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Lady Firebird

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Summary: When Umbridge fires Trelawney Dumbledore has a different person in mind for the divination post who has an interesting connection to others in the multi-verse. The Real Chapter 2 is up, might take a while for the next one!

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Chapter One

1. Chapter One
Title: Lady Firebird

Disclaimer: I don't own Btvs, HP nor any other of the guest characters yet to pop up in this story. I gain no financial incentive for playing with these characters; I just have fun playing with them.


22 year old Buffy Summers walked through the streets of LA bored out of her mind.

After the Sunnydale Hellmouth had closed and the town disappeared everyone had made a place for themselves at the offices of Angel Investigations. Everyone was doing something; everyone had a place in LA and other places around the world preparing the new slayers, recruiting watcher type people etcetera, etcetera.

Giles was busy taking charge of everything and doing a "marvelous" job of it. If there was such a thing as a chosen watcher than Giles would definitely have to be it.

Wesley was assisting Giles, helping out at Wolfram & Hart and was still a member of the AI team.

Faiths criminal records "mysteriously vanished" overnight and the brunette Slayer had found her place in life, training new slayers and helping out the AI team once again. She had actually settled in something resembling a relationship with Wood.

Willow and Kennedy were still together and Willow was helping Giles while Kennedy was finding and training the new slayers.

Xander and Anya were taking their new relationship slowly and surprisingly or not so surprisingly they had yet to fall back into bed together.

Dawn was helping Giles and loving it. She was now going to UCLA and doing well in her studies.

Fred and Gunn also switched between helping the AI team and helping the Sunnydale team.

Connor was helping the Slayers and training them as much as he could.

Angel was looking after Wolfram & Hart full time.

And Cordelia was still in a coma.

Sure if Buffy tried she could easily find a place somewhere amongst them now that they no longer needed her as a leader.

But that is not what she wanted. She felt restless as if there was still something big out there that she had yet to fight against. She was also worried about the fact that she hadn't heard from her grandfather for the last three or four months and before that letters had arrived sparingly.

A beautiful trilling broke through the eldest slayers weary thoughts and a golden hued bird soared down from the midnight sky and landed on her arm.

"Fawkes?" She whispered in surprise "What are you doing here? Is granddad alright?"

The gorgeous Phoenix lifted one of his claws for an answer revealing a letter with her name written in a familiar handwriting. She removed it and tentatively opened it. Inside the envelope was a medallion shaped like a Phoenix, and a short note.

Firebird, 5:30 am, LA, standard time, ASAP, Bumblebee.

The following morning just before dawn Buffy, having just finished the preparations for her departure, crept silently through the Hyperion careful not to alert Angel or the others of her activities.

She placed an envelope addressed to everyone on the coffee table in the lobby, before she picked up her packs, and gripped the medallion. Glancing at the clock she saw it was 5:29 am.

She took a deep breath.

One minute to go, one minute before she returned to the world that she had left eight years ago. A moment later Buffy felt a familiar tugging at her stomach and there was a quiet pop as she disappeared, baggage and all.

Later that morning Angel and the others sat around the coffee table, stunned as Angel read the letter left behind for them by Buffy.

Dear Everyone,
As you are all sleeping or doing other important things I had no wish to disturb or worry you, hence this letter.

First I would just like to reassure you all that this not a suicide note and no I am not running away.

For the last couple of months I've been feeling restless, as if there was something I needed to do. Last night I received word from an old acquaintance of mine that needs help urgently and as soon as I get to where I am going I'll ring ASAP to let you know I'm alright. Until then I have just a few things to tell you all.

Giles, did I ever thank you for being there for me during some of the hardest times I my life. If not I'm sure I don't do it often enough so I'll say it now. Thank you. Thank you for being there for me and thank you for being more of a father to me then my own ever was. And if there was such a thing as a chosen Watcher then you would be it Watcher-mine.

Dawn. You have grown to be such a strong, smart and beautiful young woman and I know that Mum would be proud of the woman you have become. I love you.

Willow, Kennedy, look after each other and the newbie slayers etc. I love you Wills and Kennedy and if you do anything to hurt each other I'll kick both your arses.

Xander, Anyanka, I have two things to say to you two. Firstly I know you are both going slowly but there is a thing as going too slow. You have both faced a lot of adversity in your relationship and you are still together after all of that, doesn't that tell you anything. I love you both.

