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Dungeon Monk Xander Rewrite

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Summary: Rewrite of Dungeon Monk Xander. Halloween night changed everything for Buffy and the others. Xander gained the ability to create random dungeons, and their lives are now that much different...

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Chapter 2

Dungeon Monk Xander Rewrite

Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/ Percy Jackson and the Olympians/ Stargate/ Phantom Brave/ Charmed/ World of Warcraft/ Multiple

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters or plots from the crossovers listed above, all of them belongs to their rightful owners. I am not making any profit from this and this story is shared publicly for the viewing of the fans.

Last of all, this is a work of fanfiction, done without profit, and just a fan’s way of saying how much he liked the TV shows and games enough to spend his time out of work and studies to write something to carry on the memories of the shows and games.


Chapter 2: The Beginning

In Sunnydale High School Library

The next day after school, the small group had gathered at the library. This time they were all suitably equipped for an exploration trip through the dungeons. Buffy was armed with the daggers and swords she picked up yesterday. Cordelia had taken a sword from the weapon’s cage. Willow had a crossbow, Giles had picked a quarter stuff, while Xander had kept his hands free seeing as he needed to use his hands for his telekinetic abilities. Each of them had been equipped with a backpack filled with clothes and other essentials for a few days.

Giles had also bought two collapsible tents from a hardware store during the day as well as bed rolls for each members of the group. He had called them prudent investments, as it seemed that they might be going on more of such trips in the future. Giles had then informed everyone that he had called the Council’s contacts and the contact person would be arriving tomorrow afternoon. So if they gathered any more precious assets during this dungeon crawling trip, they could add them to the pile of gemstones that they had already harvested.

“Alright everyone, stand tight, Flight Xander is taking off.” Xander said with a grin as he reached his senses out to the higher planes where he could feel the various energies of all the different realities flowing through the ethers of time.

This time Xander decided to try something more adventurous as he stretched out with his senses and grabbed residue energies from two different realities. He tried to keep the energies used to create the dungeon on a lower level to prevent the creation of monsters that were too powerful for them to handle. At the same time, he spread out the residue energies to create a larger dungeon. As the energies merged, he could feel the dungeon forming. Gathering his powers, he and the others jumped.

The five figures of Giles, Xander, Buffy, Willow and Cordelia shimmered and disappeared from sight.


In Dungeon 2 (Merging of: World of Warcraft reality with Buffy the Vampire Slayer (home) reality)

Level 7 Dungeon (Size: Medium)

Enemies: Warrior Orcs – Quantity (14)

Items of Worth: 1) Unknown Plant Species – Quantity (Many) 2) Cars – Quantity (27) 3) Magical Pouches (Pouch of Holding) – Quantity (53)

They found themselves in a grassland type of area, with colorful plants that they could not identify sprouting from the ground. Scattered around the four football sized wide area were numerous cars of different types. Many small pouches of different colors were also dotted across the landscape, lying on the grass. There was even a flowing stream cutting through the grassland, though Buffy had no idea where the water came from or where it exit the small sub-reality. But what really caught her attention were the green skinned creatures walking around the area. There were around ten of them, armed with either axes or swords, though it seemed that they had not noticed the small group yet.

“What the hell are those creatures?” Buffy asked uneasily in a whisper, sneaking uncomfortable glances at the monsters.

“They do look like… Orcs.” Giles said in a worried voice. “The last Orcs were banished from Earth two hundred years ago. Xander! What realities did you merged to create this dungeon?”

“Well I don’t really take the time to find out, it was a pretty random process.” Xander admitted guiltily scratching his head. “It will take me days or hours of ‘reality gazing’ just to get a rough idea of what a reality is like. Normally the Dungeon Monk tends to do ‘reality gazing’ in a dungeon that has been cleared of hostiles because he can control the time that pass in them. It’s easier for me to just grab energies of various realities together at random and create a new dungeon than to spend time ‘reality gazing’ to try to get at least an idea of what we would face.”

