.” He turned to Kailey. “Where did you get your, uh, mystic paraphernalia?”

“In a graveyard,” Kailey replied, equally serious. “Want to borrow my shovel?”

Giles groaned.

* * *

NYC’s detective (1st class) Donald Flack was in a black mood. The NYCPD had not suffered this sort of infamy for a long time. And unlike September 11, this was personal. “Who was in charge of security detail here?” he snarled at the nearest underling. “This thing looked as huge as a tour-bus!”

“Sorry sir, but when Ms. Silver – that’s the latest deceased – took charge, she had the security people take over from us,” the unlucky police officer was sputtering. “She, uh, had the legal work to prove it-“

“And did it help her? No!” Don snapped. “Plus, why the district wasn’t notified? Who was second-in-charge in here, after the late Ms. Silver?!”

“Don, ease up a bit,” Mac Taylor said firmly. “I’m sure that we will get the answers, right?”

The unlucky officer just nodded in reply. “Good. Now, Danny- Danny?”

But Danny wasn’t with Mac right now, but talking to somebody else.

* * *

“I’m sorry,” Danny said sheepishly to a young blonde, “I realize that it doesn’t sound quite right, but did we meet some time before today?”

“Not exactly,” the blonde said. “I think you were with my cousin Lindsay? You know the other police officer?”

“I’m not a police officer, I’m with CSI – you’re Courtney! That’s your name, right?”

“Yes,” the young woman nodded cheerfully. “And you are that guy, aren’t you – Danny?”

“Exactly,” Danny nodded, “I’m that guy...anyways? What’re you doing here?”

“We saw in a mystical meditation that this is a place to be if one wants some action and came over,” Courtney shrugged. “Got to admit, we didn’t expect something like this to take place...”

“Neither did our police district,” Danny admitted. “Anyways, I’ll tell Lindsay you said hi and hopefully she’ll call you back later?”

“Fair enough,” Courtney nodded. “Anything else?”

“Yes. Can you tell me what you and your friends saw?”

“A giant dark lizard probably longer than a bison,” Courtney said, carefully. “Or at least big and strong enough to send the microphone podium flying with a single swipe of its tail? Look, I know that that sounds unbelievable, but that’s what we saw! Honestly – just look at the security tapes, I’m sure they would’ve caught the lizard’s approach from the inside!”

“I believe you,” Danny nodded solemnly, “and the idea about the security tapes is actually quite a good one. Thank you, Courtney...” with these words Danny hurriedly left to talk to Mac and Don.

Courtney, meanwhile, turned to face Giles and others. “Now what?” she said, simply. “We go and rob a graveyard?”

“Now we go back to Kailey’s and use her supplies instead,” Giles said firmly. “And by ‘use’ I mean ‘borrow’ and ‘treat very carefully and considerably’.”

Kailey turned and faced Giles squarely. “My supplies are mine,” she said firmly. “I worked hard to get them and almost got eaten in the process. This isn’t a matter of money, but of...something else. Please, don’t ask me to loan them to you – this may render them useless to me.”

“There are only two options left to us,” Faith spoke before Giles could. “We could rob a graveyard, but it’s still too early during the day, and if we waste another could become a slaughter. Therefore, Kailey, look, you got to help Giles do the mystic hoodoo that’s necessary to exorcise the spirit from the possessed...whatever it is. Please?”

There was a pause as everyone thought over Faith’s last words – this was probably the first time she had asked anything of anyone. Kailey, of course, didn’t know that, but Faith’s words made an impression on her all the same.

“Tell you what,” she finally said, “we go back home and you’ll explain what you want to do, and then...we’ll see.”

“Fair enough,” Giles replied. “Let’s go home and talk.”

To be continued...
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