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The Ripper of New York

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Summary: Crime scene investigators and Vampire Slayers collide as a giant prehistoric lizard seems to be roaming the streets of NYC...

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CSI > CSI New YorkDmitriFR181513,81322315,18518 Dec 1028 Dec 10Yes

Chapter One

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: Almost all of the characters are not mine, but belong to CBS or to Joss Whedon and Co.

The sun was rising over the city line of NYC, and was beginning to penetrate the office of Ms. Ruth Limo, one of the financial trustees of New York’s museum of Natural History. It was still early in the morning, and the sun had not yet achieved its usual yellow-white colour, but was still rather reddish, or at least pinkish, in colour.

Ruth, however, was not into such colour niceties; rather, she was busy talking on the phone, haranguing her interlocutor for all that she was worth.

“Now see here,” she yelled into the phone, her face looking like that of an angry catfish. “I’ve been up all night following up this financial trail, and all I got so far are circles! Pointless circles, because it seems that nobody here – at least nobody to whom I have talked – has got the tail end of it. So, you tell me, just what sort of a scam you’re running here?”

After finishing her monologue, Ruth just pinched the bridge of her nose and listened to her inter-locutor violently respond to her via the phone. “Yes? Well, I may be sorry, but I have meant what I have. The money tied up in the question is not all that significant, but it is money. If you don’t have it, who does?”

More replies, one of which caused Ruth to stiffen. “Oh, is that how you say it, pal? Well, you and the high horse on which you have ridden here can-“

Ruth’s words died in her throat, a heavy and clawed limb flung the door open, before the rest of the intruder followed – and it was a big, massive reptile. Almost without thinking, Ruth dropped the phone receiver, and backed away, until she was backed into the wall.

The monster advanced. Ruth’s table did lie in its path, and it was a big, solid piece of furniture... which was showed away without any effort on the reptile’s part. With that the last hopes of Ruth Limo disappeared, and she was left one on one with a scaly prehistoric monster.

“You- you stay away!” she gasped weakly, and to no result, as the monster’s jaws opened wide, revealing rows of sharp, backwards-pointing teeth, which then snapped shut – right on Ruth’s face and head.

* * *

The sirens of NYCPD and ambulance vehicles shattered the usual tranquility of a weekend morning, as several of these machines converged at the front entrance of the museum. The CSI of New York, clad in a more civil style of clothing, did create a contrast to the various medical and police uniforms that were currently dominating at the scene of the crime.

“So, Don, what have we got here?” Mac Taylor asked his friend, even as Jo was discreetly talk-ing to the coroner in the background.

“Murder, Mac, murder,” Don said wearily, as he snapped of a series of commands to several of his underlings. “Ruth Limo; a member of the museum’s board of trustees; a well-known socialite and financier. She was quite a fan of the museum, and was involved was its finances.”

“Sounds like a high profile case,” Mac said, grumpily – he never was a fan of the media or social pressure on a case. “You think that she got killed because of the financial angle?”

“In a usual case – yeah, but here... this may be more complex,” Don said, slowly. “We’re thinking that we might need Animal Control’s guys on it as well.”

“Animal control?” Mac said, incredulously. “Why them?”

“I think,” Don said, shying away from a clear answer, “that you need to see it for yourself.” He walked over to the shroud-covered corpse, beckoning Mac to join him. Jo, who was busy listening to the coroner with an increasingly incredulous look on her face, came over to join them.

“Jo, you better step away – just in case,” Don said, completely serious and revealing the deceased trustee, starting with the glaring wound in place of her face.

To be continued...
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