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Buffy-Heroes Crossover Icons

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Fan Art

Summary: Buffy... Heroes crossover icons. One fix pairing.

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Television > HeroesvodoomanFR132172011,09520 Dec 1021 Dec 10No

Elle-Spike icons

Disclaimer: Heroes and Buffy don't belong to me. I just like making icons and writing fanfics (sometimes).

An Elle and Spike icon... In this one Elle is more sane than in the other icons...
I guess I like the pairing because Elle reminds me a little of Dru...

In this icon Elle seems to be a little insane-ish... Almost like Dru. Spike seems to have a thing for unstable girls... lol.

Interpret this icon as you want... I'd like to imagine that is Spike's reaction when he found Elle... dead.

Comment if you like the icons.
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