Faith, you and I have been through so much. I have to admit that when you first came to Sunnydale I was upset and treated you bad. I was still hurting over the death of Kendra and was afraid that you would die as early as she had. I was afraid to get close. So I'm sorry about the way that I first treated you and kept you at a distance. And you know, it is funny how Slaying makes a girl Hungry and Horny.

Wes, I would also like to apologize to you about how I treated you when you first arrived. And despite what happened I have to say that you have turned into a great watcher. If I hadn't already had the job of training Giles I would definitely have been training you as my watcher.

Fred, Gunn. I don't know you both all that well but I have to say thank you for welcoming me into your lives. You are both very special people and I hope you realize that.

Conner, give your old man a rest. And try not to brood so much or, as a certain bleached blonde would say, you would turn into the great pouf, the pouf being Angel. You are young and still have much to experience. I have just one question you have to answer for yourself. What gives you the right to judge anyone?

Angel, look after all of them for me will you. And please get a sense of humor. Doyle told me that you have one in there somewhere so let it out. Have some fun. Oh and so you don't go crazy wondering about how Doyle told me, I met him in heaven. He is a very nice guy. A bit strange though. He had somehow managed to start a weekly poker game and you would not believe the spirits that joined the group.

Queen C. Cordelia. Doyle told me to tell you that after your ordeal is over to not punish yourself over it. Remember, you were chosen as a seer for the powers that be for a reason. You are a warrior for the light side. Just like a certain ancestor of yours. She too was seduced by the dark forces for a time before she returned to the light side. And she grew stronger for it. I believe you know the name from the TV series they made about her. She was known as Xena, Warrior Princess.

I've left a box in my room that has certain things in it for all of you all. Dawn, Spikes old leather duster is now yours. It's hanging in my closet.

I love you all.



Author Note: I know that Anya died in the TV series but I chose to ignore that fact when writing this story.


Chapter 1: Foresight … Umbridge gets her bum kicked.

Buffy's point of view

Buffy was thankful for her slayer reflex's that allowed her to remain standing instead of falling flat on her face like when she used to travel by portkey. She automatically sent out her slayer senses searching for danger.

The first thing Buffy noticed as she reappeared was the magic that appeared to be soaked into and flowed around everything around her; the magical power seemed to pulse, welcoming her arrival. Intermixed with the various magical auras was the compassionate, intelligent and cheerful aura that she recognized as her grandfather's. It had been so long since she had been in any kind of magical place or institution that it took Buffy a moment to readjust her Slayer enhanced senses against the overwhelming power.

For as long as Buffy could remember she had been able to sense magic and that ability had only grown stronger when she became a slayer. She was rocked to her core by the feeling of magic pulsing around and through everything surrounding her. It was an amazing feeling and she was somewhat shocked when she realized that the magic had a conscious which was greeting her like one would greet a long lost daughter, which in a way she was. It had been eight years since last she had been in the ancient magical school of Hogwarts, eight very long years.

Taking a few deep breaths she closed her eyes and imagined a dial in her mind like one used on a radio to adjust the volume. This dial however, she deliberately imagined, was used to adjust her magical senses. Making a hand appear in the picture she made it slowly turn the dial down, her senses growing smaller until the magical auras around her were not as strong. A useful trick she had picked up from a TV show known as the Sentinel.

After shaking the image from her mind Buffy looked about the room curiously. It was empty except for Fawkes who was sound asleep on his perch, tired from his long journey. Studying the room she noticed a note addressed to her resting on the desk.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Buffy, the portrait of Headmistress Jubilee opens

to my private quarters. I have informed her of your arrival

and she will let you inside without any trouble. Please put

your belongings inside and destroy this note once you

have read it, have a rest and I will join you as soon

as possible.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After reading the note Buffy was even more concerned. Something extremely unsettling was going on and whatever it was it was distressing her Grandfather a hell of a lot. It took a lot to worry the great Albus Dumbledore.

She grabbed her bags and moved to the painting of an elderly lady with silvery white hair wearing pale blue robes.

Buffy cleared her throat to catch the Lady's attention.

"Excuse me Headmistress Jubilee; my name is Elizabeth Summers, but my friends call me Buffy. My grandfather left me a note asking me to wait in his private quarters. Would you please let me inside?"

