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Dungeon Monk Xander Rewrite

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Summary: Rewrite of Dungeon Monk Xander. Halloween night changed everything for Buffy and the others. Xander gained the ability to create random dungeons, and their lives are now that much different...

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Chapter 5

Story Title: Dungeon Monk Xander Rewrite

Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/ Percy Jackson and the Olympians/ Stargate/ Phantom Brave/ World of Warcraft/ Charmed/ Battlestar Galactica/ Multiple

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters or plots from the crossovers listed above, all of them belongs to their rightful owners. I am not making any profit from this and this story is shared publicly for the viewing of the fans.

Last of all, this is a work of fanfiction, done without profit, and just a fan’s way of saying how much he liked the TV shows and games enough to spend his time out of work and studies to write something to carry on the memories of the shows and games.


Chapter 5: Threat in the Home Front

Outskirt of Sunnydale

The flaming Mercedes swooped down from the sky, landing three miles away from the town of Sunnydale, right at the border of turbulent energies emitting from the Hellmouth, nestled deep within the town. A handsome blond haired man, looking to be in his early twenties stepped out of the vehicle, staring towards the direction of the town with heavy eyes.

Seventeen years ago, he had asked his lover to go into hiding within this town, to protect herself and the child she was caring. The powers of the Gods were weakened by the energies emitting from the Hellmouth, and all within that infernal place were hidden from view. Even he, the God of Truth and Prophecy, the Sun God Apollo, have difficulty using his Sight to see into the place. Children of Gods, demigods who stayed too long under the influence of a Hellmouth would lose all their powers and demigods traits.

It was what had happened to his son, hidden within Sunnydale for the past seventeen years. Apollo had been sure of it, because two weeks after his lover, Jessica had entered the town, he had a vision of his unborn child, Alexander, suffering great pain as he lost his demigod abilities. Apollo had seen Jessica going into early labor, he had seen Alexander born into the world, in Sunnydale General Hospital. Apollo had been sure that Alexander was born a mortal with access to a large pool of power, but unable to mold that power in any form. That was mainly due to the fact that all his demigod traits and abilities were stripped.

That single night seventeen years ago, had caused his son to fall off the radar of the Olympians. But something had happened two days ago during Halloween night, something in the town of Sunnydale that had alarmed the various members of the Olympians. The twelve great Gods, which Apollo himself was part of, were as close to panic as they could ever be. Whatever had happened, Apollo had been shut out of the discussion. Even Aphrodite had been apprehensive about talking to him, and she had been one of his greatest ally among the Olympians. Apollo's only suspicions was that it had something to do with Alexander, who was Apollo's only link in the town.

Which was why Apollo was now at the outskirt of Sunnydale, trying to get a feel of the ambient energies and See what had gone wrong. Peering into the cloud of dimensional energies emitting from the Hellmouth was not an easy task, but Apollo have all the time in the world since all of the other Gods were giving him the cold shoulder. Learning against his car, Apollo looked towards the town and See.


In sub-reality, Home Base

The solemn group was in Willow's room, watching the unconscious girl with varying emotions. Giles with concern and a hint of anger, Buffy, Xander and even Cordelia were showing signs of worry. Zak however, seemed to be in shock.

“So you think she casts some of this magic, to make us learn all the languages that everyone knows?” Zak asked, still in wonder at all the knowledge in his head. The English words came out from his lips as if he was a born American, he was pretty sure he could speak the words with a British accent as well.

“I am quite sure.” Giles said looking at the slip of paper which had contained Willow's spell. Xander had found it in Willow's hands shortly after he had gotten her to breathe again. By then Buffy, Giles and Cordelia had arrived on the scene. They had quickly put Rings of Regeneration on Willow before placing her into her own room. “From your description of what she did and the spell found on her, I am certain she attempted some language transfer magic.”

“I am surprised the spell even worked.” Xander said, shaking his head in amazement. “I mean I know Buffy, Willow and me got the Charmed Ones powers. But their spells... well they are TV spells, you know harmless rhymes and such that should not do anything in the real world. The troubling thing was the spell Willow crafted actually worked. I could sense her manipulating reality energies when the spell was being cast.”

