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You'll Shoot your eye out...

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Summary: A Collection of drabbles focusing on the odd weapons Xander has picked up.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Ficlet CollectionsTjinFR151911,7145152106,76920 Dec 1028 Sep 14No

Good for...

Green goblin cackled maniacally as his pumpkin bomb blew out the front window of the theater before he zoomed through the shattered glass intent on terrorizing the populace within, his plans ground to a halt though as his flight was interrupted by a sudden and startling blow to the head courtesy of a fire axe wielding one eyed maniac.

Blinking from his place on the ground the goblin move to rise when the axe made an encore appearance the blunt back smashing into his face for a second time and driving him back to the floor, feeling the weight of a booted foot on his chest the goblin looked up into the enraged eye of his assaulter and swallowed, even the full force of his chemically induced madness was washed clear by the fear inducing glare the young man had settled on him even as the axe was spun around to show the rather nasty chopping section as the man pulled his arm back one more.

For a brief moment in time Norman Osborn realized that he was in fact mortal, all his money, all his prestige, all his business knowledge, political, corporate and physical might was about to be deemed worthless by a Cyclops half his age with a fire axe.

Raising his arm to fend off as much of the attack as he could Norman was saved by a light touch on the young man’s arm, glancing over at his savior as she locked her gaze with his attacker for a moment the girl whispered into his ear for a moment, with something as simple as that Norman saw all the anger, hate and rage in the young man drain away, in a flash the axe came down and buried itself in the flagstone floor by his head before the Cyclops allowed himself to be led away by the angelic savior that had intervened on Normans behalf.

He was still laying their when Spiderman arrived several minutes later, the red and black arachnid spouting off some random diatribe about him getting the axe as the green goblins eyes finally focused on the long time thorn in his side.


Peter Parker was prepared for just about anything, rockets, pumpkin bombs, gas, flame throwers. He had seen it all, what he had not seen and was not prepared for was the green masked villain to launch himself at the photographer and tackle the teen into a bone crushing hug.

“Spiderman, thankgodit’syou, Iamsohappytoseeyou, doyouhaveanyideahowgreatyouareasanemesis, whatwiththewholewebthingandnoaxesandwisecrackingandnoaxesandthank you, thankyou, thankyou fo notusinganaxeandIswearIwillalwaysandforever…”

Blinking in shock as the villain espoused his greatness for several minutes while intermittently commenting on axes and eyes and glaring, perhaps a little bit about an angel that had saved him and even more about the horror of axes in general Peter finally settled for patting the villain on the back comfortingly as he led the obviously deranged man to the waiting police outside.

Finally getting him sedated Peter took a moment to share a look with the befuddled officers that had responded before the two shrugged at the weirdness of the situation before turning back to work.

In the end, it was one of the stranger days that the wall crawler would have.


Sorry for the shortness, but this was a scene from a story idea I had concerning a PTSD Xander and Dawn doing her best to keep him from self-destructing.

written to Blue October - Hate Me

The story unfortunately did not work out as I wanted it to but I decided to let you all enjoy this bit.
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