Buffy knew from personal experience that if you acted polite around the elderly that they would be so much nicer and helpful later on.

Headmistress Silver Jubilee smiled in delight.

"Why of course I will my dear. It is such a pleasure to meet a young person so well mannered, and the granddaughter of Albus to boot."

She swung open revealing a warmly lit room. As soon as Buffy had entered the portrait had closed and the Headmistress had moved to another frame and continued talking.

"You know I was the Headmistress here when Albus was a student."

She turned to the other portraits in the room.

"Everyone can I have your attention please. I would like to introduce you all to Albus' granddaughter, Miss Elizabeth Summers. Or would you prefer to be called Buffy dear?"

The last part was spoken to Buffy. Around the older people Buffy found herself reverting to the way she had spoken during the Halloween fiasco when Ethan Rayne had turned most of the trick or treaters into their costumes including Buffy into an eighteenth century lady.

"I would very much prefer it Headmistress. I've been called Buffy most of my life and the only time I was ever called Elizabeth was when my mother was terribly angry with me."

She placed her bags on the floor and curtsied to them with ease.

"It's a pleasure to meet you all."

The Headmasters bowed and the Headmistresses curtsied back in return.

"It's a pleasure to have you here dear,' another of the women portraits spoke up. The caption under her painting read Tania Hufflepuff. "Are you here, by any chance, to help Albus remove that horrible woman?"

"What horrible women?" Buffy sat herself in one of the large armchairs facing the Tania.

"Deloris Umbridge,' a man known as William E Gladstone was the one which spoke, 'she was sent to Hogwarts by that fool Fudge in the roll as DADA professor and . . .' the disgust was evident in his voice '. . . as the High Inquisitor of Hogwarts which she has been abusing since she got here."

"Albus can't publicly go against her as she holds the power to remove him as Headmaster and place herself as Headmistress,' Tania's tone held equal disgust 'and if that witch ever got her hands on Hogwarts,' she shuddered theatrically at the thought 'let's just say my great Aunt Helga would be spinning in her grave."

"She treats the students, portraits, house elves, and ghosts with none of the respect we deserve and has refused to teach the students any practical DADA work and worst of all she has been undermining Harry Potter and all that he went through the last few years here." Silver concluded. She was currently sharing a frame with Tania.

"I've heard rumors of the happenings here and grandfather has told me about some of it but could you all please tell me what you know about what's been happening with Harry" Buffy asked.

And they told her all they knew. When they got to halfway through Harry's second year they paused while Buffy summoned a house elf for some dinner. The House elf, Dobby, was a surprising source of helpful information and when he found that Buffy wanted to know about Harry Potter his favourite person in the entire world, the little elf couldn't say enough. At least three hours had past by the time they finished, Dobby having stayed to fill in what he knew.

After they finished talking Buffy sat quietly for a few moments in thought, absorbing all of the information, before looking back at the portraits. "First things first, do we have any concrete evidence against the women and second do you know where I can get some parchment, I have several contacts currently situated in the UK that could be of some use?"

"My desk."

"Thank you, Granddad." Buffy replied absentmindedly then realization set in. "Granddad!" she squealed and hugged Albus with a huge hug.

Albus returned the hug and she snuggled into his embrace mumbling, 'I've missed you."

"I've missed you too Firebird,' his glasses misting suspiciously 'I've missed you too."

Later that evening after having finished making arrangements, Buffy surveyed her new surroundings. She thought with wry amusement that rooms were a bit of an understatement, more like a penthouse type apartment. There was a large sitting room which she was currently in. It was decorated in a mixture of blues, violet and purples. There was a large fireplace against one wall with the door to the rest of Hogwarts to the wall on the right and opposite that were the doors to two bedrooms and a bathroom, the bathroom was decorated in light blues and white. The remaining wall held the entrances to a combination library/study and a kitchen. Although there appeared to be an extra room added next to her bedroom.

Grandpa Bumblebee always did spoil her. She placed her luggage into the bedroom and spotted a stuffed toy pig sitting on the bed with a bow on a hairless head signifying its femininity and a note sitting in its lap addressed to Buffy. She opened it curiously. Hopefully it would explain where her grandfather was and why he didn't meet her when she arrived.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The deliverer of this letter is Ms Kalea. I thought she might make a suitable companion for your Mr Gordo and her names meaning is Hawaiian for Bright.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Buffy picked up the stuffed pig and grinned. It might seem childish to most girls her age but Buffy was thrilled with the gift.