“That is what shock me as well.” Giles said grimly. “Magic back on Earth uses the powers of existing Gods or nature to power the spells. This Charmed magic makes no sense at all. We will need to cautiously explore why this particular type of magic is able to work for Willow and perhaps you and Buffy. Right now however, we need to focus on the main issue. The spell Willow had cast worked almost too perfectly. If I am right, Willow is currently suffering from serious magical exhaustion. She will not be waking up for the next few days.”

“But she didn't even have any injuries.” Buffy said in surprise, her eyes lingering on Willow's pale face.

“The injury is not visible. The damage is to her magic core. That is going to take time to heal since I doubt the Rings of Regeneration can heal magical wounds.” Giles said heavily. “We will need to feed her soluble food in the main time, until she wakes up on her own. Keep the rings on her, they might do her some good and maintain her physical body in a good condition until she awakens.”

“So we're just going to wait?” Xander asked incredulously, staring at the older man accusingly.

“Yes. We can hardly send her to a hospital after all.” Giles explained with a frown. “They would not be able to help her either way. There are a few magical communities with healing establishments on Earth... but sending Willow to any of those places is going to be asking for more trouble than it is worth. Let's just say drawing their attention to any of us is not going to be a good thing.”

“Well in that case we need to draw up a schedule of who is taking care of Willow at different intervals.” Cordelia said, looking at Willow's unmoving body with surprising concern.

“Since there are five of us, let us divide by five hour shifts, with the last person having a four hour shift each day.” Giles suggested, looking weary but determined.

“That is fine by me.” Xander said softly, his hand intertwined with Willow's. “I will take the first shift. I need to make sure she is going to be alright.”


Zak was not sure what to do after everyone had scattered upon leaving Willow's room. He might be able to communicate with everyone now that the magical language library was part of his mind, but so far his only real contact had been with Giles. Unfortunately, Giles had retreated to his room once they stepped into the corridor, the girl called Buffy had retreated to the kitchen, whereas the other one, the Cordelia girl had rushed to her room after saying something about half washed hair.

Left to his own devices, Zak decided that he needed some fresh air. His head was pounding from the implantation of the magical library of languages. Making his way swiftly down the first level of the ship, Zak cut through the cargo bay and headed out of the open door. Zak shook his head, he would have to find time one day to fix the jammed cargo door. Stepping out of the ship into the wasteland, Zak turned his head towards the multicolored sky to clear his head before he froze.

Swarms of small glittering white figures flew overhead in the sky above him. They looked like pinpricks of light, until a few of them flew down to check him out. That was when Zak realized with shock that those things, whatever they were, look like the small sprite like creature that had kissed him before the whole magical language library was passed to him.

“Dear lords.” Zak cursed as a few of the flying sprite like creatures flew closer towards him. Backing away carefully, he rushed back inside White Sails. He most certainly does not want another pain inducing headache if those things kiss him again. There is also the fact that he needs to inform Giles of the continued existence of the creatures.


“So the sprites Willow had called up with her spell still remains.” Xander mused as he looked at Giles and Zak, who had came into Willow's room to inform him of what had happened. “I guess I shouldn't be surprised, I've been sensing slight stirrings of reality energies around the Home Base since the spell. Whatever Willow did, she somehow manipulated the surrounding reality energies to create living constructs bound to the Home Base. They are not exactly alive as we know it, but they are sentinel. Moreover, they don't feel malicious to my Dungeon Monk senses, nothing like the massive chaotic signatures I get when we're facing off the mindless energy constructs in our dungeon crawls.”

“So we're just going to leave them alone?” Giles asked with a worried frown.

“Yes, I've a feeling that now we've all the languages that everyone knew in the Home Base, they wouldn't disturb us again.” Xander said with a far away look in his eyes. “Think of them like some kind of living universal translator, and skin contact with them allows them to share languages with everyone in the Home Base. I would have preferred the painless Star Trek version, but what they have passed to us, the language library in each of our minds, I think it's going to be permanent. We don't have to rely on some machine to translate our every word for us.”

“Well if you're sure they're alright, I guess there will be no need for us to prepare for battle.” Giles conceded a bit reluctantly. “You need a book or anything while you're watching over Willow? I can get one for you on our way out.”

“It's alright. I think it's time I do something constructive during this period of free time.” Xander said looking at Zak. “It's time I give our Home reality a good look and try to locate Zak's home.”