“Those days might be well spent if it would prevent us from serious harm.” Giles pointed out exasperatedly.

“I know, that’s why the dungeons I’ve created so far are low leveled merging of realities energies.” Xander explained. “Theoretically, we’ll only face a few low level monsters if worse comes to worse. But once in a while, we might encounter strong foes due to external factors I can’t control. Like energies fluctuation between realities or even the Hellmouth in Sunnydale.”

“Sorry to interrupt your chat, but I am tagging that red Toyota.” Cordelia said cutting in as she pointed to the red car in the distance. “Let’s skip the lecture and take down those Orcs so I can get to my ride.”

“Cordelia! Orcs are very strong and malicious creatures. Buffy might be able to handle a few on her own, but there are around ten of those creatures here and I am not sure if you or Willow can fight them off.” Giles cautioned in a worried voice.

“Too late.” Xander said as the Orc closest to them spotted the little group and gave a roar, charging towards the tiny group. Hearing the battle cry, the rest of the Orcs also lifted their weapons and charged in their direction. “If things gets too dangerous, I’ll teleport us back to our own reality, just don’t knock me on the head again Cordelia! And everyone, don’t be afraid of killing them, they are not really alive in the real sense.”

“Of course I wouldn’t knock you again, unless you ask for it.” Cordelia said with a sniff, holding her sword up in a guard position. “And no one gets between me and my car!”

“Buffy, try to hold them off in front. Cordelia, you and me will flank Buffy’s side. Xander and Willow will take up support roles behind us.” Giles commanded as he strode forward besides Buffy. “Xander’s the only one who could get us out of here if we’re in trouble, don’t let any of them touch him. Buffy it would be easier if you freeze the Orcs first before dispatching them.”

“On to it.” Buffy called out in an affirmative as she flicked her hands out, freezing the three Orcs who was near them in mid stride.

Buffy rushed forward, cutting her swords through the throats of the three frozen Orcs. Blood spluttered onto her face and Buffy gave a grimace which turned to amazement as the blood and the bodies of the three Orcs disappeared into sparkles of energies.

“What the…” Buffy said in shock looking at the globes of energies where the monsters used to be.

“Well, the monsters are energy constructs, they dissipated into energy once they are killed.” Xander explained from his position at the back of the group.

“”If that’s the case, I wouldn’t feel so guilty about killing anything here.” Buffy said as she ran forward to begin her offensive.

Buffy was in rare form as she begin freezing the Orcs before killing them while Giles and Cordelia protected Buffy’s flanks in cases any of the Orcs slipped past. Giles and Cordelia managed to cut down one of the Orcs together while Xander did a perfect job of telekinetically flinging the rest of the Orcs back to the front where Buffy swiftly disabled and then killed them. Willow had managed to shoot an arrow into the throat of one of the Orcs who had then dissipated into energies like the rest of them.

The fight was over in a few minutes, and except for the slight bruises on Buffy’s arm where an Orc had slammed into her, everyone else had escaped with no injuries.

“I am beginning to understand why the Halliwells were considered the most powerful white witches.” Giles said in a tone of amazement as he eyed Buffy. “Between Buffy’s new powers of freezing the time, and Xander’s telekinetic abilities, those Orcs don’t stand a chance.”

“And that’s the way I prefer it.” Cordelia said as she strode forward towards her chosen car quickly, running her hands over it. “I wouldn’t mind helping in the slaying especially if we’ve got an unfair advantage.”

“You know Xander.” Willow asked from beside her best friend. “Can we really choose any car we want?”

Xander looked around the grassland which was devoid of life once the Orcs were gone. Only the cars, the numerous colorful small pouches and the unidentified plants were left.

“You can choose any of the vehicles that you wanted. But I have got another idea, how about I make this dungeon our base of operations? We can go to other dungeons from here. And when we want to go back home, we can just take any of the cars back with us. The rest of the cars can be kept here until we need them.” Xander asked as he looked at everyone. “We can use this place as our storage area for all the valuable stuff we’re going to find in our journey.

