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Lady Firebird

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Summary: When Umbridge fires Trelawney Dumbledore has a different person in mind for the divination post who has an interesting connection to others in the multi-verse. The Real Chapter 2 is up, might take a while for the next one!

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredHonorSkywalkerFR1538,41313613,10128 Dec 106 Jan 12No

Interlude 1

Interlude 1 - Higher Education

At breakfast the next morning Hermione flickered through a book until she found what she was after. Harry and Ron who were well aware of her habits chose not to interfere with her search, if only to spare them from another lecture about interrupting her.

It was a quietly whispered theory amongst her classmates, house mates, and anyone else who had ever dared to disturb her in one of her research modes that if Voldemort ever attempted to do so he would never survive.

Giving a quiet sound indicating success to all of those sitting near her she began, “listen to this,” unnecessary as those surrounding her already had quieted to listen to her findings, “the Royal Phoenix Teaching Academy is one of the most prestigious higher education schools in Europe. The exact date of its opening is unclear due to an accident caused by a group of teachers and students that were experimenting with unknown magic’s at that time, the result being the destruction of the majority of the school at that time including the records room.”

Hermione took a quick breath and her eyes widened as she saw what was next. “It was only due to the quick thinking of the teachers Nicolas Flamel, Perenelle Flamel, Hannah Hufflepuff, and students Ezra Evans and Pandora Prince, that there was no loss of life at the time.”

She took another breath and then continued to read to her fascinated listeners. “What is known is that the Flamels were some of the earliest recorded teachers and it is therefore assumed that the school is close to 600 years old and has over the centuries it has been rejuvenated many times and has even moved and been rebuilt when needed. Also known is that the Academy has resolutely remained neutral in all conflicts over the centuries excepting to take in those in need of medical assistance and housing those who had suddenly become homeless in those conflicts.”

Hermione took another much needed breath and she and her listeners couldn’t help but be stunned by what she read next. “It has also branched out in many areas and now has schools devoted to the different magical disciplines all around the world including a small school that was originally started in the North Pole that was founded by well known Toy creator Kris Kringle. Other well known teachers and graduates of the Royal Phoenix Teaching Academy include the alchemists Nicolas & Perenelle Flamel, the last known descendant of Helga Hufflepuff, to have her name Herbert Hufflepuff, the famous Animal Linguist Doctor John Dolittle, Warriors Marion and Robin of Locksley, and the famous Pirate and Adventurer Jack Sparrow.”

They sat in stunned silence for a moment as what she had read sunk in, then jumped as an unexpected voice spoke up from just behind them.

“Is that all it says,” their new teacher demanded, and she gestured to Hermione to hand her the book. The Gryffindor did so silently wondering just what had upset Professor Summers.

Buffy quickly located what Hermione had read and then she flickered through the rest of the book to the back where the date was printed.

“Well no wonder,” she murmured aloud, “this book is at least 40 years out of date and not very thorough either.” Closing it with a muffled thump she handed it back to the girl. “Is this the best you could find?” Buffy asked her, she replied with a nodded affirmative. “Give me until next week and I’ll get you some proper information on the Academy and the other schools of further education for those who are interested.”

604 words.

Disclaimer: I don't own Kris Kringle, Robin or Marion, Doctor Dolittle, or Jack Sparrow!

Author Note: I’m sorry this post is so short but I just wanted to explain some info on the Phoenix Academy. I will be adding more information about other items of interest that you have mentioned in your reviews as well as more of the story line. I just found it weird that Hogwarts didn’t seem to have any information about future education or job possibilities.

Sorry this is not a longer chapter bradson but I promise I have a good idea of where I want to go now with this story and I will be updating more often next year.

Also I can now happily say that I have achieved my personal 2010 resolutions by having posted at least once a month and that I have updated all three of the stories that I have been struggling with for years now.

I hope that you all have had Happy Holidays so far and that you have a Happy and Safe 2011. See you in the New Year!
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