Seeing into the streams of the infinite realities is like peering through a thick fog of constantly moving shifting rainbows, fleeting images of the going-ons of the infinite realities flash pass quickly. A lesser and untrained man would be driven mad at the Sight, but with the centuries of Dungeon Monk memories to back him, Xander could accomplish this feat with ease, especially since the target he was locating and looking into was his Home reality.

All living things, and all non-living things have a reality signature that ties and identify them with their Home realities. It was an easy task for Xander to piggy back on his link with his Home reality to locate it and peer into it.

Since he was from Earth, Xander was able locate its position from the Home reality easily. It was an instinctual action tied to his Dungeon Monk ability. To instinctively know the location of a place he had been to, so that when he was looking in from another reality, he could find the place.

Shifting through the reality energies that contained the makeup of everything on Earth, Xander saw a frozen picture of the going-ons on the planet. Not surprising since he had slowed time in the Home Base, so that weeks in the Home Base equals minutes and seconds in his Home reality. Looking at a frozen picture of life on Earth was not going to be of much help however, which was why Xander knew he had to attempt a higher level of Dungeon Monk's reality manipulation abilities.

Reality energies are the essences of all life and objects that made up a reality. A stray of blue green energy might contain the essence of the planet Jupiter and all life and objects in it... one and a half minute ago. That bolt of orange energy might be the essence of a Sun still burning in the present. Reality energies stayed in a reality forever. That is to say a human who lived one hundred years ago will still exits in his reality as a reality essence, leaving his mark in the reality forever. The Dungeon Monk had understood the inner workings of reality, which was why he had developed a skill to see the past of a reality.

After all, reality energies are made up of the past and present essences of a reality, that was why Xander utilizing the knowledge of the Dungeon Monk, began viewing the essences of the past in a constant flow. The frozen picture of life on Earth changed to that of a rewinding picture of the past. The Dungeon Monk himself, was only able to rewind the reality energies and view the past essence of a reality up to two days from the present. It was therefore quite a surprise to Xander when he was able to manipulate the realities essence to view images of the past more than a month from the present and still going.

Xander watched in shock as he focus on the town of Sunnydale and saw the rewind images of life in the town for the past few weeks, months... and then stopping at the limit of two years, three months and seven days. Of course, he could not change the past, but being able to see into the past of a reality for more than two years of time... it was going to be a very valuable tool.

“This... is new.” Xander said in astonishment from his physical position in Willow's room, seated beside her bed. His mind and eyes however were light years away, in the reality energies of his Home reality. “I guess I am more powerful in viewing the past essence of realities than the Dungeon Monk.”

Xander tried again, this time focusing on the essence of Buffy in Sunnydale, an easy task since he had already identified her unique reality signature. She could not be found in the present time of their Home reality, but rewind back a few minutes and Xander was able to view into the Sunnydale High School Library where Buffy had stood with Xander, Willow, Cordelia and Giles, in preparation of their latest dungeon crawling trip. It was like looking at a video, and their past selves were the actors and actress. Xander could hear every words they had said and every sound in the room. He could see their very actions, like the fact that Willow looked noticeably nervous while the rest were excited, something he had never spotted the first time round.

Xander shook his head, it was still unbelievable even to him that only a few minutes of time in his Home reality had passed, while the group had already lived for days in the Home Base. Rewinding back the picture of Buffy's past for a few hours, Xander was treated to a hilarious video like images of her walking backwards from the High School back to her house. Eat breakfast, go up to her room... get undressed.... Xander's mind came to a halt as he stopped the image of Buffy lifting up her clothes, or rather, she was putting on her clothes, just that Xander was looking at her past in a backward flow.

Carefully, cautiously, Xander dispelled the running images of Buffy's past. He had to admit, he would love to watch as Buffy undress, he had been in love with the girl ever since he knew her. But that was going to be totally wrong. If some peeping tom had tried to look in on the girls while they were showering, Xander would have beaten him up, come rain or hell fire. His sense of chivalry extended even to himself, even though his hormones were screaming at him to rewind back the images of Buffy's past a bit further...

Face reddening, Xander quickly lifted his mind out of the gutter. He would take a cold shower later, but right now he had a task to accomplish, and that was to find Zak's home planet. Xander already had Zak's unique reality signature, and thus from his starting point from Earth, Xander tried to sense where Zak's essence exist in their Home reality... and …. he got nothing.

