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You'll Shoot your eye out...

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Summary: A Collection of drabbles focusing on the odd weapons Xander has picked up.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Ficlet CollectionsTjinFR151911,7145152106,78520 Dec 1028 Sep 14No

All i want for Christmas...

All I want for Christmas…

Xander stared up into the softly falling snow with an unreadable expression.

~They have betrayed you,~

Shaking the words off Xander stared down at the two so called heroes and clinched his fist around the sword, in moments the softly falling snow chilled to something harder as it fell around him.

~Do they deserve your trust? He killed them, he is just as responsible as every other vampire~

Xander forced himself to stop as he had already taken a step towards Buffy and Angel and with an effort forced the blade back towards the ground.

~Young fool, I have corrupted far stronger than you, one day you shall lead my forces in the conquest of this world, and when we are done here I shall open the Hellmouth itself to conquer all that would oppose me.~

“Yeah, well it won’t be today” Xander growled as he turned away from the traitorous slayer and her undead lover.

As he walked away Xander refused to think about his hand, clutched possessively over the hilt of Frostmourne.


I don’t own BtVS or Warcraft.
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking