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Crossing Your Path: Episode Two

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Crossing Your Path". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Second episode of the blind date show "Crossing Your Path". Slash. Crack!fic.

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Introduction to the Madness

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything you recognise, I probably do own everything you don’t recognise and I’m not making any money from writing this story.

‘Buffy: the Vampire Slayer’ is owned by Twentieth Century Fox and others while ‘Supernatural’ is owned by the CW and others. ‘Harry Potter’ is owned J.K. Rowling and others.

And those others that I’m talking about? I’m not them either.

Crossover: It’s a multiple crossover between SPN, B:tVs and HP with the latter two being the main fandoms.

Pairing: I’m going to have to keep you guessing this time, because if I told you already, it will spoil the surprise.

Rating: FR13, because I talk about gay men and I wrote a few swear words.

Spoilers: For everything. There will be spoilers for SPN, B:tVS and HP; so, keep that in mind when you start reading.

Summary: It’s a blind date show for all fandom characters. Slash. Foursome. Crack!fic.

Challenge: This is for challenge 264: Winner takes it all. This challenge was made by Jinni.


Story: Crossing Your Path

Chapter One: Introduction to the Madness

“Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen from all fandoms, to another episode of Crossing Your Path; the blind date show for all fandom characters. Once again, this show is being held in Harvelle’s Roadhouse which I want to thank my mother, Ellen Harvelle, profusely for.” Jo grinned mischievously in the direction of camera one. “Every single day I thank the good Lord above us that even soaked seats—and let’s not think too hard about what exactly it is that soaked them—have never made her even think of stopping the show from being held here.”

Ellen shook her head at her daughter’s antics while the audience laughed loudly.

Jo turned to look into camera two.

“We have decided to change things a bit for this episode, because we got an unusually pitiful plea from the friends and family of Rupert Giles and Ethan Rayne. All those people finally decided that desperate times called for desperate measures which is why we now have a couple on this show for the very first time. Yes, everyone, you heard it correctly: not one, but two people will be choosing a partner. After tonight’s show this particular couple will have hopefully become a threesome.” Jo paused to give the audience time to express their excitement about this turn of events. She then grinned and said loudly, “Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you two very well-known characters on the “Buffy: the Vampire Slayer” show: Rupert Giles and Ethan Rayne!”

Camera one zoomed in on the two men who both strutted onto the stage as if they owned it while the audience went wild at the sight of them both. Camera two zoomed out so as to capture both Jo and the public’s faces at the sight of the two men.


Once Giles and Ethan were seated, Jo turned to look into camera one and announced, “Before we officially start today’s episode of Crossing Your Path I suggest we ask their friends and family why they thought that Misters Giles and Rayne needed a third person to complete them. What are your thoughts on this, Xander?”

“Well, Jo, not only did Giles have a major hand in setting me up with Dom and X, the fights between the two of them were starting to irritate me to a whole new level of annoyance,” was the honest answer. “And trust me when I say that Spike had managed to bring my annoyance tolerance up to extremely high levels already.”

Giles winced at the quick response that came from the young man he considered to be his son in all but blood.

Jo turned to look at him. “Giles, you seem to be shocked at this answer. Why is that?”

“Shocked at both the answer and the speed with which the answer came from Xander, I admit. But to answer your question: I knew that Ethan and I fought a lot, but I had absolutely no idea that it had become that aggravating to everyone around us.”

“Well, you do now,” Faith told him, crossing her arms and giving him and Ethan both a dark glare.


“Why did you decide to use such a public way of finding them someone?” Jo asked, breaking the slightly uncomfortable silence that hung in the air after Faith had spoken up. “Buffy, do you have an answer for this?”

“Giles and, much as I’m loathe to admit it, Ethan—”

“Oh, loathe . . . Big word there, Buffy. Don’t strain your brain—or whatever’s left of it after all those god-awful bleach jobs,” Cordelia smoothly interrupted her. “Don’t tell me, you’re using a word-a-day calendar again this year, aren’t you?”

