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Chosen Ones

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Summary: Buffy, Cordelia & Faith in an Alternate world. Witch Faith Style part 1

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Television > Xena-Hercules
Supernatural > Multiple Pairings
HonorSkywalkerFR1346,634053,95728 Dec 1021 Dec 11No

"Witch" Faith Style

I’m so proud of myself, with all three ongoing stories that I have had writers block on for over a year are being updated . . . sure not the longest of chapters but I think that they are a lot better attempts at updates then I had originally struggled with.

Date: 1990

Location: Amazon/Old Religions, Summer Solstice Celebrations, Las Angeles

10 years old Buffy and Cordelia had not long arrived with their mothers for the annual and in many ways still ancient celebrations, when they were told that Soothsayer Epona had requested that they wait for her at their usual meeting place and that she had a special task to request of them.

They didn’t have to wait long for their old friend to join them; she was accompanied by two others. A woman that looked to be their Mothers’ ages and a girl that was close to their own ages. Both were blonde.

Buffy spoke up first with her usual cheerful confidence and sidestepping the more respectful and distant way that the Psychic was usually greeted, “Hi Epona,” than she hugged Epona quickly followed by Cordelia, “Hi Epona.”

The psychic happily returned their hugs. “Hello girls, glad to see you.”

After a few moments they stepped back and Epona gestured to the young girl, “Tara I would like to introduce you to Miss Buffy Summers and Miss Cordelia Chase," the girl tried to hide shyly behind who could only be her mother. Epona kept on with the introductions anyway “Buffy, Cordelia, I’d like you to meet Miss Tara Maclay. This is her first Summer solstice gathering and I would like you to show her around and introduce her to our customs and more importantly to go have some fun.”

“Sure,” Cordelia declared, an adorably serious expression gracing her face which was quickly changed to a devilishly cheeky smirk, “we promise to induct her into our custom of pranking!”

Giggling Buffy sneakily grabbed Tara’s hand and ran off with her being dragged behind, Cordelia following quickly.

Epona was pleased with the girls and happily watched them run off. After the rough and abusive home life that Tara and her mother had just escaped from she had high hopes that time with Buffy and Cordelia and befriending them would only do Tara nothing but good.

Date: 6 years later aka 1996

Location: Sunnydale High School, the Library

Giles is ranting. “This is madness! What can you have been thinking? You are the Slayer! Lives depend upon you!” he begins pacing “I make allowances for your youth, but I expect a certain amount of responsibility, and instead of which you enslave yourself to this, this...” he stops pacing and gestures to what she is wearing “Cult?”

Faith looks down at the outfit she is wearing; it is a Cheer-leading outfit, then looks back at Giles with a pout. “You don't like the color?”

“I d...” sighs exasperated disbelief, “Do you, um...” he puts some books on a cart “Do you ignore everything I say as a, as a rule?”

“No, I believe that’s your trick.”

Giles pushes the cart to the counter. Faith skips in front of him and poses and says in a strange bubbly yet stern tone of voice, “I told you, I’m trying out for the cheer-leading squad!”

“You have a sacred birthright, Faith. You were chosen to destroy Vampires! Not to . . . wave pompoms at people! And as your Watcher I forbid it!” He moves back to the table.

“And you’ll be stopping me how?”

“Well . . .”

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep*

With a jolt and a gasp Faith shot up from her bed and automatically turned her alarm clock off.

“Whoa . . . that was freaky.” She shuddered in revulsion and disbelief at her bizarre dream, “Me . . . a cheerleader,” Snorts at the thought, “No way in hell!”

She flopped back in her bed for a moment as a wicked though entered her head. Faith couldn’t stop the evil smirk that spread across her face as she remembered the mixed look of stunned bemusement and bewilderment that had been of the dream Giles face.

“I wonder if it would look that way in real life,” She mused.

Rupert Giles entered the School Library with relief after making his way through the chaos that was an American High School before classes started for the day. There were four kinds of students who used the library; there were the rare students who used books for their school work research instead of using the Internet to look up the necessary information for their assignments, and the occasional student just looking for somewhere to get away from the rest of their classmates, the students who were dragged their by their teachers, and then there was Faith and her friends.

None of which were currently there at the moment which hopefully gave him a bit of peace and quiet before the school day starts.

He made himself a nice cup of tea and had just settled down to relax with a good book when it happened.

Wide eyed he stared stunned at the vision before him; absently thankful that he hadn’t had the cup of tea in his hand otherwise he may have ended up wearing it.

Cautiously he put the book down and looked at his Slayer.

He blinked.


Then blinked again.

He took off his glasses and cleaned them with his every ready handkerchief before putting them back on.

Nope he wasn’t imagining it. Faith really was wearing a Cheerleader’s uniform.

“What on earth . . .?”

Before he could say anything more the Library doors were flung open causing Faith to twirl around and fall automatically into a defensive position, and Giles to stop being so perplexed.

It was a brunette that he had never seen before and based on Faith’s actions neither had the slayer. She strode confidentially to where he was still sitting.

“Are you Mr Giles?” she half asked, half stated, as if there was no doubt that he was.

“I am.”

“Hi, I’m Cordelia and I’m new here, I was told that I could get my school books here.”

“Of course,” he stood and bustled over to the section in which he kept all of the school texts, “what classes are you taking?”

Cordelia, who had followed him over, handed him her subject list. While gathering them Giles kept an eye on Cordelia who was curiously looking around the library and especially eying his Slayer.

Faith had her right hand resting on her cocked right him and was eying Cordelia back.

He finished gathering the school books and watched as the looks that the teens exchanged, not threateningly, but definitely with a sort of challenge in their eyes.

It reminded him a bit of his youth, when he would eye potential mates of the carnal variety . . . Oh dear . . . How curious.

Before anything else could happen however the bell for first period rang which broke them out of their staring match. Cordelia looked over at him and picked up the books piled on the checkout desk and shoved them into her bookbag.

She then smiled at him politely and thanked him with a simple, “thank you,” deliberately brushing by Faiths side as she passed her way to the door, before making her way out of the room a swing in her step.

Faith stared after her with a look that he could only be termed as a mixture of determination and fascination.

Giles cleared his throat to get her attention. She turned to face him, “you’re going to be late for class,” he pointed out.

He didn’t hear what she muttered under her breath but could only assume that she was swearing as she grabbed her own book bag and raced out into the school.

Giles sighed.

It was going to be another of those days, he just knew it!

A/N: Over 1200 words and I’m happy and I hope you like where this episode is beginning to go!

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Chosen Ones" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Dec 11.

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