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Buffy: Online

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Summary: Buffy's fight with Moloch the Corruptor goes a little differently than it should've and Buffy ends up someplace she'd never imagined before.

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Buffy: Online I

My note: a short teaser/prologue for a future crossover with Tron: Legacy. It should go without saying that I don't actually own the concepts or characters, but I'll say it anyway. It's just a bit of fun, really.

Buffy: Online I

Technology and magic should never mix. They should stay totally un-mixy things, sixteen-year-old Buffy Summers thought darkly as she looked around. Big metal demons were one thing, but this--- One minute she'd been fighting Willow's internet-boyfriend, the big metal demon---

There was a flash of light, of... of magic. Then she was here. Wherever here was.

Buffy found herself on what looked like an endless black plane. The ground, or floor, or whatever, was smooth and just as black. It was weird that she could look around, everywhere, even though there didn't seem to be any real source of light anyplace she could see. It kind of reminded her of that Simpsons Halloween episode.

The demon reared up behind her, catching Buffy completely off-guard. He sent her spinning to the floor with a hard backhand that left her seeing stars.

The demon loomed over her. In the real world, Moloch had set up shop inside a robot body. Here though, he was himself. In all his green scaly, horny... yuck. The demon was easily two feet taller than Buffy and much, much broader.

"Welcome to my world," the demon boasted.

Moloch came at her. Buffy lashed out with her foot. In the real world, with his metal body, that would have really hurt her foot. Here, he was just flesh and green-demon-blood. Moloch stumbled back. Buffy scrambled to her feet just in time to block Moloch's angry punch.

"I shall enjoy the sensation of killing you!" Moloch snarled.

Buffy slammed her fist into Moloch's kidneys. Or, where his kidneys would be, if he wasn't, you know, a demon. It still had to hurt, soft tissue and all. Moloch grunted, staggered back a bit, but kept coming. Buffy ducked under his fist, blocked another punch, then countered quickly.

Moloch backed off.

"Not so tough now, huh?" Buffy crowed, bouncing on the balls of her feet. He was all talk. He was a talk-y demon. Confuse 'em with words. Not so good with the fisticuffs.

Moloch roared in anger and lunged at her. Buffy darted out of the way, snapping a low kick to the back of Moloch's weird goat knees. The demon crumpled to the floor. Buffy was on his back in a second. She had him by the horns one minute then---


The demon dropped, dead, his head wrenched around to an impossible angle. After a moment, Moloch seemed to dissintegrate, into... into computer pixels?

Buffy, who'd been sitting on him, landed on her ass when he got deleted, or whatever. She picked herself up, breathing a relieved sigh. Okay, it was over now.

"Score one for the Slayer," Buffy muttered, looking down at where his body had been.

Buffy glanced around expectantly. Any minute now, there'd be some flashy magic thingie and she'd be back in the real world. Any minute now.

Nothing happened.

"Uh, guys?" She called out, a little more nervously than she'd meant to. There was no answer.

Was this part of the plan? Buffy sat down on the ground and waited. And waited. And waited.

Half an hour later, Buffy was starting to get a little worried. Technology and magic should never mix. They should stay totally un-mixy things... Sure, she'd sort of scoffed at Giles and his Britishness. Now though, now... now she was beginning to regret not really eating lunch.

"Any second now, guys," Buffy muttered quietly, hugging her knees. "Any minute now..."

Four hours later, Buffy couldn't wait around anymore. She had to find food. If that creepy stalker-demon could survive in this world, so could she. Just until her friends figured out a way to get her out of here. With that thought, she took off.


"Did you find her?" Willow Rosenberg asked worriedly. "Did you find Buffy?"

Xander Harris shook his head, nervously toeing around the probably-dead hulk that once was Willow's internet-boyfriend "Malcolm." He wasn't totally convinced the metal demon was totally dead.

It had been fighting with Buffy and Buffy had been losing. "Malcolm" was made out of metal, after all, with hydraulic muscles that never got tired. It had Buffy by the throat. Willow had just grabbed a fire extinguisher to help, when there was this flash of light. Buffy completely vanished. The metal demon stopped dead in its tracks, then slowly, ponderously toppled over.

It hadn't moved since then, but it still made them both very nervous. The demon's followers, the high school nerds who'd somehow actually built him his body, were both dead, so Willow and Xander didn't need to worry about them. If "Malcolm" got back up though, and there was no Slayer around...

"You... you don't think that the spell...?" Willow started. Xander looked up at her, alarmed all of a sudden. He'd obviously figured out where she was going with this. "W-we should call Giles."
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