"Do you like her?" A voice queried from the doorway. Still holding Kalea, Buffy ran to her grandfather with a girlish giggle of happiness and gave him a good strong hug, reveling in his warmth.

"I love her Granddad,' her reply was muffled in his robes.

McGonagall's viewpoint

The entrance hall was crowded with students as they watched the scene before them. Umbridge stood with a look of gloating on her face as Professor Trelawney shuddered and moaned, rocking back and forth on her trunk in paroxysms of grief.

Professor McGonagall stalked towards Trelawney with feelings of disgust of Umbridge mixed with compassion to the clearly distraught Sybill. She knew for a fact that Hogwarts was the only safe home that the now former divination Professor had. She handed the sobbing women a clean handkerchief and removed the bottle of liquor she'd been drinking out off.

"There, there, Sybill … calm down … blow your nose on this … it's not as bad as you think, now … you are not going to have to leave Hogwarts …"

"Oh really, Professor McGonagall?' said Umbridge in a deadly voice, taking a few steps forward. 'And your authority for that statement is …?"

"That would be mine,' a deep voice announced from the top of the stairs, startling most of the students and Professors. Headmaster Dumbledore stood there conveying a mixture of power and calmness.

"Yours, Professor Dumbledore?" said Umbridge with an unpleasant laugh. Minerva felt like strangling her with her bare hands, and probably would have if it didn't mean she would have to touch the … woman. "I'm afraid you do not understand the position. I have here -' she pulled a parchment scroll from within her robes '- an Order of Dismissal signed by myself and the Minister of Magic. Under the terms of Educational Decree Number Twenty-three, the High Inquisitor of Hogwarts has the power to inspect, place upon probation and sack any teacher she – that is to say, I – feel is not performing to the standards required by the Ministry of Magic. I have decided that Professor Trelawney is not up to scratch. I have dismissed her."

Minerva took in Albus' smiling face and twinkling eye and just new that he was prepared for such an occasion. "You are quite right, of course, Professor Umbridge. As High inquisitor you have every tight to dismiss my teachers. You do not, however, have the authority to send them away from the castle. I am afraid,' he went on, with a courteous little bow 'that the power to do that still resides with the Headmaster, and it is my wish that Professor Trelawney continue to live at Hogwarts".

Sybill gave a slightly hysterical laugh and stammered, 'No – no, I'll go, Dumbledore! I sh – shall – leave Hogwarts and seek my fortune elsewhere - '

"No,' Albus sharply stated, 'it is my wish that you remain Sybill." He turned to Minerva and they shared a quick look of concern at Sybills fragile state of mind. "Might I ask you to escort Sybill back upstairs, Professor McGonagall?"

"Of course,' Minerva agreed 'up you get Sybill." She quickly escorted the younger women back to her rooms with Professor Filius Flitwick following quickly behind with her luggage.

Snape's viewpoint

Professor Severus Snape couldn't help but smirk at the stunned expression on Umbitches face. Although the headmaster oftentimes almost drove him insane the potions master found that he was enjoying the manipulative old coot getting the best of Deloris Umbridge.

"And what' she said in almost a whisper that carried all around the entrance hall, 'are you going to do with her once I appoint a new Divination Teacher who needs her lodgings?"

"Oh, that won't be a problem,' said Dumbledore pleasantly. The twinkle in his eyes seemed to sparkle even brighter if that was at all possible. Severus surprised himself by feeling eager to see what Dumbledore came up with next to derail the demented women. "You see I have already found us a new Divination teacher, and she already has lodgings here in the school."

"You've found -?" said Umbridge shrilly. "You've found? Might I remind you, Dumbledore, that under Educational Decree Number Twenty-two -'

"The Ministry has the right to appoint a suitable candidate if – and only if – the Headmaster is unable to find one,' Dumbledore interrupted her. "And I am happy to say that on this occasion I have succeeded. May I introduce you?"

Inside his passive exterior, Severus was fighting the urge to snicker out loud at Um bridges misfortune while wondering curiously about the newest member of staff. He and everyone else watched curiously to see who it would be.