Xander tried again, putting more power into sensing Zak's presence in their Home reality. Still nothing. Xander frowned. It seemed that wherever Zak's planet was, it was quite far from Earth. As Xander had first dreaded, finding Zak's home planet was going to take a while. Xander's reality essence sensing ability has a limited range of up to a few solar systems in a reality, give or take, that means he need to venture further from Earth's essence in order to try again.

Choosing a random direction, Xander ventured from Earth, images of space and planets flashing past his eyes. The darkness of space, lifeless husks of planets, gas giants, suns, golden pyramid like space ships.... WHAT?

Xander paused at the absurd image of flying pyramid shaped shapes. There were two of them, and they were hovering above a planet. Zooming in on the planet revealed stretches of desert... pyramids and humans? Xander reeled himself back to space, this time zooming into one of the two space ship. He need to know what was going on. Using the spaceship he was looking into as the target, he rewind images of the past.

Under the blistering desert sun, Ra walked in front of the rows of villagers, herded out of the tents by his Jaffa and smiled as he stopped in front of a frightened young man. His eyes flashed golden and his voice, sounding like it was spoken through a distorted speaker said: “You'll do.”

Kasuf cried out desperately as the Jaffa lead his son Skaara away. “Please! Not my son. Please mighty God Ra, take me instead, spare my son.”

His daughter Sha're latched onto him as she sobbed. “Father no. Skaara would not want you to do this.”

In one of the pyramid ships, in a chamber, Ra looked at Skaara and smiled. “You will make a good host.”

Pressing his mouth against Skaara's, the Goa'uld crawled out of the mouth of his previous host, slithering into Skaara's throat. His previous host dropped onto the floor dead. Skaara turned around, eyes blazing gold and looked at the gathered Jaffa as he addressed them confidently.

I am your God Ra!” He intoned. The Jaffas went on their knees.

“Oh dear...” Xander said looking at the frozen image of the past. “This is bad... very bad... I need to find out more about this Ra...

Using Ra's reality signature, Xander peered into the parasitic alien's past actions for the past two years, three months and seven days....


“There are parasitic aliens out there in our Home reality.” Giles said numbly as he repeated again what Xander had told him. The group had gathered in a corner of Willow's room as Xander called an emergency meeting. They had to hold the meeting in Willow's room as someone need to be around to look after Willow and Xander had insisted on everyone attending. “There are parasitic aliens, using the names of Egyptian Gods in our Home reality, enslaving planets of humans...”

“Yes there is Giles. As I told all of you, I could only see into the past of our reality for two years plus, it didn't exactly give me a complete history of the Goa'ulds, but what information I got gave me a rough idea of what they are like. Basically I used the Goa'uld Ra as a focus, viewing his past actions, interactions with the humans he enslaved, the Jaffas, and the other Goa'ulds. Ra is inhumanely cruel to his human slaves, preferring torture and pain to get what he wants. I've also attempted to see the past of a few other Goa'uld Underlords of Ra's and they seemed to be made from the same cloth.” Xander narrated grimly. “I am quite certain they are parasitic in nature, needing a human hosts to survive and communicate. The bunch of them are also egomaniacs, with delusions of being Gods over humans, and seemed like evil overlords of a bad science fiction drama.”

“That's just great.... And you were saying that this Ra thingie is only a few solar systems away from Earth?” Cordelia said with a grimace. “When he finds Earth, it's going to be a slaughter. What's Earth going to do against a bunch of starships?”

“Actually between Ra's closest owned planet and Earth, there are close to over twenty plus solar systems spread in between with a lot of dark space. Yes, their pyramid like motherships, Ha'taks, are very powerful, but based on what I've seen in the past of their speed, it would take close to one month of travel for their Ha'tak to reach Earth.” Xander said with a grin. “Now that we know the Goa'ulds exists, I can keep a look out for them. If any of them made their way to Earth, we'll have more than enough time to deal with them.”

“With what? White Sails?” Cordelia asked rolling her eyes. “If it escaped your notice, I don't exactly see any big guns on this ship.”

White Sails is a civilian vessel, it doesn't have any weapons. In fact none of the three working ships in the Home Base are outfitted with weapons.” Zak agreed as he nodded at Cordelia's statement. “There's a wreckage of a military gun ship outfitted with rail guns though. I am not sure of the damage to the weapons, but we might be able to harvest the rail guns.”