Buffy glared at her, but didn’t dignify that with an answer—which showed real growth on her part. Well, it would have shown real growth on her part, if she hadn’t been thinking about possible ways to act out her revenge at a later date for that stab below the belt.

“As I was about to say before I was so rudely interrupted: I’m loathe to admit it, but Ethan and Giles have a good thing going on between them. We just felt like they could stand to have someone else around to balance things out; someone with a dark and light side and every possible shade of grey in-between.”

Jo looked thoughtfully at her at that answer—as did everyone else who knew how blonde Buffy could be sometimes. Because that was deep.

“And you think that you may have found that man?” Jo asked her again.

“Yeah, I think we have,” Faith answered in Buffy’s stead.

“We have picked out the two best candidates out of all the people who sent us letters,” Willow told Jo earnestly, “and now we can only hope that they will like one of the two people we picked for them.”

“I think that we picked the two men who had the most in common with both Giles and Ethan and yet also had enough different character traits that they weren’t, um, copies of them or something. Because it was really important that we found people who would be able to mediate between them,” Xander told Jo, “and if they are too much alike all our work would have been for nothing, because the fights would likely only become worse then.”

“Do you know that saying: when the going gets tough, the tough get going?” Dawn asked.

Jo nodded and looked at her curiously, wondering where she was going with that line of questioning.

“That’s exactly the kind of person who we didn’t want for them, because they do enough of that on their own,” she answered Jo’s unspoken question. “Cowards to the extreme, they are. They love to fight, but the making up afterwards—well, that could do with some work.”

Unapologetic grins could be seen on the faces of Giles and Ethan’s family and friends while the rest of the audience hastily muffled theirs.

Faith smoothly interrupted what Jo was about to say by leering at Ethan and Giles and adding, “And that despite the fact that the making-up part is usually the most fun about fighting in the first place.”

Laughter was hastily muffled by hands or covered with coughs at that answer. Ethan and Giles only sighed. They really should have known better than to take Faith with them to a place where the possibility of giving embarrassing answers was so high.


“Before we start on the actual game part of this show, I’d like to ask one last question: why did you pick two male contestants and no female ones?” Jo asked. “I know for a fact that a couple of female contestants wrote you letters.”

A faint blush started to spread across Ellen Harvelle’s face. Her quiet wish was answered when her daughter didn’t look in her direction.

“Because both Giles and Ethan are as gay as they come,” Cordelia answered, grinning wickedly. “Pun definitely intended.”

“Despite the fact that bisexuality immediately doubles your chances for a date on a Saturday night*,” Dawn added.

Everyone gaped at her.

“What?! It’s true! Just ask Willow, if you don’t believe me.”

Willow wisely decided not to answer that. The death glare Buffy was giving her for corrupting her innocent little sister may have played a big part in that.

“Hell, they even have a bumper sticker which says: closets are for clothes,” Faith told Jo. “If that doesn’t scream “I’m gay!” than I don’t know what does.”

“I do have to say that you were the one to give us that bumper sticker,” Giles pointed out to her.

“Yeah, but would you really have put it on your car if it wasn’t all true?” Xander asked, looking at them both pointedly.

Being the distinguished Englishman that he was, Giles didn’t dignify that with an answer. And the fact that he slapped his hand over Ethan’s mouth meant that Ethan didn’t comment on it either.

Jo turned to look into camera one and smiled widely. “And with that last question and absolutely fascinating answer this episode of Crossing Your Path now begins.”

End Chapter One.

A/N: This new episode of Crossing Your Path was an idea of one of my reviewers, lothlorien. She requested an episode with Severus and Rupert and maybe Ethan, Remus or Wesley. I decided to go with established Ethan/Giles and . . . Well, the other two you’ll just have to figure out by yourself. I don’t think it will be difficult, but then again, I thought that about the last episode too and not everyone guessed correctly there.

I promised you a birthday fic, lothlorien, so here we go. The first chapter of this new episode of Crossing Your Path has now been posted; the others will follow. Happy birthday!

*Quote by Woody Allen.

Reviews are very much welcome, flames are so very not. Do keep that in mind, please. Flames will—as always—be mocked if and when I finally get one.
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