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Chosing Family

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Summary: Xander wants adopted and Giles. . . isn't actually a Giles

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Giles-CenteredChaoskittenFR721,355053,20827 Dec 1030 Dec 10No

Chapter One

Author note- Own nothing. Anyone who wants to continue this I would be happy for them to.

"I want to change my name" the sentence was abrupt, especially coming from the one eyed man. The two woman and older man in the room just looked at him surprised..

"Okay, I'll bite" the blond, Buffy finally spoke. "Why exactly do you want to change your name, and what to?"

The red headed Willow nodded in agreement.

"I want to change it to Alexander Lavelle Giles." he looked at the eldest man in the room who was now staring open mouthed. "Please Giles?" he asked softly.

The older man stuttered a moment before nodding "It would, I mean, I would be honored if you took my name.

"Oh ew." Willow looked at them wide eyed "Please don't tell me you two are, uh, together because that would be wrong because you're like our dad and and and" the red head was only silenced from her mini babble from the hand that the slayer put over her mouth.

"Lets wait for the explainy" Buffy scolded softly as she looked at Xander and a Giles who was frantically cleaning his glasses.

"I see Giles as a dad." Xander told his friends "With my dad being like he is I" he gave a sad little smile "I wanted to show respect to the one man who did all those dad things, well, for as long as he has known us."

Giles gave him a fond smile. "I am honored to call you son." he told him before adding with a smirk "However, there is something that you should possibly learn about my family." he admitted "You see, I am not actually a Giles- oh that is my stepfathers name but my, well, biological father is a man named Jack Harkness. You see my mother worked at a place in Britain called Torchwood." he smirked again at the expression on Willows face.

Yes, /that/ Torchwood." Giles admitted. "It seems that a certain uh, artifact when combined with both male and female dna acted as a, well, test tube."

"Wow g-man- thats. . . . you were like the original test tube baby" Xander blurted out.

"You know Alexander, if you are going to be taking my name, and being my son in name and not just heart, you really should call me dad. I will also accept Father, da or Pop."
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