“You're thinking too complex.” Xander said, a gleam in his eye. “If worse come to worse, I can always teleport ourselves into the invading starships and kill the Goa'ulds. Cut off the snake heads so to speak. I can't really do that if a horde of invading space aliens arrived at our doorsteps though, which is why I am thinking of going on a little shopping trip...”

“A shopping trip?” Buffy asked perking up at the word shopping.

“Yes. While viewing the past of Goa'uld Ra, I found the locations of a few of his shipyards. Normally ships which are built would stay in the ship yards with minimal crew while safety tests are being conducted. Some of the ships don't even have crews.” Xander said looking at Buffy and the others.

“Please tell me you aren't expecting us to steal spaceships from evil aliens?” Cordelia said with a sigh as she pressed a hand to her forehead.

“Well, we need those ships. Granted I would need to stay onboard a Ha'tak mothership, the Goa'uld's most powerful starship, for a few days of energy wrapping to teleport it, so that idea is not feasible, seeing as Ha'taks are always guarded by a very large crew. But for the smaller ships of the Goa'ulds, such as an Al'kesh or a Tel'tak, I can teleport it in hours or minutes.” Xander said enthusiastically. “I'll need someone to guard me while I am teleporting large ships like the Al'kesh though, so what do you guys think?”

“Xander, even if we stole the ships, how would we know how to operate them?” Giles asked reasonably.

“Well... like they say... monkey see and monkey do.” Xander said with a grin. “I've seen years of how Ra and his Jaffas operate the Ha'tak, Al'kesh and Tel'tak. I am quite confident I can fly them and teach all of you how to operate them.”

“In that case, I am in.” Buffy said nodding her head. “But we need to make sure the ships we steal don't have much people on board. I don't want to have to fight an army.”

“Someone needs to look after Willow while you're all gallivanting in the galaxy stealing spaceships.” Cordelia said rolling her eyes. “I am volunteering.”

“Okay, so that leaves me with Buffy, Giles and Zak.” Xander said looking at Giles and Zak seriously. “Buffy's going, what about the rest of you?”

“We'll need those spaceships to defend Earth. There's not much I can argue against is there?” Giles sighed resignedly. “But this is getting bigger than all of us could handle. We'll need to ask the Watcher's Council for assistance in building up a space defense when we return to Earth.”

“I guess we'll need people to man the ships we steal.” Xander said sounding reluctant as if he had not wanted to involve anyone else outside the current group.

“I'll follow all of you as well. I've no wish to see the thirteenth planet fall to some parasitic aliens.” Zak said gravely.

“Alright then, let's gear up while Cordelia look after Willow.” Xander said getting out of his chair. “I already have an Al'kesh that is just right for our Grand Theft Starship, and it only have three guards.”


Re'kan was a Jaffa of Ra, charged with guarding an Al'kesh while it sat in the shipyard, waiting to be collected by a Ha'tak. There were six more completed Al'kesh in the shipyard waiting for collection all guarded by a group of Jaffas. Each of the completed Al'kesh were all outfitted with ample amounts of goods to be transferred to the Ha'tak that would be here soon to collect them. The Al'kesh Re'kan was guarding was used as a temporarily pack mule to store several crates of rations, Zat'nik'tel, staff weapons, body armors and two Sarcophagus.

Ship guarding was a boring task, assigned to Jaffas who were at the lower ends of the ranking ladder. Nothing of consequence ever happened. None of the human slaves would dare steal an Al'kesh. Enemies Jaffas would rather sabotage or destroy an Al'kesh then to steal it. After all, the Goa'uld Lord they were serving under could always built more Al'kesh. That was why when Re'kan heard a sound behind him, he turned around expecting to see his fellow Jaffas, not a small blond haired woman who grinned at him before slamming her fist into his face.

Pain... there was pain and darkness... and Re'kan knew nothing more.


Buffy stood guard over the unconscious bodies of the three dark skinned men, whom Xander had called Jaffas, as Xander sat in a corner of the room attempting to bring them back to Home Base. After Buffy had hunted down the Jaffas and knocked them out, the group had retreated to one of the crew quarters on the second floor of the ship they were in. The bodies of the three men were tied with ropes and laid on a bed, partly due to the reason that Xander had to teleport back to Home Base first before he could transport the three Jaffas to any place in their Home reality. As Xander had constantly explained about his power's limitations, he can only teleport into a reality or sub-reality as long as he exists outside it.

“It's already close to an hour.” Giles spoke up, a strained note in his voice.