The only thing is that to make this dungeon permanent and hidden from other dimension or reality walkers, I’ll have to expand a significant portion of my spiritual energies. We’ll have to stay in this dungeon for the equivalent of a day before my powers are restored enough for me to get us home or create another dungeon for us to explore in.”

“That should be fine shouldn’t it?” Buffy asked with an excited grin. “After all, you can control the flow of time here. We’ll be returning to our reality at the exact moment we left, give or take a few minutes or seconds.”

“Yeah, and we were originally planning to spend a few days here anyway.” Willow spoke up, reaching into her back pack to take out a bag of chips. “We got enough food to have picnics for five days.”

“Goodness, is junk food all you children brought?” Giles asked, looking aghast.

"I did brought cans of instant soup and noddles.” Buffy said to Giles who was beginning to grimace in distaste. “This is like a camping trip after all. Easy, convenient food wins hands down.”

“Well I brought some salad, but I’m not sharing.” Cordelia stated bluntly from the side.

Giles seemed at lose for words as he stared at the four teenagers.

“Then it’s settled. This will be our dungeon base” Cordelia continued firmly. “That way I don’t have to just choose one of the cars, because that yellow Jaguar looks like a rather nice set of wheels as well...”


The three girls and Giles quickly set to work pitching up the tents, even though Xander had assured them that it would not rain in the sub-reality. Giles had however mentioned that looking at the weird colored sky of the sub-reality when he would be trying to sleep was highly uncomfortable. They had then laid out the bed rolls in the tents and began to sort out their supplies of food in an area of space between the two tents. Xander had remained seated in a lotus position by the side of their designated camp area, his eyes closed as he do whatever it was needed to make this sub-reality their permanent base. Buffy and Willow could feel the immerse sense of power pouring out of Xander though Cordelia claimed she felt nothing. Giles just shook his head silently and make it a point to make a detour around Xander whenever he needed to go pass him.

With the camping area set up, Giles left with a few extensible poles and a blanket towards the the side of the land where the stream was flowing downwards out of the sub-reality. Jamming the two poles on each side of the stream, he hang the blanket across the two poles to make a temporarily screen where the others could bath or clear any of their basic bowels urges. Since the stream was flowing past the grassland and out of the sub-reality, that means any human wastes they generated would simply vanish into the wild energies of the multi-realities.

Having accomplished that chore, Giles made his way back to their camping area, passing Cordelia who was relaxing in the seat of the red Toyato she had tagged, with music blasting out from the car's radio.

“You brought music with you for a dungeon trip?” Giles asked incredulously as he stopped next to the car.

“Nope, the car was already stocked with music cds, a rolex watch, tissue box, and magazines when I open up the compartments.” Cordelia said with a shrug as she leaned against the leather seat, eying Giles lazily through the open window. “I did some searching of the nearby cars. It seemed to be the same with them as well. These cars belonged to someone before they appeared in this dungeon. I even found a child seat and a bag of toys in one of the cars.”

“From what Xander explained of his abilities, it's more like those cars were replicated from the originals when they appeared in the sub-reality.” Giles mused thoughtfully. “That means we need to open up the compartments of all the vehicles here and see what items they might have. Some might be useful to us...”

A squeak in the distance where Buffy and Willow were gathered around interrupted Giles' train of thoughts. Cordelia rolled her eyes before closing them, leaving Giles to venture towards Buffy and Willow to find out what had caused them to be so excited.

“Giles! Look! Magic pouches.” Buffy exclaimed as she picked up one of the many small and colorful pouches around her. Vials of mysterious liquids, a sword and several daggers were arrayed in front of her. Buffy opened one of the pouch and dug her right hand inside, causing her whole hand to disappear from the arm down, seemingly vanishing into the small pouch.

“My goodness! Buffy take your hand out right now!” Giles barked as his heart skipped a beat at the thought of Buffy playing with an unknown magical artifact.

