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You'll Shoot your eye out...

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Summary: A Collection of drabbles focusing on the odd weapons Xander has picked up.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Ficlet CollectionsTjinFR151911,7145152106,80020 Dec 1028 Sep 14No


Xander sat quietly in the cab of the truck and waited. His cigar burning lightly in his clenched teeth as his wife sat silently beside him, the argument to quit had been ongoing for many years, but now was not the time for the next round.

His contacts had been very clear that it was going down today, the round table had gathered together to speak on the ‘state of the empire’ so to speak, a meeting that several whispers had hinted at having a special royal guest.

Checking the area again, Xander tensed as a massive tour bus pulled up to the front gates, the blacked out windows were telling, but were nowhere near damning in itself. On the other hand, the sudden onslaught of gunfire from the tour bus was in fact more than enough to get the ball rolling.

The Hellsing compound was under attack.

Slamming the combat tractor into gear, the massive beast lurched into action and quickly accelerated towards its target. At one time the heavy Ballast Tractor had rolled out of the Rotinoff Motors factory in Slough as a Heavy Hauler Support vehicle. In the years since its service, this particular one had been ‘lost’ and later on rescued by a rather disreputable little rat near Berkshire that had used the trucks pulling power for his own gain.

A situation that had changed when a trio of vampires had gotten it into their heads that the heavy hauler would be useful for outrunning police barricades on their little murder spree. That plan had taken a dive when Xander had stumbled across them while looking for the original owner, so after a rather interesting game of cat and mouse, Xander had managed to trap the trio in a tractor-trailer and burned the metal box down around them before ‘commandeering’ the Tractor for his own use.

As the Combat Tractor hit fifty-five miles per hour, Xander hit the signal to the rear before bracing. In the rear, the assembled vampire hunters followed suit. By the time the massive vehicle hit the bus, the massive three ton vehicle was traveling at over seventy miles per hour. The Combat Tractor, designed to withstand combat operations all around the world impacted the tour bus in its midsection, ripping the huge people-mover in half and sent the two halves spinning off in opposite directions. The momentum of the vehicle was barely affected as it bounced over the small horde of moaning and groaning undead, grinding them to paste under its tires.

The front gate did little more to stop the beast than the bus had managed, scattering the assembled attackers to the winds or grinding them beneath its weight. The third obstacle proved to be better as the massive vehicle roared into the main house before coming to a stop, blocking the entrance and leaving the attackers no viable way into the compound. Breaking the attack and looking through the cracked front glass, Xander blinked at the two vampires that had, alone, managed to get into the Hellsing house.

The two were as different as night and day, one a blond somewhat feminine vampire in a well dressed suit that was glaring at him silently. The other was a pierced and tattooed, dark haired punk with a pair of P-90’s that was cursing up a storm before leveling the two weapons at him and squeezing the trigger. In moments the storm of 5.7 ammo slammed into the glass, cracking it into a massive spiderweb pattern as the heavy ballistic glass did its job perfectly.

Behind him, Xander heard the roar as his Hellbats opened up on the gathered Ghouls with rocket launchers, destroying the already damaged bus parts before retargeting for any large concentration of enemy units. Waiting for the two P-90’s to run out of ammo, Xander looked over at his wife before the two exited the cab of the truck and joined the fight.

As he stepped out of the truck in his armor, Xander wondered again what would have happened had Jesse’s parents not given him that red costume just before Halloween. The red armor had been a bit of an odd fit, but thankfully, with a few well-chosen pieces from Ethan’s costume shop he had gotten the costume up to near perfect condition. The twin flame cannons strapped to his wrists had even smoked, a neat effect that had awed the children and enraged Snyder.

And then the spell had hit, and in a flash Xander had been gone and Sergeant Franko Tildon of Earth had taken his place. For the first time, a Terran Firebat stood atop the Hellmouth. The armor and fire-power had been more than sufficient to send the gathered mutant scum screaming away from him as his homemade flame cannon chased them. The rest of the night had been a blur of fire, death and heat as he met up with other military forces and quickly turned the tables on the mutant and demonic threats. Then as the sun rose in the east, Tildon had christened the gathered warriors as ‘Hellbats’ amid the smoking ruins of the town hall, the thermite and napalm destruction having burned the building to the foundation as the supernatural threat within had fought to contain the blaze.

With those final words the spell had ended, the magic leaving the gathered warriors in a confused mess.

In the months that followed, many of the soldiers had sought him out, asking questions about the nightlife before signing on full time. The Hellbats were formed and a new breed of terror had begun hunting the demons in Sunnydale before taking their mission abroad. Egypt, Russia, Syria, Haiti and now the United Kingdoms had all hosted the Hellbat Mercenary Squad. It was a bit of an informal secret that the Hellbats were hired when the regular rank and file were no longer sufficient to handle the supernatural.

As his armor was peppered with 5.7 rounds, Xander let the metal do its work. The ceramic steel composite was more than enough to stop the notoriously fast rounds dead in their tracks before he turned to the stunned vampire and bringing up his wrist, Xander ignited the P22-5 Incinerators and unleashed a wall of flame at the punk. Cutting the feed as the nimble vampire danced out of range, Xander smiled as the right side of the vampire’s face disappeared before throwing a kiss in the direction of his wife. Cordelia had managed a pretty good Ghost costume that night, and the super assassins of the Terran Armies had been effective enough to impress even the somewhat mad Franko Tildon.

In all, it was a match made in heaven.


(A/N) I don’t really like this, sorry but i figure you deserve something.

i do not own BtVS, Starcraft or Hellsing.
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