“Xander did say this Al'kesh ship is quite a large object to teleport and he'll need time.” Buffy said with a sigh. “You're being extra jumpy today Giles.”

“We are in an alien starship, in an alien shipyard, surrounded by hostile aliens.” Giles bit out. “I am sure my jumpiness is reasonable. Who knows what these aliens are capable of?”

“I've never seen real aliens before until now.” Zak spoke up, staring at the three tied up Jaffas with interest. “Though I must admit, aside from the weird looking pouches around their stomach areas, they look remarkably human.”

“Didn't Xander say they keep Goa'uld larvae in those pouches?” Buffy said looking at the Jaffas with distaste. “Come on Zak, don't lean so close to them.”

“A pity we cannot just turn these three over to the Council.” Giles said grimly. “The Councils have people who specialize in getting information out of people. There's so much we still do not know about the Goa'ulds or Jaffas. Like for instance, what relation do they have with the Egyptian Gods they emulate. And why are there so many humans on other planets? In fact, now that I think about it, I wonder if the Goa'ulds have any relation to the Goald demons who were supposedly banished from Earth centuries ago. We'll need to begin research when we return to Sunnydale.”

“Drat!” Buffy grumbled. “That would be a downer.”

Giles opened his mouth to say more when Xander opened his eyes.

“We're going.” Was all he said.

Buffy could feel the familiar feeling of Xander's teleport energies building up around her, cocooning her magical senses, and then... the feelings of the energies disappeared.

Xander got up from the chair he was sitting on stiffly, walking slowing to where Buffy and the others were gathered by the bed containing the three tied Jaffas.

“We're back at Home Base.” Xander explained as he looked down at their prisoners. “I better teleport these three goons to some remote habitable planet in our Home reality before we begin exploring our new ship...”

Xander gave a hiss and stumbled back as sparkles of light suddenly appeared around the group. His legs off balanced, causing Xander to land onto the floor on his butt.

“It's the sprites!” Zak said in alarm as small human figures with wings zoom in on them. The same sprite like creatures that Willow had created with her spell, which passed them their magical library of languages.

Buffy quickly raised a hand to ward off the sprite that was aiming for her, but gave a cry of pain as her hand touched the small flying figure. A burning sensation began in her head, the exact same feeling as the time when the magical language library was first imprinted into her.

Through her pain, she could see Zak, Giles and Xander collapsing as the sprites touched them. Six more sprites flew towards the unconscious Jaffas, three kissed the each of the Jaffas on their cheeks, while three burrowed into the stomach pouches of each of the Jaffas. The result was instantaneous, the three Jaffas awoke with cries of pain, struggling in their bonds, while three slimy snake like creatures burst out of the Jaffas' stomach pouches with ear splitting screeches.

One landed on her chest and Buffy gave a cry of alarm, trying to scrambled back through her pain filled haze. Then there was a piercing pain at the side of her neck and her consciousness.... splintered...


Tired, she just feel so tired. Willow felt like she was cushioned by enormous and invisible cotton balls as she floated aimlessly through a never ending darkness.

Light... a pin prick, it grew brighter, it grew large... and then Willow found herself standing on a soft carpet, her energies rapidly restored. As her senses returned to her fully, Willow found herself standing in what seems like a living room, a TV was before her, a coffee table beside her, and a sofa behind her.

Footsteps. Willow turned and looked at at the arch way of the living room as a brown haired young woman appeared. The young woman smiled at Willow softly.

“I supposed we need no introductions Willow Rosenberg.” The young woman said as she walked up to Willow who was frozen in shock.

“Yes... I mean no... I know you.” Willow stammered as she stared at the woman. “Phoebe... Phoebe Halliwell.”

“Yes. I am Phoebe, formerly of the Charmed Ones. Now a spirit entity existing inside you.” Phoebe Halliwell said looking at Willow grimly. “I have come to warn you, soul sister. That dark futures are looming ahead for you and your friends...”


Author's Note: Hope you guys enjoyed the latest chapter :) Please review if you like it. I originally planned to set this story in a Stargate verse where the Ancients never came to Earth, but I realized that was not feasible if I wanted to add in Stargate characters in later part of the story. I want John Sheppard and Jack O'Neill to appear, and they are not going to be born if the Ancients never came to Earth, since they are part Ancient themselves.