“Relax Giles, its just a bottomless magic pouch kinda deal. Look at this.” Buffy grinned as she pulled an impossibly long broad sword out from the small pouch. “Willow and I did a few experiments. We will put things into one of the pouches, and if we knew what we want, we can take it out straight away. If we have no idea what is in the pouches, the items will be taken out at random until the pouch is empty.”

“Good heavens.” Giles said as he turned and looked out at the large grasslands which were dotted with numerous small pouches lying on the soft grass. “There are a lot of pouches here.”

“Which means a lot of items stored in them for us to find.” Willow gave a happy grin. “This is so exciting. It's like opening a present, you never knew what you will find in a pouch. And can you imagine the uses for bottomless pouches once we get them home? No more carrying heavy school bags or holding inconspicuous weapons while slaying, we can just dump the things we need into the pouches. And fitting large items into the pouches is as easy as placing the items at the mouth of the pouches and think of it going in. It's like Dungeons and Dragons!”

“Good lord.” Giles muttered again, seemingly at a lost for words.

“I think we broke him.” Buffy said as she nudged Willow. “Come on, while Giles recover, let's find what's in the other pouches...”


Xander woke up feeling stiff, as though he ached everywhere. He had used up every last drop of his spiritual energy to make this sub-reality permanent, so that they could use it as their base of operations. His last conscious thought had been of crawling into the tent designated for Giles and himself and collapsing on the bed roll. He had a dim memory of Giles saying that the many small pouches decorating the landscapes were magical in nature, and Buffy remarking that they were getting a remarkable haul of unknown potions, weapons and armors from the pouches.

Carefully half standing in the small tent, he looked at Giles' sleeping form on the bed roll next to his and carefully walked out of the tent. The area was silent, except for the sound of music coming from one of the cars nearby. A collection of bottles, containing colored liquids of some kind, next to a huge pile of weapons and armors caught his eyes, causing him to move towards them. As he neared the collection, Xander realized that there were several piles of items grouped based their types. Pieces of A4 sized writing papers in front of each of the piles categorized them neatly. There were unknown magical potions, weapons, armors, clothes, shoes, herbs, jewelries, a vague category of “enchanted items” that contains almost all kinds of items from the other categories and lastly magical pouches which were already emptied. Xander quirked his eyebrow in amusement, resolving to ask the girls what was going on when he sees them, right at this moment though, they were most probably asleep...

“You're up.” Cordelia's voice cut through the near silence in the camping area.

Xander turned and saw her walking out of the car where soft music was coming from. Apparently Cordelia must have slept on the cushy seats of the car instead of the bed rolls.

“Willow's sleeping on the backseat of the yellow Jaguar over there, and I think Buffy's sleeping inside that Mercedes.” Cordelia said with a snort. “Giles insisted on sleeping in the tent, said he wanted to be nearby in case you suffer any signs of magical exhaustion. Don't bother waking them up though, they were sorting the items inside the magical pouches while you and I were asleep. When I woke up about an hour ago, they were only just turning in to sleep themselves.”

“So what's the deal with the magical pouches?” Xander asked curiously as he watched Cordelia moved towards the food area which had been set up, Xander realized belatedly that their stock of food seemed to have gotten bigger.

“The pouches are bottomless and each of them contains all sorts of items from weapons, armors to other daily necessities. Willow mentioned something about D&D when I asked.” Cordelia said with a shrug as she dug into a packet of bread and pulled a slice out. “The pouches are not the only thing with items in them though. I did a little searching inside the cars around us when Giles and the others went to sleep. Two of the vehicles contained bags of groceries, I checked the expiry dates, they are still consumable so I added them to the pantry area. Some of the food I discovered are fresh though, meaning we'll need to consume them soon since we've no chiller around here.”

