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Chosing Family

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Summary: Xander wants adopted and Giles. . . isn't actually a Giles

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Giles-CenteredChaoskittenFR721,355053,21927 Dec 1030 Dec 10No

Informing Grandad

For Village Orchid who reminded me that files is a watcher from his mothers side and Kizunakat who wanted more. I still own nothing.

Giles was ashen faced as he hung up the phone. He cleaned his glasses, the squeek squeek squeek of the cloth against them reassuring. He closed his eyes, taking a breath before standing and moving to plug in the little electric kettle. While it boiled he lost himself in making tea.

Looking contemplatively into the teacup he let his mind dwell on what he had been told. He glanced through the paperwork before turning to the infernal device, glaring at it even as he typed the passwords in. Just because he didn't like it did not mean that he didn't know how to use it. With the webcam set up he moved to sit in front of the webcam.

"Hello Father." Giles finally commented, even as a rather young in comparison face came into the screen.

"Rupert" came the very American voice. "How goes life as a peeping tom?" he asked, the tone in his voice between mocking and teasing.

"Since the Watchers Council fired me before they met their untimely demise I am no longer one of their ilk Jack." Giles answered.

"Good, I never really understood why your father let his wife dictate where he should work, and where you should work." Jack answered, a far away look in his eye. "How is your other father?" his voice was wistful.

"It was in calling my mother that I found out that" he choked up a little. "It wasn't till I phoned mother that I found out that Dad was working in London when." he swallowed hard, even as he caught the stricken look on the Americans face.

"Did you know him well?" Giles asked of him, confused at how the American could have gotten to know his Watcher father when it had been his mother who had worked for Torchwood. Or at least know him well enough to have had that effect of the other man. "Of course you would have. I could only imagine that mother would have introduced you."

"What would that harridan have to do with me knowing your father?" Jack asked, face intent. "Your mother worked for that society of slavers, and your father with me."

"Well that is a rather apt description of them." Giles looked every ounce of Ripper as the other half of his fathers statement hit. "Well well well." his whole demeanor changed and his body was sensual and pure alpha. "So I am the son of two fathers." he smirked "Dare I ask who carried me?" he asked "And why I was lied to."

Jack crossed his arms across his chest "I carried you- and I have decided that is never something I wish to do again."

Giles settled back. "And the lies?"

Jack sighed softly "You were born in a world which was not ready to accept a man getting pregnant and carrying a child, even a world which the impossible happens all the time." Jack looked away, a tear in his eye. "We did the unthinkable. We, your father and I, decided that in order to ensure that you were raised without threat of dissection that we would do the unthinkable. We used alien technology on your mother to make her think that it was her genetics which were used and that you were more naturally conceived. Of course your father, being an honorable man, married her, even though the child wasn't his." his voice was sad. "It was the only way that we could think that you could exist outside of Torchwood. I'm just sorry that she raised you to follow her path and not give you choice."

"Well, not exactly her path." Giles reached out moved his mouse, sending a file. "Meet the children Jack. The blond is Buffy- my Slayer. The youngest brunette is Dawn, her sister." he added before adding with a smirk "The older brunette is Faith and I have decided you are never to meet." he was quiet. "The redhead there is Willow and the only man is Xander. Formerly Alexander Lavelle Harris now Alexander Lavelle Giles. My adopted son."

"You adopted." came the soft query from Jack, even as his hand reached out to touch the screen. "What happened to his eye?"

Giles was quiet a moment. "Did you hear about the hellmouth?"

"The rift down there?" I heard the town it was in sort of went boom." Jack answered.

"It was more a swoosh." Giles answered dryly. "And totally and utterly terrifying even after a battle for our lives."

"You were there when the rift imploded." Jack gaped. "That's, that's insane. Rupe what the hell do you think you were doing when you let children stay there. I know damned well that Torchwood cleared out the area."

"It was the First." Giles' voice held fury. "If I hadn't have been there then the First would have won. It was more devastating then the dalek's in your tales father." he looked at him "How many times have you died father that the first, who took the form of the dead, could look like you."

"Too many times." Jack answered, losing his anger, eyes instead haunted.

Giles looked at him before commenting after a moment of silence "I hope you find your final rest one day father."

"So do I." Jack answered before rather deliberately changing the subject. "So." he commented "Tell me about your son?"

"Xander is- well he's the most annoying and stupidly brave boy you will ever meet." Giles started to explain, describing the son of his heart to the best of his ability to his father.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Chosing Family" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Dec 10.

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