So to clarify. This story is set in an AU Stargate verse, where the history of the Ancients remained roughly the same (with some slight alterations) until they ascended. Earth never discovered the Stargate and there is no Stargate Command... for now....


An updated story timeline for those who are interested:

? - Alterans (Stargate) separated from their counterpart, the Ori due to differences in ideologies. They fled through several galaxies, barely surviving the Ori's attempts to eradicate them

? - Alterans arrived on Earth, in the Milk Way galaxy. They joined the Titans War (Tie in to Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book series) in which they aid the Olympians to defeat the Titan Army and seal the Titans away. The Alterans became firm friends and allies of the Olympians.

? - Great strides were made in combining Alteran technologies with the quantum manipulation “magic” ability of the Olympians. It was however discovered that the Olympians loses much power once they were a great distance from Earth. An oath was made to keep the Olympians a secret in the galactic scene, to protect this powerful yet fragile race, due to this glaring weakness.

? - A second race was created by the Alterans, considered a second evolution of the Alterans, they will be called Humans in the far future.

? - The Olympians mated with some of the humans, producing demigods.

? - Formation of the Great Alliance between the Alteran, Nox, and Furling. No mention of the Olympians were made to these allies. Earth itself was a considered the home world of the Alterans and is a restricted planet. When it was discovered that the Nox were quantum manipulators of lesser power and skills, the Olympians agreed to be introduced to them.

? - The Olympians and the Nox experimented and learned from each other, both sides growing in power. The Nox grew intoxicated with their own growing powers.

? - The Alterans realized there was something artificial in the creation of the universe, a pattern that keeps repeating. They began to refer to it as the Cosmic Pattern. A ship, using their latest technologies was built, meant to head right into the heart of the Universe, collecting data about the Pattern. The ship was named Destiny, and was meant to be boarded once it had traveled through the closest sector of galaxies.

? - The Asgards joined the Alliance thousands of years later. The Alterans became referred to as the Ancients by the Asgards. The Furlings left for other galaxies, leaving behind a race of engineered children. The Nox after a great civil war which destroyed four solar systems and millions of lives, became pacifists, restricting themselves to only their home planets.

? - The Alterans were afflicted with a devastating plague. The Olympian Apollo managed to find a cure and saved the majority of the Alterans. However a second, more powerful plague hit them, causing more deaths before a cure could be found. Realizing that they were attacked by their counterpart the Ori, and that the Ori would keep assaulting them now that they knew of their location, the Alterans fled the Milky Way galaxy. They made a big deal of mass exodus from their home planets, to make sure the Ori's attention are turned away from Earth, thus protecting the Olympians.

? - The Asgards began making heavy use of cloning technologies to extend their life span. The Nox, the last remaining member of the Great Alliance still residing in Milky Way galaxy tried to persuade the Asgards to turn away from this path to no avail. All ties between the Nox and the Asgards thus ended due to differences in idealogies.

? - The Asgards discovered that they were suffering from a genetic disease due to overusing of cloning technology. This spurn the Asgards' desperate attempts to find a cure for the next thousands of years. Their pride prevented them from asking the Nox for help. They also suspect that the Nox might no longer be willing to help them.

- Missing History -

8 B.C. – Asgards (AU Stargate) discovered Earth and the Olympians. The Olympians intrigued the scientists among the Asgards. Communications and an alliance between the two races began. The Asgards were under the mistaken impression that the powers of the Olympians came from their human worshipers.

6 B.C. - A group of rogue Asgards led by Loki betrayed the Asgard Council and the Olympians. Several Greek human settlements were kidnapped and several of the Olympians suffered attacks, during which a bit of their power essence were extracted.

- The Alliance between the Asgards and the Olympians were shattered by the betrayal. The Oracle of Apollo at that time made a Great Prophecy. The Olympians would interpret the Prophecy as a Son of Apollo would find back the lost Greek settlements, but also destroy the Olympians.

- The rogue Asgards placed the kidnapped humans onto a habitable planet. They successfully cloned less powerful versions of the Olympians from the stolen essence. The process took thirty years. The humans on the planet had by this time named the planet Kobol. A time dilation field was set up, surrounding several star systems, one of which contained the planet Kobol. One thousand years past inside the time dilation field for every three years of real time. The rogue Asgards observed and gathered data on the cloned Olympians, trying to find the origins of their powers as they interact with the humans.

- Missing History -

The End?

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