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26 for 26

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This story is No. 7 in the series "Birthday Insanity Challenge Ficlets". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: 26 (or so) 'verse crossing ficlets done to celebrate 26 years. Now taking requests.

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - OtherJmariaFR1542,0840141,85126 Dec 103 Jan 11No

And here I never said I'd do an intro again...

So. It's that time of year again. You guessed it. Birthday Insanity Challenge Collection time. And I really need requests this year.
What I need from you is this:

a. Character/Show/Fandom
b. Pure 'verse or Crossover 'verse
c. Rating (I cannot promise you'll get it)
d. Pairing preferance (I can try and do slash/femslash, but I can't promise it'll be great)

Simple, right?

Disclaimer: I do not own - BtVS/A:ts (Whedon's), HP (Rowling's), Doctor Who (BBC's, Davies' & Moffat's), Glee (Murphy's), Supernatural (Kripke's & Gamble's?).

1. Intro

2. Prologue 1: Head Jiggle (BtVS/HP/SPN)
3. Prologue 2: Slushie Bastards! (A:ts/DW/Glee)
4. One: I Will Never Let You Fall (BtVS/HP; Buffy Summers/Bellatrix Lestrange)
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