“That shouldn't be too much of a problem, we'll just clear all the food that cannot be kept first. Anyway, it seems like this dungeon crawl netted us a large haul of items.” Xander said shaking his head. “I'll still need several hours of rest before my spirit energies are sufficiently restored to return us home or make a new dungeon. Which of the cars did you search? Perhaps we can look through the rest while the others are asleep.”

“There are only eleven cars on the grassland at this side of the stream, near our camp. I've already searched through them, that leaves the other cars at the other side of the stream.” Cordelia gave a long suffering sigh. “I'm not exactly looking forward to getting my feet wet, but it's better than sitting in my Toyota doing nothing.”

“Alright then.” Xander said with a grin as he moved towards the flowing stream. A sudden growl from his stomach caused him to stop and flushed a pale pink. “On second thoughts, let's get something to eat before we go scavenging...”


It was several hours before Buffy, Willow and Giles woke up. By then Xander and Cordelia had already finished sorting through all the items stored inside the various different cars. There had been simple things such as stuffed toys to expensive items such as diamond watches and jewelries. Since their task was finished, Xander and Cordelia had then gathered the magical pouches on the other side of the stream and dump them near their camp areas. It had been tiring work ferrying the pouches across the flowing stream until Cordelia had simply rolled her eyes and began instructing Xander to store all the pouches in one of the vehicles. After that was done. she drove the vehicle across the stream. Seeing as the stream reached only to their knees at its deepest level, it did not do much damage to the Land Rover they had chosen as the transport vehicle. It was also the loud sound of the vehicle which had caused Buffy, Willow and Giles to woke up.

“So you hadn't begin to sort out the items in the pouches yet?” Willow was asking with a yawn as Xander began unloading all the magical pouches in the Land Rover to the ground.

“I tested a few of the pouches, but we didn't start the actual sorting yet.” Xander said, answering Willow's question.

“Good.” Giles said tiredly. “Some of the items in the pouches are magical in nature, in another words, they are enchanted. We discovered that fact quite by accident... when Buffy suddenly gained tripled her strength while picking up a ring. Ever since then, we have to sort through all the items carefully. Buffy and Willow had been a great help sensing which items are enchanted. A trait I suspect they have due to their Charmed witch powers. You might be able to help out since you've gained similar witch abilities. Willow had been attempting to use her precognitive powers to ascertain what type of enchantments an item bears with varying success. We've sorted those that are identified into empty pouches.”

“Yeah, We have built up quite a horde of rings that tripled one's strength, or tripled the regenerative abilities of a person.” Buffy said with a gleam in her sleepy eyes. “There seemed to be quite a lot of magical rings of those two types. Willow's holding onto the pouch we used to contain the Rings of Regeneration as we called them, while I am holding the pouch we used to contain the Rings of Strength. Willow has to be on hand for all the sorting. She's the only one of us that has a passing chance of figuring out the magical properties of an item.”

“Rings of Strength and Regeneration?” Xander asked with a grin. “It sounds like a geek's wet dream come true. I am going to stake my claims on some of them. And I can take some of the load of Willow. I have Dungeon Monk's ability of Seeing magic, there's a high chance I can identify what type of enchantments an item bears since the Dungeon Monks had seen a lot of magical enchantments in his long undead life.”

“That will be great! It is getting a bit tiresome trying to force a vision on the spot. And about the rings, we're going to distribute them anyway. Skin contact with the rings is all it take to activate their enchanted effects. Some of the weapons and armors from the magical pouches also have enchanted properties, we're still sorting them out.” Willow explained as she pulled out a small blue pouch from her pocket. “Currently there's twenty Rings of Regeneration and seventeen Rings of Strength, they are certainly more than enough for everyone here.”

“Great, this just means our odds of surviving each dungeon crawls have increased.” Cordelia said with a predatory smile. “Which means more treasures headed our way. I am getting more and more sold on the idea of dungeon crawling.”

“Your smile is giving me the creeps Cordelia.” Xander said rolling his eyes. “But since we still have so many items left to sort out, how about we schedule our next dungeon crawl sometime tomorrow. We can have a day's worth of time to go through all the items we've netted in this dungeon, and decide which empowered or enchanted weapons we're going to take and use at our next dungeon crawl...


