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You'll Shoot your eye out...

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Summary: A Collection of drabbles focusing on the odd weapons Xander has picked up.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Ficlet CollectionsTjinFR151911,7145152106,80120 Dec 1028 Sep 14No

Arrival (The Invitation part 3)

(A/N) No beta… Sorry

Sitting in the Leaky Cauldron Albus Dumbledore quietly stirred his soup as he read over the latest edition of the quibbler, mostly the paper dedicated itself to updating the public on the return of young Harry and his exploits in destroying Voldamort so many years ago.

Glancing up at the clock Albus was surprised at the time, he had only a few moments before the Alexander was set to arrive, leaving the soup where it was with the spoon still lazily stirring it Albus stood to head for the Portkey station before frowning as he realized that he had failed to send one with the boys owl, of course the fact that the owl could talk was surprising enough that he felt the lapse to be forgivable but it still left the question of how the most recent and indeed youngest addition to the Hogwarts faculty was going to arrive.

This was of course resolved as the whole world seemed to suck itself inside out for a moment before a sound similar to a wet popping sound combined with a baseball bat being force fed through a blender alerted him that everything was not right moments before a rather interesting boy made his appearance with a disgruntled look on his face as he powered through more than three thousand year’s worth of anti-apparition wards, Dumbledore could feel the shockwave from the magical transport echoing through the magical fields surrounding Diagon Alley, Dumbledores shocked state was broken as one of the cauldrons familiars reacted to the sudden disruption of everything it knew by jumping from it’s owners lap, streaking up the tallest object available and secreting itself in Dumbledores hat with many claws securing it in place atop his head.

Shaking his head in irritation at the rather rude keep away wards that he had been forced to work his way through on his way to meet Albus Dumbledore Xander straighned his robes with a grunt before smacking his staff on the ground and looping his traveling bag over it, “Well that was a fine how do you do, I come all the way out here to meet and they throw up a couple childish keep away wards, why I have half a mind to take myself back home and be done with the whole thing” he ranted as he shook out his robes for a minute before glancing around and finally noticing the shocked looks on the gathered witches and wizards of the small pub, most interesting of which was a rather tall older gentleman with a lime green robe festooned with bright purple starts and planets that whirled around him in a rather interesting manner while a bristle tailed cat hid itself in his cap in terror.

Making a mental note to find out who his tailor was Xander finally came to the conclusion that this was Albus Dumbledore himself, smiling pleasantly Xander took a step forward while his staff and bag hopped dutifully after him as he held out a hand in greeting. “Aah, you must be Albus, sorry for the arrival, some pranksters seemed to decide on throwing up some cheap charms to disrupt my travel, quiet childish and all that but I suppose that boys will be boys and all that,” he declared before stroking his chin in thought “But I must say that it would probably be better if some safeguards were up to keep people from just popping in wherever they please, maybe some kind of receiving station like the trains and buses use,” he mumbled before making another note to speak with the Minister of Magic to get something of the sort set up.

Blinking the shock and small drops of blood away Albus simply nodded before waving his hand towards the door as he readjusted his personal views of the young man before him quite a bit.

While Albus and Voldemort were among the few capable of blasting through the wards and several of the top witches and wizards had the ability to circumvent them through other means the casual way the boy had blown through them was a sight to behold indeed.

Taking a moment to pry the rather irate familiar off his scalp Albus led the way into Diagon alley to collect the items needed for the newest professor of magic at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.

As they left the Cauldron was shocked once more as a dozen members of the elite Aurors division of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement invaded them in search of the one responsible for half the tracking and safety charms in Diagon Alley going haywire.


Explaining the situation back at the Cauldron to the boy had been enlightening to the Headmaster, it seemed that the wards in Diagon Alley were used back in the day as a rather rude way to ward off visitors, much like a ‘Do not Disturb’ sign on someone’s door or a ‘No Trespassing’ at their property line, usually sufficient for everyday hoodlums and encyclopedia salesmen but of little value against the more determined types.

Shaking his head at the thought that Diagon Alley was far less defended than he thought Albus was determined to check the wards at Hogwarts as soon as he returned before double checking the blood wards at Harry’s residence.

Far better to be safe than sorry, and if Alexander was willing to help he would see both of their defenses upgraded to something the young Merlin considered ‘Acceptable’

After all if Voldemort returned he wanted to be as prepared as possible to give him a ‘Right proper Smack’ as he heard it explained one day at a muggle Soccer match in Belgium back in eighty five

Of course the fight that had ensued soon after was enough for Albus to avoid that particular sport and it’s fans for many years after.

Moving through the crowded streets of Diagon alley Albus smiled at the future for the first time in many many years.


(A/N) sorry for the rather lax writing recently, work and life combined with the lackluster reception of my last update kinda killed the drive to write for a bit, but I am still here and still writing.

I hope you all enjoyed it, for the record I do not follow the crowd of Dumbledor haters, sorry if you do not like that idea, and if you don't know what happened in Belgium 1985 then shame on you, Bunch of Hooligans.
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