Without waiting for Um bridges answer, the Headmaster gestured for someone who had been down the corridor, out of everyone sight.

A young woman, who looked to be in her early 20s, came into view and stood next to Dumbledore exuding an aura of calm reassurance and mystique. She was dressed in dragon hide pants and boots, an open large sapphire blue dress shirt over a black boat neck top with the quote. "The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand." Over it all she wore open ankle length dragon hide robes that could almost be mistaken for a muggle black leather duster. Her long multi-colored hair held at least a dozen different hued plaits which were then tied back into one large ponytail.

"And what qualifications does she have,' Umbridge demanded.

The young woman arched an eye-brow and assumed an expression of offense and spoke in a chastising manner, 'I, Professor Umbridge, have a name and if you had used your manners and asked me what it was I would have told you. What kind of an example are you to the children if you don't even mind your manners."

The nearby students snickered at that and the headmaster if at all possible smiled even brighter next to her. "Professor Umbridge may I have the honor of introducing Miss Elizabeth Summers, youngest graduate of the Royal Phoenix Teaching Academy in two centuries with the qualifications to teach Divination, Flying, Dueling and DADA amongst others." That was a shock, Severus himself had spent some time at the Academy concentrating only on Potions and he knew how difficult the curriculum was. That she has completed so many courses of studies was amazing.

"She has earned the title Lady Knight of the Realm, by the queen mother, for her expertise in dealing with various supernatural threats to both the muggle and magical worlds and the American Ministry of Magic has also awarded her for the same reasons." Surprised was an understatement for how Umbridge was looking at that moment. The young woman, Miss Summers, curtsied with practiced ease in response/retort. "Finally, last but certainly not least, the Coven of Oracles has sent me a rousing reference citing just how suitable Miss Summers is for the job and that they had foreseen the need for her to assume the position as soon as possible."

Buffy's viewpoint

By the time her Grandfather had finished the long and flattering yet embarrassing introduction, the entrance way was filled with silent amazed disbelief. Buffy struggled to keep from smirking at the astounded group around her, but then she let her slayer side surface in anticipation of the struggle ahead of her.

Buffy sent a silent request to the school and a moment later two of the nearby suits of armor came to life and caught the horse-faced woman in their grasp. Buffy then produced a scroll that was at least 5ft long seemingly from thin air, ignoring the screaming hag of a woman.

"Dolores Umbridge, this scroll contains a list of the grievances the school itself has witnessed and as the school was originally created to nurture young and old minds alike, I as a descendant of Helga Hufflepuff, do hereby use my inherited right to evict you from Hogwarts. "Also,' she spoke in her most official voice, 'By the right and duty of a Knight of this Realm I, Lady Knight Buffy Summers do hereby place you under arrest for the abuse and neglect off the students and professors under this schools protection."

Buffy stepped forward bodily cuffing Umbridge with a pair of official Auror chains and with muttered words and a wave of her wand she conjured a quill and parchment before writing swiftly, the parchment resting on thin air.

"You have the right to remain silent, you have the right to an attorney, any thing you say or do can now be used against you in a court of law. If you try to resist arrest it will result in me not giving a toss and giving me the right to physically beat what little brains you have out of your ugly head. Because of your obviously close association with the Minister of Magic you will be held in an undisclosed location with your only contact being your lawyer until your trial."

Finishing both her writing and the rites, she thrice duplicated the document she'd written and handed the copies to her grandfather. "Headmaster, please see that all of these statements are signed by witnesses and that the proper ministry officials get one each."

Placing the remaining one in a scroll tube she attached it to Umbridge then placed a peculiar looking medallion around the accused woman's head. It was a portkey which would send the wearer to a secure undisclosed location where she would be accordingly dealt with. Buffy tapped it with her wand and quietly spoke the password activation keyword sending it and Umbridge on her way.

After that was dealt with Buffy returned the suits of armor back to their places and turned back to her grandfather only to find that everyone staring at her in shocked amazement.

The End of Part 1.

Author Note: I am making this all just the introduction into a series of other short stories basically because it has been so long since I had originally posted it that I have forgotten where I had wanted it to go.

I apologize to anyone and everyone who has been waiting so patiently for the next part.
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