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Defending Humanity

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This story is No. 8 in the series "Not Just a Drifter and Not Just a Key". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Ianto Jones and Dawn Summers reunite to fight a new version of the Master, but this time they have Jack Harkness, warrior and lover on their side. Post TW Season 2. Guest the Doctor (10) and Gwen Cooper.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Dawn-CenteredVillageOrchidFR1521,1010096927 Dec 1027 Dec 10No

Chapter 2: A Decision to Reunite

Author's Note & Recap:
This chapter takes place after my AU to "The End of Time" in which a Gwen is turned into a version of the Master while the Hub is in lock-down and torments Ianto with a "recording" of Ianto's manipulated and controlled behavior during "The Year That Never Was." Jack has always known about it, but never told Ianto the details. Meanwhile, the Master had long-term plans for Dawn Summers, his second favorite (in one of the last chapters of "Master Humanity"), which is recapped in the story at a teen level as the plot also moves forward.

A Decision to Reunite

December 28th, 2009

On the one hand when Dawn Summers knew exactly where to find Ianto Jones. After all of those years that she was practically a recluse in her suites at Watcher Headquarters, raising Kevin, she was rightly suspicious that the Master had planted the information for her to find.

On the other hand, Kevin, who was her son with Ianto Jones, had just destroyed two of her best friends Willow Rosenberg and Xander Harris.

She had no rational feelings, no emotional feelings only knowing that a combination of science and magic were at play, and that perhaps Ianto could help. He said he belonged to a secret organization, and he had stood up to Buffy. He had fallen in love with her on three occasions, even after having his memory tampered with each time to not remember more than their college friendship and mutual minion-ship to The Master.

Part of Dawn knew that even if she could feel again, she would never feel love. It was impossible. That part of her was broken. Her lost memories of all of her encounters with Ianto rushed back to her when the remnant of her son, the newly reforged Master made up of parts of Willow, Xander and Kevin kissed her on the lips, their blood mixing and seeping down her throat.

Kevin-as-the-Master looked a lot like the first Master she had known, but also a lot like an older version of Ianto with a Van Dyke. He had made some declaration about Willow’s magic and his time-lord hearts and disappeared.

Dawn was still covered in blood, and did her best to make a quick change so as not to track blood where she was planning to go. She was in London and had to get to Cardiff.

To Be Continued... (work in progress)

The End?

You have reached the end of "Defending Humanity" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Dec 10.

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