In Jamaica

A Slayer dream… Kendra identified quickly as she noted the clarity of the objects around her even as she took in her surroundings. She remembered putting her head down on her pillow before waking up in an empty street lined with houses.

A clash sounded in the distance and Kendra saw a dirt smudged, long haired, wild looking woman knocking down several dustbins, spilling their contents. The woman growled at Kendra and quickly moved towards her. Kendra tensed, readying herself for a fight when a seemingly blast of energies slammed into the wild haired woman, sending her flying back into the rubbish bins.

The woman gave one last growl before disappearing into thin air. Kendra blinked, wondering what the woman was supposed to symbolize in her Slayer dream.

“It’s amazing how quickly my powers grew when I am trapped here with that crazy woman.” A female voice said from behind Kendra.

Kendra spun around instantly, finding herself face to face with a beautiful brown haired woman in her late twenties or early thirties.

“Who are you?” Kendra asked, stepping backwards carefully.

“Ah huh.” The woman said shaking her finger at Kendra. “I am the one with the question. Why do you go out every night to slay the demons and save the innocents?”

“It is my duty.” Kendra replied instantly, reciting the words she had been taught since young.

A frown appeared on the woman’s head as she observed Kendra.

“That’s it? That’s your answer?” The woman asked giving Kendra a careful look.

“Yes, being a Slayer is what I am born for, and I will fulfill my duty.” Kendra replied, wondering if the woman was an emissary from the Powers That Be trying to pass her a message.

“Oh.” The woman said sounding disappointed at Kendra’s choice of answer. “Having a calling doesn’t necessary make it a sworn duty you know.”

“What do you mean?” Kendra asked in confusion. “Who are you?”

“What do I mean? That is really something you have to find out on your own.” The woman replied. “As for who I am, I am Piper Halliwell, once of the Charmed Ones… now trapped within the bloodline of hundreds over girls… together with that crazy woman… and the other one... I will seek you out again in time Kendra Young. I hope when I next see you, you’ll finally realize what it means to be a Charmed Slayer…”

Kendra felt a disturbing feeling swept over her as the houses, street, together with the woman disappeared with a swirl of light, as if flushed down a drain. There was a moment of dislocation, and Kendra thought she was going to wake up... until she suddenly found herself in a richly furnished room of what looked to be some high class lady, with said blond haired lady in a seemingly uncomfortably dress seated in a cushioned chair in front of a tea table looking delightedly at her.

“Oh! Oh! Those two wretched women are gone at last.” The young primly dressed lady tittered in delight. “You wouldn't believe how boring it is to be trapped here between the two of them!”

“What...” Kendra began in bewilderment but was cut off by the young lady.

“Come! Come! I must insist. Sit down and have some tea.” The young lady said as she waved at the empty chair in front of her.

“Who are you?” Kendra asked looking at the young lady in shock. In her mind, Kendra was busy analyzing every detail of her Slayer dream so that she could decipher its meaning when she woke up.

“Oh my apologies, I've been so excited at having civilized company at last that I forget myself.” The young lady drew a deep breath and puffed out her chest. “I am Elizabeth Summers, daughter of Lord Summers, and I am dying to discuss French and embroidery with you...”

Perhaps it was her Slayer senses warning her of impending doom. Whatever the case, Kendra began to back away from the strangely dressed young lady who kept insisting that she sit down. Turning, Kendra made a break for the only door in the room. Opening it, she ran out... only to find herself falling into a bottomless darkness... With a frightened gasp, Kendra woke up, clutching her bed sheets to her chest as sweat rolled down her forehead.

“Who were those strange women?” Kendra muttered to herself, as she wondered what her latest Slayer dream was trying to tell her to do. She hoped it would not end up with an apocalypse where she would have to stop those three women from taking over the world. Because she had little doubt that they were a force even she would have trouble going against...
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